How to maximize space in portable containers

How toJune 28, 2021

Are you moving soon, but you need the storage space solution? Portable storage containers are a great solution for storing seasonal items, extra furniture, family keepsakes, or all of your belongings between transfers. However, they are generally rented when people redecorate or work on their homes. Its purpose is to properly save household items until further notice. Of course, you can always rent units from quality moving companies like Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV if you need climate-controlled units! However, today we’ll help you to maximize space in portable containers. We’ll talk about some ways you can use every inch of your item without damaging it.

Take your time to calculate the expenses, material needed, and the best storage solution option.

Maximize space in portable containers by calculation

The best way to ensure that your storage unit can accommodate all of your equipment is to plan ahead. Planning ahead will help you figure out how much space you need and if that’s enough. This is very similar to the number of items that can be fitted to residential onsite storage containers and a moving truck. However, this time, you will bring your belongings from home to the unit in your front yard. So where do you want to accommodate as many items as possible?

Cleanse your home before moving

If you want to maximize space in portable storage, you have to make sure all items can fit inside. More importantly, you can use this situation to get rid of some items that you no longer want or use. In that case pod storage Northern VA will do the job for you. Decluttering is a great way to reduce the amount of work you have to do and open up space in your home. In this scenario, you would make sure you have enough room in the unit to keep everything away without any problems or dangers.

Pack the items in a proper box

Stacking different things is not a good way to take advantage of the space you have. Instead, try packing at least in small boxes or containers. Once inside the container you rented for example from storage Alexandria VA, it is easy to handle and stack. In addition to keeping items inside the unit, use plastic or cardboard containers to ensure the safety and compatibility of items. Most containers or boxes are rectangular or square, so you can easily use each corner of the container to fit your items. This way the storage and loading of the unit become more practical. Plus, you can easily maximize your portable storage space. It may not be possible to fit them all into one size box, but it is very helpful to keep most of them in the proper size. Choose sizes that seem more versatile and pack them full.

maximize space in portable containers
Maximize space in portable containers by using the packing boxes in a smart way.

Organizing is half of the work

Using your memory only works when you organize your stuff in it. It is not enough to just throw one thing at a time. One of the advantages of on-site storage is that you can take your time and not have to travel much to get there. So you can plan exactly where you want to put things without haste. In addition, whatever you do, take your time to get organized! If you need advice on how to maximize space in portable containers, don’t hesitate to give us a call! 

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