How to load a moving truck

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Moving is a process that can take up much of your time, money, patience, etc. In order to make it the most efficient, you need to optimize everything you do. If you have a lot of stuff, you will probably need a moving truck. Whether you’re moving long-distance or your new home is close, there is a chance to get your stuff transported in one go. That way you can save both time and money. However, that requires good organization, especially when it comes to the space in the moving truck. If you are not sure how to load a moving truck, follow this guide to use the most out of your truck’s storage space. It can be difficult to do this by yourself, so professional help and advice are always handy. Call Zippy Shell Moving and Storage if you have any questions or difficulties, and you can expect support right away.

How to load a moving truck?

There are a few criteria you need to consider when loading a truck. It’s not just simply putting your valuables inside. It is a detailed process that requires a lot of attention. Make sure to follow the next tips on what to do before loading a truck and how to actually load it. 

Choose the size of the truck

This is something that you need to do before you actually start your move. It’s important to always think ahead, so make sure to start looking into different moving trucks at least 4 weeks before the relocation. That way, you will have enough time to choose a truck that suits you and also you will have the time to make a reservation for it.

moving truck on the road
The size of your moving truck is a very important aspect of relocation.

The truck’s capacity is usually measured in cubic feet. For a better perception of how big a truck is, compare the size of your house/apartment to the size of your potential moving truck. But you have to be aware, that counts both the width, length, and height. Usually, it’s impossible to completely fill up the whole truck, unless you are a professional packer. That’s why it’s very important to get a truck which is slightly bigger than you think you need. It can be tempting to rent a smaller truck because the price is cheaper, however, you will just create a bigger problem for yourself. If you cannot fit all your stuff in the truck, then the move cannot be done in one go. And going over the same route will the rest of your stuff will just cost you more time and money. 

Try to calculate approximately how much stuff you own and want to relocate. Make sure to include all the bigger and chunkier items like washing machines, fridges, closets, etc. That way you will have a better idea about the size of the truck you need. After that, contact professionals like residential movers in Northern VA for more information and help.

Get the right materials for packing

In order to pack most efficiently, you will need the right packing materials. Whether you’re moving long-distance or locally with local movers Northern Virginia, your stuff will have to be safe. There are a few ways to protect your belongings, and choosing the right supplies is the most important. For all items, make sure to buy moving straps, which will hold everything tight and in place.

If you do not where to start, think about the basic packing supplies. For example, start with moving boxes Northern Virginia. You will need cardboard boxes that are firm and undamaged and you will need to secure them with lots of duct or packing tape. Inside the boxes, fill them with plastic wrap or other materials you can find. You can even use soft and chunky clothes for this, like sweaters or socks, or even blankets. After you cover this, you can focus on other materials, like mattress bags.

moving boxes
Make sure all your moving boxes don’t have any damage to them before you pack your valuables in them.

Deconstruct your furniture before you load a moving truck

Furniture is bulky and heavy. It can also take up a lot of unnecessary space. If you deconstruct your furniture, you can save up a lot of space. Think about it, how much space does a table take, and how much would it take if you take off its legs? That’s why this is an important step before you load a moving truck. 

After tables and chairs. you can disassemble other items of furniture. Shelves, cupboards, beds, etc. can all be easily deconstructed. However, if you do have any problems with this process, try to utilize the space in another way. Fill the shelves, headboards, or the shelf inside your bed with other stuff you need to move. You can even put more fragile stuff here, but make sure it’s safe and secured inside. Also, make sure you shut the drawers properly with tape.

table and a chair in a bedroom
If you can, disassemble your furniture to maximize the space in your moving truck.

Determine the order of things to load in a moving truck

The order of loading things in the truck is very important. It might seem obvious, but this is something a lot of people tend to ignore. The truck should be filled up completely, including vertically. So the first row on the floor of the truck should be filled with the heaviest items. Put lighter items on top of those in order not to crush them. Also, the heaviest items should go as near as possible to the front of the truck, where the driver is. Most fragile items should go on top of appliances or other heavy furniture or gadgets. And one more pro-tip: when it comes to all the furniture that is long like beds, tables, or couches, you should put them in a vertical position to maximize space!

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