How to make moving in Northern Virginia time-efficient

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Moving does take time but there is a way to make moving in Northern Virginia time-efficient. If you want to move fast, there’s only one way to survive the last minute – flawless organization and efficient packing. Your money, time, and nerves are at stake in that short time. When you combine the above three moving factors and put them to the test, stress usually finds its way. However, it also depends on where you’re moving from. In the case of Northern Virginia, your move will be much easier since you’ll have easy access to professional movers and their services. Moving and Storage Northern Virginia have some tips for you so you can relocate more time-efficient and stress-free.

A quick checklist to make moving in Northern Virginia time-efficient

You’ll see how each completed and crossed-off task increases your motivation and focuses while keeping last-minute stress at bay. You still need a checklist to optimize your time. Create a checklist by taking a notebook and assigning a page for each day until moving day. Then write down all the pressing tasks by days remaining and set a time frame for each. Although your moving calendar is nothing more than a detailed to-do list tailored to your specific moving needs, creating and sticking to a plan is more important than you think.  If you’re not quite sure what to include in your daily planner (usually called a weekly planner), you can search for some checklists online.

How to make a checklist

While there should be a checklist that consists of all days before the move so you can detail each and every one of them, the last day is especially important. That’s the day when the movers arrive, when everything should be loaded on the trucks and when you will be leaving your home probably forever. Here are a few tips:

  • Put deadlines on paper. By what time should your things be packed? When should you expect the movers to arrive? Will you be moving with commercial movers or some other way? Once you have all of that planned out, you’ll make your move to Northern Virginia time-efficient.
  • If you are forgetful, make sure all of the most important points are on some kind of paper or in your phone’s notes. That way you won’t overlook the priorities.
  • You might have to prepare to be patient and your schedule should be flexible. Relocations can be really unpredictable and things can change within minutes. So, having a schedule might keep you feeling secure and knowing that situation isn’t getting out of control.
A checklist- helps make moving in Northern Virginia time-efficient
Create a checklist and make moving in Northern Virginia time-efficient.

If you want to do the move by yourself, you should ask for help

While this is not something we would recommend with long-distance relocations, a local movers Northern Virginia is a good opportunity to ask for help. While you might want to do everything by yourself since it’s just a local move, asking friends for help will make moving in Northern Virginia time-efficient. Your friends can come by, give you a hand with some of the bigger pieces of furniture and help speed up the process. Get some nice cold beverages to provide refreshment and add some snacks with that once the packing and loading are over. They will be happy to have another memory they shared with their friend.

Right packing material

Here it is important that you pack the moving boxes systematically and plausibly. If you don’t pack neatly here, you will literally be looking for a wolf later in your scarce free time. The following applies- sort boxes according to rooms, label boxes, and pack boxes in a portable way. So buy your moving boxes from your chosen moving company. People tend to forget what they need when moving. They might get the boxes but they forget the bubble wrap. Sometimes they get the bubble wrap but they forget to get some wrapping paper. To avoid all of this, you should either hire professional packing services or make a list of all of the supplies you’ll need. Let’s see what kind of supplies are a must in any relocation:

  • Start with boxes. Get new ones if possible, especially if you opt for paper boxes. If you want boxes that can be reused later, you can get some plastic ones. However, remember they will take some space in your attic or storage unit once you unload them
  • Packing paper and bubble cushioning roll can really make a move flow much easier
  • Extra rolls of packing tape will always come in handy and they have no expiration date
  • Scissors should always be close by since you never know when you’ll need them
  • Pen and paper to write down anything worth remembering later during the relocation
  • Box cutter can easily make moving in Northern Virginia time-efficient for you

Be careful when you are reusing moving supplies if you want to make moving in Northern Virginia time-efficient

Let’s explain this a bit further. A lot of people try to save time and money by reusing their moving supplies. They go to the attic and find all the stuff they used the last time they were moving. As previously mentioned, that’s fine if your supplies are durable like plastic boxes. However, if your boxes are cardboard boxes, you will be risking a lot if you decide to use them for your upcoming move. They might be moldy or just damaged and will fall apart during the relocation. So, you will have to spend even more time going to the store to buy new boxes. That’s far from making moving in Northern Virginia time-efficient. Contact and ask residential movers Northern Virginia to help you decide whether some supplies are usable or not.

