How to get ready for moving and storing your items with a newborn

Moving day tipsNovember 26, 2021

Going through a move is no adventure. Every new change is always scary and challenging. But, moving with a newborn can be a whole new level of a stressful situation. However, moving and storing your items with a newborn doesn’t have to become your worst nightmare. Especially when hiring a professional moving company.

Ask for help with a newborn/ Hire professional companies for moving and storing your items

Know your possibilities and limitations. Make as detailed a plan as you can, and start from there. You should think realistically: it would be very difficult moving and storing your items with a newborn without any help. Think ahead and be prepared in case something does wrong. For example, even if you don’t have many things, it is smart to search storage Alexandria VA in case something doesn’t fit in your new home.

Woman's hands folding baby clothes on a bed.
Delegate moving tasks as much as you can.

Consider where the baby will be while you move. You choose – to be away with the baby, supervise the move, and have your baby away from the dust and noise. In each case, it’s completely ok to hire or ask for some extra helping hands.

Packing and preparing for moving and storing your items with a newborn

It is a common practice to label moving boxes by item. However, when you move the boxes to your new home, it can get confusing as to where they will go. With a baby in your hands, you may not have the time to direct everyone to carry each box to the right room.

Try labeling boxes by room while packing. This way, you will make sure that every box is going to the right place. Remember, when moving and storing your items with a newborn, you have to keep the number of your belongings under control. Donate the stuff you know you will not need and are useful to others.

For the stuff you plan to use but haven’t figured out where to put them, look for storage units at your moving destination, for example, storage units Arlington VA. It’s better to put them away than to have them unpacked or in the way in your new home. Some of these items could be: 

  • Toys that are yet to be grown into.
  • Clothes that are already overgrown, seasonal, or too big for the baby.
  • Any baby furniture you are upgrading.

Unpacking at your new household

Firstly, try to arrive at your new home after all the boxes are unloaded. If you can, have friends or family start the unpacking process beforehand.

Baby nursery with crib, chair and changing table, and a big window.
The baby’s room is first to unpack.

The first room to unpack should be the baby room. As moving and storing your items with a newborn is very stressful, you should ensure that you have everything at hand as soon as possible. This way you will have all the necessities out for taking care of your baby.

It is also a good idea to check if there are onsite storage units available at your destination, like the storage units Rockville MD can offer, just in case. You may need to store some items you thought you are going to need, and you do not have a place for them now. 

After all the work and planning, once you are settled down with your newborn in your new home, and you are finishing your unpacking, you can check out these useful tips on storing baby stuff. This will for sure ease you in and enable you to quickly remember where everything is.

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