How to get ready for moving and storing your items with a newborn

Moving day tipsDecember 6, 2022

Going through a move is no adventure. Every new change is always scary and challenging. But, moving with a newborn can be a whole new level of stressful situation. However, moving and storing your items with a newborn doesn’t have to become your worst nightmare. Especially when hiring a professional moving company to help you with the moving process.

Always keep a box of essential baby stuff close by

This is the first and most crucial task when moving and storing your items with a newborn. Always keep a box or bag with essential baby stuff right next to you. That bag should include things like diapers, wipes, clean clothes, milk or baby formula, a first aid kit, etc. You know what those items are, especially those items that are specific to your baby. Things like a favorite toy or security blanket. These are necessary for your baby’s daily activities, so keep them close and pack them first. That’s one less headache to worry about!

Ensure you always have essential baby items like diapers and bottles on hand during your move!

Use all the help you can get when moving and storing your items with a newborn

Know your possibilities and limitations. Make as detailed a plan as you can, and start from there. You should think realistically: it would be very difficult to move and store your items with a newborn without any help. Think ahead and be prepared in case something goes wrong. For example, even if you don’t have many things, it is smart to search for storage Alexandria VA, in case something doesn’t fit in your new home. Until you find the right place and purpose for those old and unwanted items, you can keep them in a storage unit and not worry about them. Once your relocation is complete, you can easily revisit your storage unit and decide what to do next with those items- keep, sell, or donate. 

Consider where the baby will be while you move. You choose – to be away with the baby, supervise the move, and have your baby away from the dust and noise. In each case, it’s completely okay to hire or ask for some extra helping hands. Getting a babysitter is a great choice, but the best one is to use the help of your family members. The baby’s grandparents are always the best option for all parties involved! The baby will be in the safest possible hands with the people it knows, and you can be carefree and devote your time and attention to the packing and moving process. Getting things done is much easier when you have someone to rely on. Rely on us and our moving services Northern VA in the same way to experience a smooth and enjoyable relocation!

a woman folding baby clothes on a bed
Delegate moving tasks as much as you can

Packing and preparing for moving and storing your items with a newborn

It is a common practice to label moving boxes by item. However, when you move the boxes to your new home, it can get confusing as to where they will go. With a baby in your hands, you may not have the time to direct everyone to carry each box to the right room. Try labeling boxes by room while packing. This way, you will ensure that every box goes to the right place. Remember, when moving and storing your items with a newborn, you have to keep the number of your belongings under control. Donate the stuff you know you will not need and that is not useful to others.

For the stuff, you plan to use but haven’t figured out where to put, look for storage units at your moving destination, for example, storage units Arlington VA. It’s better to put them away than to have them unpacked or in the way in your new home. Some of these items could be: 

  • Toys that are yet to be grown into
  • Clothes that are already overgrown, seasonal, or too big for the baby
  • Any baby furniture you are upgrading
Baby nursery with crib, chair and changing table, and a big window
The baby’s room is the first to unpack

Baby-proof your new home

This is one of the most important steps in the moving process if you have a newborn! Once your chosen residential movers in Northern VA are out of your home, remove any potentially hazardous pieces of packing materials. Most movers will clean up after themselves but check that nothing is left behind for your baby’s safety. The home should also be thoroughly cleaned, as hygiene needs to be high when you have a newborn in the house. Packing and moving can be dirty, so be a step ahead of any problems by cleaning your home before and after the move. You can imagine how much dirt can enter your house when you are constantly going in and out!

Once your home is cleaned, it’s time for the next step. Install safety gates to black all stairways and dangerous areas. Make sure you use child-resistant locks on drawers that contain anything flammable, sharp, or toxic. Your windows should be secured with window guards and your furniture as well to avoid any tip-overs! Also, make sure you install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. If you already have them in your new home, change the batteries. Finally, cover all your electrical outlets with covers. These steps are critical, and ensure you follow them all for your child’s safety.

Mom playing with her child after moving and storing your items with a newborn
Make sure your home is safe for your newborn by taking all the necessary security measures

Unpacking at your new household

Firstly, try to arrive at your new home after all the boxes are unloaded. If you can, have friends or family start the unpacking process beforehand. The first room to unpack should be the baby room. Moving and storing your items with a newborn is very stressful, so you should ensure that you have everything at hand as soon as possible. This way, you will have all the necessities close at hand for taking care of your baby. It is also a good idea to check if onsite storage units are available at your destination, like the storage units Rockville MD can offer, just in case. You may need to store some items you thought you would need, and you do not have a place for them now.

After all the work and planning, once you have settled down with your newborn in your new home and finished your unpacking, you can check out some useful tips for storing baby stuff. This will for sure ease you in and enable you to quickly remember where everything is. It is always beneficial to keep learning and absorbing new knowledge and practices, as having a newborn child is just as hard as much as it’s beautiful!

Couple playing with baby after moving and storing your items with a newborn
Once moving and storing your items with a newborn is completed, make sure you give them all the attention they need to get used to their new home

Maintain a routine for your newborn child

Being consistent is a crucial step when raising a child. Everything they experience via the senses is an entirely new sensation, and they have a hard time figuring it all out. A consistent routine makes their lives easier and what makes them adapt and learn. That’s why it’s imperative that you don’t break away from those routines even when going through a relocation.

Moving and storing your items with a newborn can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Do not break away from their regular feeding and sleeping times! If you have to, use the help of your family members or a babysitter, as we’ve mentioned earlier. The point remains the same: to ensure your child’s life is as unaffected by your move as possible. Even when you decide to have us drive one of our onsite storage containers in front of your house, ensure your baby is safe and relaxed first. If they are fed and asleep, or at least in the hands of someone you trust, you can ensure all your possessions are packed and ready for moving!


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