How to hire the best local moving crew in Northern VA

Moving day tipsAugust 22, 2021

When thinking about moving, a lot of us think about how to hire the best local moving crew to help them with the whole process. Moving can be very time-consuming, stressful, and overall hard if you have to do it all by yourself. Professional moving crews can help ease the whole situation. Also, they can do it for an affordable price and provide great service! With their service, you won’t have to bother with packing and unpacking. You can just lay back, and do your everyday stuff. The moving company will take care of everything else! There are a lot of moving crews, but you need to find the best local movers Northern Virginia has!

Man covered with boxes
Don’t waste your time packing, unpacking, and labeling the boxes. Zippy Shell DMV can help you do all of that and more for an affordable price!

What do you need to know when wanting to hire the best local moving crew?

Hiring a moving company isn’t an easy job. You have to find someone worthy of your trust who will exceed your expectations. Moving services Northern VA offer diversity and you will be able to easily find your perfect crew!

An important thing you have to know is to always find reliable and trustworthy moving companies. Make sure they have an official website, number and that they have good reviews. Prevent yourself from falling into fraud. Use the information provided when searching for a reputable moving crew!

There are plenty of reasons you should hire a professional company to help you, and here are the main ones:

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Professional moving crews will take good care of your belongings, but just in case anything happens, they offer insurance to cover the possible damage.
  1. Safety – professional movers are well trained and have a lot of experience. You don’t have to worry about possible damage. Also, you don’t have to do anything yourself so potential injuries will be avoided as well!
  2. Save time – professional movers are not called professionals without a reason! Boxes/furniture can be easily packed, wrapped, and loaded by professionals in the business who are fast-paced and work in a team.
  3. Packing services- most companies also provide full packing services. You won’t have to worry about purchasing boxes, labeling, and all packing-related stuff.
  4. Stress-free- As mentioned, moving can be very stressful. Best professional local moving crews know what they are doing! They will make your move a stress-free experience by providing you with A+ service.
  5. Insurance – moving companies with a good reputation will provide you with insurance. Insurance provided will cover any possible damage that can occur.

What to pay attention to when choosing your moving crew?

There are plenty of moving companies in NOVA, but only a couple of them can rate the best! Make sure they possess all the qualities one company should have. Look or someone who has experience, knowledge, and punctuality. Each family needs a different thing when moving and each moving situation is different. Licensed moving companies are the right choice!

Customer reviews and testimonials are very important. Check out their professional website to see the feedback. As a result, you will have a better understanding of the company’s expertise, abilities, and overall customer experience. That will help you feel secure with the choice. Moving also requires a lot of equipment. Honestly, most of us don’t have such tools. That would mean we would have another additional expense. All professional movers have their own equipment. That will also save money in your pocket. Without the crew, you would have to rent or buy everything yourself. Of course, if after all of that you still want o do it by yourself, you can check out moving boxes Northern Virginia to find what you need.

You need to determine what type of service suits you. Depending on the type of move, distance and size you can find a crew best suitable for your relocation. Any reputable and creditable company will take inventory of your belongings. They will determine the weight and the bulk. The price is mostly based on the weight of items and the distance of the move. 

What to avoid and what are red flags when choosing your movers?

There are plenty of fake people in the industry. You need to watch out for any possible fraud or you could end up deceived and robbed in the end. Make sure you notice any of these red-flags and if so, avoid companies like that:

  • Asking for a deposit upfront- This is a huge red flag. Reliable companies never ask for deposits for small or medium moves although they might do it for a really large one. Even in that case, it would be a really small amount. So if your crew is asking for an upfront deposit, or they state they only take cash, you should reconsider hiring them.
  • Extreme low estimates- You found a crew you like and everything seems perfect. Even the estimate they gave is super low that it’s looking too good to be true? Most of time, whenever something is looking too good to be true, it is! It’s better to pay a higher amount for someone trustworthy than to have your items stolen or you being charged way more than expected.
  • No reviews and no references- if the feedback provided by the customers is bad or there almost isn’t any feedback, you should question yourself is that somebody you would trust and hire.
  • Signing a blank moving contract-  Make sure you always get everything writing and never sign a blank contract. The estimate and all other information should be written there. Make sure everything s there in case of an issue. That way you can protect your rights.


Take these useful tips as a guide when looking to hire the best local moving crew in Northern VA. Don’t rush anything and plan everything accordingly. Take the time to choose the company for you and they will make your moving experience joyful and carefree and provide you with top customer service!


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