How to make your home eco-friendly

How toDecember 19, 2020

Are you interested in ways to make your home eco-friendly? While you’re moving, you might have started thinking about the impact you leave on nature. Northern Virginia movers can help you move your items in the fastest possible manner, but taking care of nature and the carbon footprint that you leave must be done by you. You should approach the process of making your home eco-friendly with curiosity and an open mind. There are many things that you can do to make it impactful while having fun.  Are you ready to make your home eco-friendly and have fun along the way?

Washing clothes in the cold water to make your home eco-friendly

wash clothes with cold water
Make your home eco-friendly by using cold water when you wash your clothes and linen.

When you wash your clothes, the washing machine uses a lot of energy. Most of it is going towards heating the water. When you’ve moved to the new home, transferring utilities can mean a new start in the way you’re using them. If you start washing clothes in the cold water, you’ll be using a lot less energy for washing your clothes and make your home eco-friendly. When you utilize this habit in your daily life, imagine how much energy you will save on a weekly, monthly, and let alone, yearly basis! When you wash your clothes, there’s no need to use hot water unless you’re trying to get rid of very stubborn stains. There’s another upside to washing your clothes in the cold water – it won’t damage the clothes as much! If it doesn’t work for you, you can always try to find the optimal temperature. Lowering it a little less will pile up to a big impact in the long run! Even not using your dryer and placing your items on the balcony rack to dry during the summer helps a lot.

Using eco-friendly hygiene and makeup products

By buying eco-friendly hygiene and makeup products, you take care of your environment. It’s not necessarily the way to make your home eco-friendly, but it’s a way to contribute to the cause. Our consumer habits affect the world around us and that’s not something that we should forget. The brands that we’re buying from, the chemicals that are in the products as well as the packaging of those products are the variables that affect nature and the ecosystems.

make your home eco-friendly
Using bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic ones is a good step towards an eco household.

Recycle, make things for yourself instead of buying new ones

Imagine how many items there are in our households that we throw out on a daily basis, even when we move! Starting with moving boxes. We aren’t aware of how many items we can make by ourselves. The upside is that you’ll learn to make numerous things, and your mind will start recognizing the items that will be useful for the next project. You have to start somewhere – but when you do, you’ll start getting even more ideas. By doing it, you’ll become more creative, you’ll make your home eco-friendly, and you’ll spend much more money. Moreover, you can also involve your whole family in the “make your home eco-friendly” action. It will be a good time and place to educate them on the matter if they’re curious, as well as a way to spend quality time with your loved ones while doing something useful and creative.

Make your home eco-friendly by using the LED bulbs

When you use the LED lightbulbs, you’re actually using the bulbs that are more efficient.  There are numerous ways to make your home eco-friendly, but this one doesn’t require a lot of effort on your end. You just need to get out and buy a fitting led lightbulb! Especially during the winter months, when we’re spending a lot of time inside the house, the impact on the energy expenditure is noticeable. Moreover, they will help you save money because they last much longer. 

Start recycling and reducing waste

Recycling and reducing waste is a great way to help your household be more mindful. The first thing that you can try to do that doesn’t involve a lot of effort is getting different bins for different materials. That way, you don’t need to sort anything out – you’ll do it automatically when you’re throwing away the item. Owning the recycling bins will help you keep track of what sort of items you buy and you’ll also realize how it is that you need to alter your consumer habits.

Recycling and reducing waste not only help nature, but it also helps us become more aware of our consumer habits.

You can create your own cleaning products

When we’ve talked about the DIY items, you probably haven’t thought about the cleaning products. There are many cleaning products that are hazardous for the environment. You can make your own, alternative cleaning products.
There are even more items that you can create to make your home eco-friendly:

  • Your own spices – by growing them in your garden
  • Soaps
  • Hair and face masks
  • Cleaning products
  • Natural deodorant

As you can see, there are many hygienic products that you can make at your own home. By doing it, you’re making sure that you’re not exposed to the toxic chemicals, that you’re not contributing to the environmentally unhealthy cause, and you’ll be able to control exactly what goes into the products. Many of them are easy to make, don’t cost a lot but bring numerous benefits to the user.

Properly store your items to make your home eco-friendly

When you invest your time into properly storing your items, you’re making sure that they stay in the good condition. You can do that by using Sterling storage units, or by storing them in your attic. There are many storage options available, but if you’re not sure whether the conditions in your storage space are suitable for storing certain kinds of items, contact professionals to check. When you keep your items in the good shape, you won’t have to buy new ones longer, and you’ll save money along the way!

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