How to make an inventory list when moving

How toJune 16, 2022

Your possibility to move well depends on many tasks that you have to do. Actually, you do not but the key to a successful and a smooth move is handling everything. One of those items is creating an inventory list. This list needs to include all the expensive or important things that you are going to move. If you get northern Virginia movers to help you out, it is even more important. Even though there is a small chance that something bad will happen, you should still make an inventory list. But, how to do it? Here is everything you should know about it!

Use these tips to make an inventory list

  • Do a three-column approach
  • Room by room is the best approach
  • Take photos to finish the process

Do a three-column approach

No matter where you are making the list, on a computer or with your own hand, you should leave three columns that you will fill out. The inventory list is usually just for expensive items but you can do it for all items. Just have in mind that you will need more time. The first column should be the column where you will the name and brand of the item. The second column is reserved for the condition of the item. And finally, the third column is there to write an estimated value of the items. This way, you will have everything in one place once residential movers come to get your stuff. It is to protect yourself!

Room by room is the best approach

Creating the list will take some time because you have to go through the entire household. Or, on the other hand, the entire office if you are having a commercial move. This approach is better because once you are done with a room, you are done once and for all. On the other hand, if you do not use this approach, you will not know what you have already done. It will create a mess, especially with the commercial move. You do not want to lose some expensive things from your office. No matter how good the commercial movers in northern VA are, you should never start the move without making an inventory list!

a white bedroom
You will avoid chaos this way

Take photos to finish the process

After writing everything down, you should take photos of everything that you have on the list. It is just in case because who knows what can happen during the move. Yes, you can use all moving services northern VA from a professional company, but that does not mean that you are on the safe side. Better to be safe than sorry!

a camera on the table
Take a quick picture of everything on the list

Do not start the move without creating an inventory list

It is crucial that you protect yourself when moving. Yes, one way is to get moving insurance and protect yourself this way. However, you should always make an inventory list because you can have your own inspection. It may take some time to make it, especially when having a big move but trust us, it is worth it!

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