An empty box on the table.
Cardboard boxes aren’t expensive but they are fragile. So, if you have the opportunity you should recycle and get new ones.

Find the right moving company and storage unit

This option costs a little bit more but offers an all-around service. Moving companies can empty the old apartment and bring the furniture directly to the new place without anyone being on site. In addition, the belongings are insured during the move. If you hire a moving company you can make moving in Northern Virginia time-efficient. Remember that you are hiring professionals. They know the drill and have done it hundreds of times. They’ll know how to handle furniture, big appliances, and fragile pottery or china. Why not spend some more money and have really good service? However, there is a common mistake you should try to avoid otherwise it will not make moving in Northern Virginia time-efficient but actually make it longer.

Picking a fraudulent moving company is what will prolong your relocation. So, try to ask for a recommendation from your friends and family. If you have someone who’s moved before, they should recommend their movers if they are satisfied with their service. In case you can’t ask anyone, you can always check mover’s website for reviews. Reliable moving companies will have reviews on their website and when it comes to reviews – the more the merrier. So, go ahead and do your search. You won’t regret it. Another good thing is to know what you want. For example, some people are moving company. Others might be seniors so that requires a special type of service. Some people might want military movers in Northern Virginia since the military presence is big there.

How to pick a storage unit that will make moving in Northern Virginia time-efficient?

Another useful tip is to rent a storage unit. However, you might be confused about how that will make moving in Northern Virginia time-efficient. That’s understandable and let us give you a few tips. If you rent storage Washington DC it can make your move easier and more time-efficient. Having a storage unit can fasten the whole relocation. You don’t have to think about decluttering before you move to a new place. Also, you will be leaving your possessions in a very safe location. Another good thing about storage is that you can leave your stuff there for as long as you need to. Therefore, ask your moving company for a storage unit. Make sure they understand your needs so they can provide you with a unit of the right size and with appropriate conditions. For example, if you have some fine art you want to store, you will have to prepare to get climate-controlled storage.

Man putting the boxes in the van
If you want a time-efficient move hire a moving company.

Make sure you know what you need before you schedule a move

It is important to consider whether the move can actually be managed by oneself. In case you want to make moving in Northern Virginia time-efficient and you are an elderly person who doesn’t want to risk injuring themselves during a relocation, contact senior moving services. With them, everything will go smoothly. That is the best way to move time-efficiently.

Also, there might be some people who are moving between states. That’s when you should call some of the best interstate movers Northern Virginia and you’ll be ready for the move in no time. It is especially recommendable to hire professionals when you aren’t moving locally. Long-distance relocations require a lot of work and preparation. A lot of things can go wrong if you don’t have professionals handling the job. Regulations are different between states, fuel can cost a lot, and operating a relocation vehicle is no easy feat to do. So, why not hire a company to do it for you if you can find an affordable one?

Take time to rest

People tend to stay up the night before the relocation begins preparing for it. While it sounds tempting, you should do your best to avoid it. Most of the time people don’t stay awake because they are actually packing but they are just checking if everything is ready for the relocation. People like to have things under control but you should fight this urge if the price is lack of sleep. You don’t want to be sleep deprived when the move begins. It will take a lot of focus and energy to make sure everything goes according to schedule.

A person is taking a nap on the sofa.
If you are feeling tired, take a nice nap before the relocation begins.

Even if you are already sleep-deprived on the day of the relocation, don’t hesitate to take a nap. You might be wondering how can that make moving in Northern Virginia time-efficient but in reality, it helps a lot. A 20-minute power nap will energize you and give you enough vigor to go through the next few hours ready to do some hard work. Therefore, a good amount of sleep might speed up the moving process a lot.

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