How to make your unpacking process fun?

How toOctober 23, 2022

After you pack everything and move to your new home, you’ll feel like you have completed the most important task. Well, you are not far from the truth! On the other hand, there is still a lot to be done once you say goodbye to your Northern Virginia movers. Unpacking all the boxes is just one of the moving tasks, and it might not be your favorite thing to do. However, even though spending your evenings taking things out of boxes doesn’t sound interesting, it doesn’t have to be so bad. In fact, there are plenty of ways to make your unpacking process fun! Here’s what you need to know to make this daunting task an experience to remember.

Prepare for the unpacking task ahead of you

The size of your move will dictate the number of boxes you have. For example, if you are moving with the whole family from a three-bedroom apartment, you’ll have dozens and dozens of boxes left to unpack. The same goes if you’re moving due to military duty, in which case you’ll hopefully hire skilled military movers to help you out. Keeping that in mind, if you’re transferring many items to your new apartment, be ready to dedicate more time to unpacking everything properly.

Man meditating among boxes
Unpacking can be stressful, so you must mentally prepare to do this task.

According to various studies, moving makes the list of the top three most stressful events in people’s lives. Therefore, since the move already causes a certain amount of stress, why not make your unpacking process fun? Everyone you moved with should participate in order to get through this task fairly quickly. However, even if you are moving alone, you can still make some sort of game out of the unpacking process!

Plan ahead when packing if you want to make your unpacking process fun

If you have explored all the moving services Northern VA offers, it is time to focus on other things and plan ahead. There are a few simple steps you should take while packing in order to make your unpacking process amusing and less painful. First of all, make sure to label all the boxes before the move. For example, you could group the boxes by the rooms they will go to. Moreover, it’s a good idea to use a different color code for each room.

Couple unpacking boxes
Packing properly and labeling your moving boxes will help you in the long run, because it will make your unpacking process much easier. That way, it will be more fun as well!

Alternatively, you could even number the boxes by their importance using a 1-10 scale, so you know which boxes to unpack first. It’s also very important to carefully label the boxes containing fragile items, as there’s nothing fun about breaking your sensitive possessions while unpacking them. Also, make sure to pack a separate box that will serve as your first aid kit once you relocate. Put some essentials there, so you don’t need to look for a toothbrush or a razor for the first few mornings.

The essential overnight box and what to put in there

In order to mentally prepare for unpacking all those boxes, you must be in your element. And you will not achieve that feeling unless you have certain needs fulfilled. For example, if you’re a person that pays a lot of attention to morning rituals, pack all that you need in the so-called essential box. Of course, it goes without saying that your essential moving boxes Northern Virginia should include items like soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and some towels.

Toothbrushes and soap
Pack your toothbrush and other bathroom necessities into your essential box

Bring some snacks for the first morning in your new house, so you can have breakfast in peace. Toast, cereal, coffee, tea, a coffee maker, and a teapot should be just some of the things you should have at hand. And if you really want to make an atmosphere for yourself, bring some CDs and maybe some scented candles or sticks. While munching your toast and jamming to the music, start dividing boxes into groups based on the room they should go to. This will be the beginning of unpacking with small but important steps. After this, you can plan how to remodel your home after moving. Finally, make sure you also include your valuable belongings like your passport, laptop, and car keys in your essential moving box.

Always start with small things

Having rooms full of boxes around the house can cause pangs of anxiety, making you feel overwhelmed. Especially if you have no idea where you have left certain things and now need to rummage through the boxes to find them. Since unpacking can be a lengthy ordeal, you need to know how to approach it. To make unpacking the least stressful as possible, residential movers in Northern VA advise you to start with the small things first. You could begin the unpacking process by cross-checking the number of boxes off the inventory list you made before you arrived at a new home. There are phone applications these days that you can use to keep track of your belongings easily, rather than using an old-fashioned pen and paper.

a person crossing off items to make your unpacking process fun
The first step should be to cross off the items you’ve unpacked

After you finish checking the boxes, choose a room to begin unpacking in and proceed slowly but steadily from there. It may sound like silly advice, but you should flatten out your boxes as you unpack them. By watching the flattened boxes mount up, you’ll gain the confidence you need to finish this task. And if you have kids, ask them to check the trashed wrapping paper to make sure you didn’t accidentally throw out something of value. That way, you’ll keep your children busy and make sure nothing gets lost in the process!

Having a floor plan will make your unpacking easier, and therefore more fun as well

One of the ways to avoid feeling stressed during the unpacking process is to make a floor plan. First of all, having this plan will help your movers, as they’ll know where to put moving boxes and furniture. Don’t worry if you’re not sure you can draw it properly. A quick sketch for each professional mover will make the unpacking procedure much easier! At the same time, having a floor plan will make your life easier as well. As a result, you may begin unpacking the boxes and setting up your new house while the movers carry the heavy items inside.

Great ways to make the unpacking process fun

It’s much easier to unpack or do any other chore around the house if you make it a game. Try to set the mood by following these simple tips and tricks:

Enlist friends and family members to help you out

Friends and family members often help you pack your belongings for moving. However, they can also help you unpack, especially if you use this time to catch up. Retell your favorite stories or look together through the old photo albums as you pull them out of boxes. After all, it is always more fun to do any work with people you know and love! However, you can get some unpacking help even if you have moved away to a new city. Reach out to some neighbors which seem friendly and see if they are willing to give you a hand!

