How to downsize your Maryland home

Storage preparationSeptember 4, 2022

These days, a lot of people are looking to downsize their homes. Whether it’s because it’s more affordable or you’re just looking for a change, that can be difficult. If your new home is a lot smaller than the one you got used to, you will have to think about what to do with unnecessary belongings. In this guide, we will provide useful tips on how to downsize your Maryland home. The first thing we would suggest is to contact Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV and safely store your belongings in safe hands. That way you’ll have a safe place to keep the items you don’t need at the moment. Other than that, there are many more things that will help you downsize your home, and we give you a couple of them!

What does downsizing your home mean?

A lot of people are thinking of downsizing their homes but can get scared of that. They are asking themselves if they will have enough space and how will they feel in their new surrounding. Downsizing doesn’t mean buying a tiny house. It’s a wake-up call to let you know you don’t need all the stuff and square footage you have. Downsizing doesn’t have to mean you’ll be moving into a really small home, but it’s going to have less space than the current one you’re living in. There are quite a few benefits of downsizing your home in Maryland:

  1. You can live more affordable – Downsizing means you can move to a more affordable neighborhood. Also, if you cut down on space, you will lower your housing costs.
  2. Home maintenance and bills – If you downsize, there will be fewer spaces you need to vacuum, swipe, or overall clean. That will save you a lot of time and effort. The bills will be lower as well, so you can save up some money.
  3. Lower mortgage and pay your debts faster – If you have a mortgage, you’ll have to pay way less for a smaller home. Also, you’ll be able to pay it off easier while living in a smaller home.
A small house
Downsizing doesn’t have to mean you’ll be moving into a really small home.

How to downsize your Maryland home – tips and tricks

When thinking about how to downsize your Maryland home, a lot of us are unsure where to begin. We recommend starting with taking inventory of your belongings. You will be better organized and it will be easier to see what items you do and don’t need. Once that part is set, you can start by decluttering. It’s best to declutter room by room. Once you are done sorting the useless items and leaving the items you would still be able to use, think about where will you store them. If the home you’re downsizing into has a garage or an attic, that would be a good option. If you feel there’s just not enough room or not a good place to store them, consider searching for storage units Rockville MD has to offer. There are a lot of great, inexpensive options you’ll be able to choose from.

How to know which items to get rid of and what to keep?

When you find your perfect new place, think about where you’ll keep any items that you won’t need. There are a lot of onsite storage units in Maryland, so you should consider having one if you don’t have enough space in your new home. A lot of us get attached to our things, even if we don’t have any more use for them. After all, the things we own make our home the way it is. It is understandable if you get attached to those things, even if you can easily live without them. However, if you are committed to downsizing, then you should sit and think about what you need and what you should get rid of. To avoid any mistakes in judgment and keep too many things, there are a few steps you should follow.

Start right away

Don’t delay this process. The longer you wait, the more chance you will keep those unneeded things around. The whole point of downsizing is to get rid of unwanted things that are a surplus in your home. If you’ve moved to a smaller home, clutter is the last thing you need. Even if you have just recently moved and brought everything you own inside, you certainly don’t want your home to be filled with boxes of things you don’t know what to do with. The longer you keep those things around unpacked, the less your new home will feel like home. If you haven’t moved but simply want to downsize your Maryland home, don’t wait for too long. Just don’t delay this move, as it will still be waiting for you whenever you decide to do it. Finding reliable storage services will help you with this process immensely.

Make a YES and NO list of things

Be very definitive when choosing what to keep and what to get rid of. You know what is needed and what is not. Don’t linger for too long on certain items. Make a hard ‘yes or no’ list and stick to it. If you dwell for too long on a certain thing, the answer will be less clear to you. Instead, just ask yourself things like ‘is this item practical?’, ‘do I need this?’, ‘what value does this item provide to my home?’, etc. Ask yourself these questions and the answer will be crystal clear once you thought it through. Also, don’t have a ‘MAYBE’ list. This is a trap a lot of people fall into. If you put items in that bracket, you will be increasingly uncertain as time goes by if that particular item is needed. Instead, be very black and white about it.

Recycling symbol
You might want to consider recycling any unnecessary items. That will help dispose of them while saving the environment.

Start with the easiest rooms first

If you have a garage, attic, or basement, start there. Everyone tends to put stuff they don’t need in those rooms. Chances are, you have unwanted things in there too. Start there, and go item by item. The easiest way to start is by going for the things you haven’t used in quite a long time. We’re talking about things that most likely only collect dust. We all tend to put things there and say to ourselves that we will come back for them and find them a place or purpose. That rarely happens with those things, especially so we often forget we even own them. If you forgot you have something there, you most definitely can continue without it in your new home. See what those boxes contain, and figure out if you will sell them or throw them away. Bonus tip: Try to sell whatever you can, instead of throwing it away. Selling things can be a great way of adding funds to your budget, so keep that in mind too.

Figure out what to do with your items

If you are a collector of things, you know that they can often take up a lot of space. Not only that but they can also be a burden on your budget. You don’t want to keep things that serve no practical purpose and only waste space and money. Collectible items often have the biggest sentimental value out of all the things we own, so it might be difficult for your to let go of them. On the flip side, you probably want more space and money rather than a cluttered home and a hole in your wallet. If you decide to sell your collectible items, you can certainly add more cash to your bank account. However, if you want to keep them, rely on storage units. If your items are sensitive in any way, we suggest you use our climate-controlled storage units Bethesda.

