How to have a stylish minimalist home using storage

Storage preparationNovember 8, 2021

Less is more for a lot of people. Maybe you’re in pursuit of a minimalist lifestyle and looking to redecorate your home to reflect that. On the other hand, you might be moving to a new dwelling and considering minimalist home decor. Whatever the case, we tend to hoard lots of items over the years to keep our humble abode exciting and comfortable for ourselves and our families. Whether you plan on moving or not, you can easily set up a stylish minimalist home using storage services that nova moving companies will happily provide.

For many, minimalism is beneficial in that your living space feels more spacious, calming, and organized. Don’t worry about your home looking boring or half-empty. Minimalist home decor has always been regarded as simple yet fancy and fresh. If you’re craving the minimalist experience, see how you can organize a classy minimalist home with our storage solutions.

a modern minimalist lounge with a sofa, two chairs and a vase
Learn how to decorate a sophisticated yet minimalist living space with the use of storage.

For all of you modern yet modest relocators, check out our neat tips for designing a stylish minimalist home using storage

Modern times call for modern solutions. Thus, the minimalist living space is ideal in that it meets all the requirements of contemporary living. Let us clue you in on how to create an elegant minimalist house with the help of storage services.

First, understand how a minimalist home should look like

Before diving into this project, take a look at the characteristics of current minimalist homes. You’ll notice that minimalists paint their interior walls in neutral colors. This adds to the organized and clean look of the interior. Furthermore, observe that the rooms contain all the essential items without the excessive clutter that only takes up space. That’s because minimalists follow the “quality over quantity” mantra. In other words, your belongings should serve a functional, practical, or aesthetic purpose. With this in mind, it’s quite possible you own a bunch of furniture or other bulky items that don’t fit this style. If you’re lacking in storage space, go ahead and rent out residential on-site storage containers. That way, you’re able to keep your possessions close.

Next, dispose of the excess clutter

The first most obvious trick is to declutter your house. But what if you don’t want to throw your things away? You can design a stylish minimalist home using storage containers for your nonessential items. Let’s clarify what’s categorized as an unnecessary item.  These include damaged items or those you haven’t utilized in ages,  like a household appliance. Make decisions based on whether your belongings have a function, be it ornamental or practical. If you don’t have a make-shift storeroom, contacting movers for their onsite storage units is the way to go.

a girl using a laptop while surrounded by boxes
The first step to designing every minimalist’s dream house is to get rid of any unnecessary and redundant items.

Maintain your minimalist home decor using storage

Since you’re new to the minimalist community, you might need to go shopping for minimalist-friendly items. Before you do so, try out these precious tips for maintaining a fashionable minimalist home:

  • repurpose your excess items – you can’t possibly throw away every single belonging that doesn’t compliment your new lifestyle. However, don’t go shoving all your redundant items into cabinets. Instead, see if any of them can be used as additional storage.
  • purchase storage cupboards and cabinets – with the number of possessions you’ll be labeling as inessential, you’ll need to find more storage solutions. The obvious option is to purchase more cabinets, cupboards, shelves, and so on. If you’re afraid of going overboard when shopping, you always have the option of renting storage units northern Virginia instead.
  • use the “one-in-one-out” method – this practically means that whenever you buy something new, you should throw away an item you already have. By doing so, you’re successfully controlling your environment. You also avoid cluttering your living space.
  • other options for creating a stylish minimalist home using storage

Aim for a natural look

You probably get fed up passing by countless buildings and skyscrapers on the streets. The traffic noise gives you pulsating headaches and puts you in a negative mood. So, why not treat your house to a natural minimalist look? First, invite the natural light into your home. Substitute your thick curtains and blinds with a light floor-length curtain. Next, a definite must is getting indoor plants. such as palms, succulents, or ferns. Green colors always complement a room so that it seems cozy and inviting. If you’re short on houseplants, flowerpots can be ornamental on their own, and may even be used for storage. Wooden furniture can add a special warmth to your rooms. In addition, natural woven materials can trigger a similar sensation, such as yarn, bamboo, seagrass, and the like. All these nature-friendly options go hand-in-hand with minimalist fashion and have a nurturing effect on your mental health.

a jug, a few apples, two succulents and a kettle on a wooden table
Including natural fabrics and materials in the redecorating of your home will assist in creating a relaxed homey atmosphere.

Moving companies can help you organize a minimalist home

Don’t let the word “minimalist” confuse you. Knowing all this information, going minimalist sounds like a difficult undertaking. For many, all these pointers won’t help solve the issue of finding much-needed storage space. As luck would have it, moving companies can aid in creating a modern minimalist house with their storage services.  Movers all around offer a bunch of options for your storage needs, including warehouses, storage units, and storage containers.  If you’re moving fragile items, such as things that need to be kept at a certain temperature, climate controlled storage northern Virginia is your best choice. Whatever your requirements are, they can surely meet them.

In sum, setting up a stylish minimalist home using storage isn’t as simple as it seems. If you feel insecure about working alone to achieve this goal, feel free to contact your local movers for assistance. Save your time and money on finding short-term solutions and put your faith in their resources.

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