How to find safe storage units in Sterling

How toFebruary 12, 2021

People rent storage units all the time. And in most situations, it is when they are moving and in need of additional space to store their belongings. So, before you contact one of the Nova moving companies, you must know what to look out for when renting storage. Check out our guide and learn how and where to find safe storage units in Sterling. Let’s do it together!

Browse online and find safe storage units in Sterling

The best place to start this journey is to browse online. In a matter of minutes, you’ll find thousands of viable choices. But you must narrow your search down guided by your personal set of rules and requirements. Your aim should be on the accessibility, price, and location. Once you find a unit that is near your home and with a decent price, then start looking for a perk of a unit. Eventually, you will find a few eligible choices worth considering.

Browse online and find safe storage units in Sterling
The internet is the best place to locate your storage unit.

Also, if you are moving at the same time, it would be wise to rent a storage unit from your moving provider. Movers offer a variety of storing possibilities and they will transport your cargo as well. Therefore, check the moving services northern VA available to you and find the best solution for the current situation.

The perks of a good storage unit

Now, you must know all the perks of a storage Sterling VA before you rent one. Maybe you do not even know what is out there and what might be useful. Therefore, you should know that you can choose from several different sizes. As well as that units can be outdoor and indoor as a part of a bigger facility. Then, there is a high-security storage facility with surveillance and a guard on site. Although any unit is safe to use, some simply have higher security features. And with it, a higher renting cost.

Anyone can use a storage facility

Ok, let us explain a few features in detail so you can paint a better picture. Consider the following:

  • Size – As we said, you can choose from small, medium, and large storage unit sizes. And each size splits into different categories which is best explained by your storage unit provider. All you must know here is that small ones are used mostly to store random household items. Medium-sized storage is used to store furniture and larger items. While the larger unit is used to pack the whole apartment along with your vehicle.
  • Climate controlled storage – This unit you can use to store delicate, fragile, and valuable items. Your belongings will stay intact and safe against environmental influence.
  • Security – If you have a lot to store, and you possess valuables and memorabilia, maybe it is best to opt for a higher level of security feature. You can have a 24hr surveillance with personnel on-site. Moreover, your unit can have a reinforced steel door with an electronic lock and a keypad with a password installed. Your items will be safe but remember that all those additional features cost a bit more. Communicate this with your renter and find the best solution.
  • Location – Note that you’ll pay more for the unit located within the city. Units on the outskirts and more than 100 miles of the municipality area are much cheaper.
Two cameras on the wall
The highest levels of security are available to you, only if you wish so.

Pack for storage like a pro

Ok, you will find safe storage units in Sterling and decide which one to rent. But your journey does not stop there. Remember, you must pack for storing as well. Therefore, run out to the nearest hardware store and purchase the mandatory packing materials. Also, you can order everything online or purchase from your movers. Remember, movers offer packing services Northern VA and if you decide on purchasing this one, movers will bring everything required and pack you completely. Think about it before you begin. Now, if you are doing this yourself, you should obtain at least 20 carton moving boxes. Maybe you’ll need a few more, depending on the size of your move. Also, you must get packing tape, packing paper, blister packs, and labels.

A labeled cardboard moving box
Remember to label all your boxes adequately. It will help you later a lot.

And you should pack the same way for the regular move but with one additional step. Your items will sit in a storage unit for some time and they should be protected against dust, moisture, heat, and rodents. This means you can use scented bags for your boxes and bring air moisturizer into the unit. Place a few rodent repellants here and there and you will be fine. Also, clean a bit each time you visit and that should be enough to maintain the hygiene. Finally, never ever bring any perishables, hazardous materials, flammable objects, or liquids into the unit. Those are forbidden and they can jeopardize the whole deal.

Find safe storage units in Sterling with a whole year coverage

You should know that this can be a long-term investment or a short-term solution. Depending on your needs and the situation you are in. If you intend on renting a unit for two months only, then you can pack in whichever way you see fit. But if you are renting for a year or more, then you should cover the steps we already described above. Renting for a month is always more expensive than covering the whole year. Usually, renters will toss in a free month or additional benefits for long-term users. Keep this in mind before you make the final decision. Some people use a storage unit for years. It can be a good thing to have an extra storage space to serve as an extension to your hobbies, work, or as an additional garage space.

Donate and recycle

While in the whole process of searching, and before you find safe storage units in Sterling, you should think about the number of items you are about to store. You surely have some outdated pieces or a broken piece of furniture that shouldn’t be stored. Hence, before you pack for storage, inspect everything and figure out which items should go. Then, declutter before the move and set aside all your outgrown clothing, old electronics, broken furniture, etc. And you can either sell them online, donate to a local charity, or simply throw them away. If you decide on throwing it away, at least bring it all to a local recycling center. Or schedule a pickup and they will take care of it.

There we go, now you know how to find safe storage units in Sterling. Your only goal should be to find one that is affordable and safe. Everything else will come easily know when you know all the details about this topic. Good luck and stay safe.

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