People are unsure of what to do with items that can still be used but that they don’t need. Of course, the easiest option is to find reliable storage units Frederick MD has to offer and offload your stuff there. If you simply want to get rid of some stuff one way or another, then there are some very good options you can try. Here is a list of what you can do with usable items you don’t need anymore: 

  1. Donate – a good way to get rid of unnecessary but still usable items is to donate them. You’ll have less clutter and do a good deed at the same time
  2. Have a yard sale – a yard sale is a great way to earn extra money and also get rid of unneeded belongings at the same time
  3. Recycle – a perfect option for someone who thinks about the environment. That way the items won’t have any harm to the planet.
  4. Pass on to loved ones – you can give usable stuff to your friends and family. You know how they say “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”
Woman writing a plan on how to downsize her Maryland home
Create a list of things you should keep or throw away. That will make your downsizing much easier.

Don’t save too much stuff for the next generation of your family

It can be tempting to keep things around so your children can use them, but are they going to do so? You never know where life might take them, so maybe they won’t live in their current home once they grow up. Their path can be quite different than yours, and that is certainly something we all want for our kids. Even if they decide to stay in their current home, maybe they will simply want to replace their old things with new ones. With all of that said, don’t keep things around just because that might happen in the future. You’d be better off downsizing and simply living comfortably right here, right now. Besides, everyone would appreciate having a home with plenty of space and breathing room.

Don’t keep things that don’t have a designated spot in your Maryland home

We can’t stress this enough. If you have things lying around the house in random places or boxes, do you need them? If they don’t serve a very practical purpose, you will probably be better off without them while freeing up some space. That is certainly the whole point of downsizing, using your space efficiently and optimally. When you have a smaller number of things in your home, you not only worry less, but you also feel better. As always, if you want to get rid of certain things but don’t know what to do with them, you can use our storage Silver Spring MD services, at least as a temporary solution.

Get rid of unnecessary paperwork when downsizing your Maryland home

We all have paperwork in our house that we don’t need, but still, keep it as we don’t know when we will have a use for them. They are the easiest to get rid of. Go through the paperwork that you have stored and see what is old and can be thrown away. Chances are a lot of it can. Not only that, but since we live in the 21st century, almost all of our paperwork can be obtained digitally. Similarly, government institutions and private companies are also treating digital documents the same way as paper-based ones. No reason to cling to paperwork anymore, so be sure to throw away everything unnecessary and replace it with digital versions.

Folders with a lot of paperwork
Unnecessary paperwork can take up a lot of space. Make sure to decide what you can and get rid of paper versions to free up space.

Don’t eliminate things you plan on buying and having later on

This one is also very straightforward. You shouldn’t store, sell or throw away things you are going to buy again later on. Whatever that type of item may be, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s only a good option if are planning to upgrade your current items like home appliances or furniture. Refreshing your home with new items is also important, as everything has an expiration date. However, when downsizing you should only get rid of things that are not essential to you. Focus on old clothes, excess furniture, luxury items, and such. Something you would want to get rid of, not something you need.

Get rid of things you can have in digital form

This goes mostly for paperwork that we mentioned earlier, but also photographs and videos. We all tend to cling to our family pictures and home videos in their physical form. Now, you can enjoy seeing them any time you like by simply storing them on your computers. Photographs we take when we go on vacations can fill plenty of boxes, but now you can still have them at your disposal any time you like in their digital form. Not only that but if you are planning to move to a new home, taking those photos and videos can also be a little bit stressful. You would worry during the move if they are going to get damaged or broken. Avoid that by simply digitizing them and you will have the best of both worlds. The same goes if you want to downsize your Maryland home.

To successfully downsize your Maryland home, furniture is almost always at the top of the list. They indeed are necessary, but too much furniture or too large furniture items can simply take up too much space. Depending on how many of you live in your home, plan the number of furniture items according to that. You should always have a couch or an armchair or two for your guests, but any more than that can just limit the space you have to freely move around. Having a home with a lot of breathing room is the whole point of downsizing, so do your best to figure out how what are the optimal furniture items for your house. As furniture items are large and take up so much space, we recommend that you either sell those you don’t want or use our storage units Gaithersburg MD for storing your belongings.

Give yourself enough time, don’t rush and regret it later

Even though you should start with planning the downsizing of your home, you shouldn’t rush yourself to complete it. Follow all the steps that we’ve provided to you, but take your time and do it at your own pace. You certainly don’t want to make bad decisions because you were rushing. Instead, make it an enjoyable process by alleviating the pressure and moving anxiety you might have gotten during your relocation preparations. Take your time, make it fun, and include other members of your family. You should always want to hear the opinions of your family members who live with you before you make a decision. Some of those decisions can affect them too, so don’t do anything on your own. If you have kids, including them in this process can make it a lot of fun, both for you and them. All in all, plan your downsize in advance and give yourself enough time to complete it properly.

Storage units
Finding good and clean storage will save you a lot of time and effort!

How to find the perfect storage unit when wanting to downsize your home?

Finding good, clean, and safe storage is an important thing when thinking about how to downsize your Maryland home. Since the new house will be smaller, storage will help with storing your belongings. When thinking about finding proper storage, you need to think about the size you need. Also, take into consideration do you want on-site storage or not. If you do, there are a lot of great residential onsite storage containers for an affordable price. Make sure you find someone reputable that you can trust. That way you won’t have to worry about something happening to your stuff. Professionals will also be able to help you with the whole preparation and move the things for you!

Having safe storage will ease your mind. You’ll be able to focus on other things while a professional moving crew will take care of your belongings. They will be secure and intact, waiting for your next usage. They will help with the relocation and make things easy and stress-free for you! With affordable storage, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your new home without any worries.

How to downsize your Maryland home- conclusion

Deciding to downsize your Maryland home can be a hard process. There are a lot of great moving companies you can hire to help you and make everything easier. You’ll love the fresh change and the easier lifestyle. Take a chance of a lifetime and downsize your home today! We hope this guide will be helpful to you and make your life easier.

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