How to make your unpacking process fun?

How toJune 18, 2020

With the packing and move, you feel like you have completed the most important task. Well, you are not far from the truth. On the other hand, there is still a lot to be done once you arrive at your new home. Unpacking all the boxes being just one of the tasks. The size of your move will dictate the number of boxes you have. If you are moving due to military duty, you have hopefully used military movers, meaning you are moving with the entire family. This will result in dozens and dozens of boxes. Since the move already causes a certain amount of stress, why not make your unpacking process fun? Everyone you moved with should participate in order to get through this fairly quickly. Even if you are moving alone, you can still make some sort of a game out of the unpacking process.

First steps towards making your unpacking process fun

If you have explored all moving and storage Sterling VA options for yourself, it is time to focus on other things. Rooms full of boxes must be suffocating you. Especially if you have no idea where you have left certain things and now need to rummage through the boxes to find it. There are a few simple steps you should do, making your unpacking process amusing and less painful. First of all, label all the boxes before the move. Mark in which room boxes should go and what is their content. Also, make sure to label if there is anything fragile inside. Pack a separate box that will serve as your first aid kit once you relocate. Put some essentials there, so you don’t need to look for a toothbrush or a razer first few mornings.

A toothbrush
Pack your toothbrush and other bathroom necessities into your essential box

The essential overnight box and what to put in there

In order to mentally prepare for unpacking, you must be in your element. And you will not achieve that feeling unless certain needs are fulfilled. If you are a person of morning rituals, pack all that you need in the so-called essential box. Stuff like soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and some towels should go without saying. Bring some snacks and have breakfast in peace. Tost, cereal, coffee, tea, coffee maker and teapot should be just some of the things you should have at hand. And if you really want to make an atmosphere for yourself, bring some CDs and maybe some scented candles or sticks. While munching your toast and jamming to the music, start dividing boxes into groups based on the room they should go to. This will be the beginning with small but important steps. After this, you can plan on how to remodel your home after moving.

Making unpacking fun 101

Music. It is a mood lifter without a doubt, so make sure to create a playlist of your favorite songs or albums. This will put you in a good mood and help organize during your first days of the unpacking process. You can even create playlists based on the rooms you are unpacking. Something soothing for the bathroom, but something more hype for a kitchen.

Friends. It is always more fun to do any work with people you know and love. In case you have moved away to a new city and do not know anyone, family members can also be of help.

Food and drink. Everybody likes a good snack and some beer or wine. It will help set the mood and maybe even be more efficient. Especially if you know that there is a fine wine cooling in the fridge, you will hurry up to finish what you started in order to have a glass.

A glass of beer and wine to make your unpacking process fun
Have some drinks and snacks around while unpacking, it will help set the mood

Room by room strategy. This is the best way not to overwhelm yourself. Start with whichever room you will is most important for you and your lifestyle. For many, it would be the kitchen, but there is really no rule, but those you create yourself. Once you get to a bedroom you can prepare your clothes for long term storage.

Game time. Try and make your unpacking process fun by making a game out of it. Compete with friends or family on who will unpack more boxes or who will first get to your favorite items from that room. Each achievement should be awarded, for amusement purposes.

Always start with small things

Since unpacking can be a lengthy process, you need to know how to approach it. We have provided in the previous paragraph some advice on how to make it more fun. Other than fun, it needs to be as least stressful as possible. Having piles of boxes around the house can cause pangs of anxiety, so start with small things. Cross-check the number of boxes with your inventory list you made before arrival to a new home. There are phone applications these days that you can use for easier checking of the boxes, instead of pen and paper. Group boxes and furniture based on the room they belong to. Once you have that sorted, the rooms will start to breathe, and so will you. Then pick a room you want to start from and go slow but steady from there.

A mobile phone showing its apps on the screen
Use some of the phone applications to update your checklist

Reward yourself after making your unpacking process fun

A reward can be a good teaser to complete your daily tasks. You just need to find something to reward yourself with that will motivate you enough. It can be a small thing, like spending an hour on Instagram or Pinterest after you achieve your goal. Sometimes these rewards can happen mid-day, while you are in the middle of unpacking, but need to take a break. After hard work, treat yourself with some tasty food, or episode or the series you are currently binge-watching. After you unpack all of your things you can take yourself out to dinner, along with people who helped you out with the process.

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