People looking at photo albums
Looking at the old photo albums will make your unpacking process more fun

Blast your favorite music while unpacking those boxes

Music is a mood-lifter without a doubt, so make sure to create a playlist of everyone’s favorite songs in advance. This will put you in a good mood and help organize yourself during your first few days of the unpacking process. You can even create playlists based on the rooms you are unpacking.

For example, you can play something soothing when unpacking bathroom items, but something more upbeat for the kitchen. When it’s time for a snack or water break, be sure to play a few mellow songs to let everyone unwind. To make the unpacking more interesting, local movers Northern Virginia suggest having a small musical competition. Whoever does a better job at unpacking boxes or finishes faster gets to choose the next song!

Unpacking is much more fun with food and beverages available

Everybody likes a good snack and some beer or wine, especially when there are boxes to unpack. It will help set the mood, and maybe you can even be more efficient. Especially if you know that there is fine wine cooling in the fridge, you will hurry up to finish what you started in order to have a glass.

Ordering pizza will make your unpacking process fun
Having some drinks and snacks around while unpacking will help set the mood

Both you and your friends will quickly get hungry while unpacking and reassembling furniture. That’s why you should make quick party snacks as a reward for all the hard work! However, it’s also understandable if you’re not in the mood for cooking – just order some pizza instead. Pizza will keep everyone’s spirits and energy levels high, and you won’t have to worry about dinner.

Make unpacking time a game time!

Try to make your unpacking process fun by making a game out of it. Compete with friends or family on who will unpack more boxes at the specified time! If you have boxes stocked with objects that won’t break easily, you can even hold unpacking races with your family. Set time limitations with a kitchen timer or your smartphone and see who will be the fastest at unpacking.

Family ready to make your unpacking process fun
Everything is more fun if you make it a game, and unpacking is no exception. Try it and see for yourself!

Moreover, you can bet on who will first get your favorite items from some rooms. Each achievement should be awarded for amusement purposes. For example, offer rewards like a snack bar or the promise of a meal at the winner’s favorite restaurant! And if you get tired of unpacking, consider putting some of the boxes in onsite storage units for a while.

Unpack one room at the time

Unpacking room by room is the best way to not overwhelm yourself. You should know what you’re unpacking before diving in and randomly opening boxes. Make a copy of the inventory list—either the one provided by the moving company or one you prepared to track your possessions before moving. Start with whichever room you think will be most important for you and your lifestyle. For many, it would be the kitchen, but there are no rules other than the ones you create yourself. Once you get to the bedroom, you can prepare your clothes for long-term storage. However, remember to have a backup unpacking strategy in place just in case something doesn’t go according to plan.

Being creative with moving boxes will make unpacking fun

Your children might struggle to adjust in the first few weeks after the move, so make them feel like they are an important part of the unpacking process. Besides having them help you out, you can also entertain them with leftover moving boxes. It may sound strange but moving boxes can be very fun if you have children or pets! For example, while you’re taking a break from unpacking, you can give cardboard boxes to your children and let them draw something on them. Alternatively, you can tell your children that you’ll help them make a cardboard rocket or dollhouse as soon as you finish with this task.

Family playing with moving boxes
Drawing on boxes is a great way to entertain your children while unpacking. Moreover, it will relax you too!

You may also use leftover packing material to make some very lovely and high-quality toy boxes. That way, your children will have something to look forward to, so they’ll be motivated to finish unpacking faster! However, don’t forget that moving is also stressful for your pets, so make the unpacking process fun for them as well. And what’s a better way to relax a pet than giving them a moving box to play with? Meanwhile, watching your cat play with a box or a dog chewing on it will surely entertain you too.

Other ways you can have fun with moving boxes after you unpack them

If you hired long distance moving companies Northern VA to relocate to your new apartment, you must have many boxes. While you’re having a break from unpacking them, you can have some fun with quick DIY projects! Take moving boxes you don’t plan to throw away and use them to make personalized cards.

It won’t take you much time, and you can get back to unpacking the rest of your items feeling relaxed. So, get some colorful markers, glitter, and other supplies you’ll need to make cards, whatever you have at hand. After you finish with everything, send them to your friends, or even use them as invitation cards for your moving-in party!

Get help from a professional moving company

Not only can trustworthy movers Sterling VA help you pack and move, but they can also assist you with unpacking. Having professionals help you out will make the unpacking process much easier, and therefore more enjoyable as well. Get a professional moving company to help you out. After all, nothing can make unpacking more enjoyable than letting someone else handle it. Therefore, lay back or go have some fun with your family while dependable movers handle your relocation!

A movers checking off boxes
Friendly movers can make your unpacking process fun

Reward yourself after making your unpacking process fun

Knowing that after hard work comes a reward can be a good incentive to help you complete your daily tasks. You just need to find something to reward yourself with that will motivate you enough. It can be a small thing, like spending an hour on Instagram or Pinterest after you achieve your goal. Sometimes these rewards can happen mid-day, while you are in the middle of unpacking but need to take a break.

However, make sure you don’t make breaks way too often, as you will never finish unpacking on time. For example, you can make a mini break after unpacking five smaller boxes, or two big ones. After hard work, treat yourself to some tasty food or an episode of the series you are currently binge-watching. And after you finish everything, you can take yourself out to dinner with the people who helped you out with the process.

You’ll rarely see moving, unpacking, and fun in the same sentence. However, if you’re creative and try hard enough, you can even make your unpacking process fun! You may make an otherwise boring activity into a family event by organizing ahead of time. Finally, remember to also buy some party food and play everyone’s favorite music while unpacking and tidying up!


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