How to maximize space in your storage unit

Storage preparationNovember 9, 2020

Renting a storage unit is a great way to declutter your space at home or office without having to throw all those items away. Instead of doing so, you get to leave them in safe, clean, and secure storage units in DC metro area that all the residents are happy to have. However, as you get the taste of all that free room you have gained, you will probably want to keep on storing. It is with this in mind that we present to you some of the best ways to maximize space in your storage unit.

Great ways to maximize space in your storage unit

Even the largest storage units Ashburn VA has to offer come with limits. And, when in need of that extra space, you will be smart to follow some of these great tips, and avoid renting another whole unit.

A tidy storage space

1. Disassemble large furniture pieces

Remember that old couch your grandma left you, but you didn’t have the place to put it, so it now lays in the safe storage units? What you probably didn’t know is that its size can be altered with just a few tools. No, we are not referring to an ax. You can still keep its functionality, simply by disassembling it. You can take the cushions out, probably unscrew the legs and the back, being left with only two or three flat pieces you can store upright. This will save you plenty of space in your storage unit. Just make sure to keep all of the pieces together, placing the smallest ones in a bag you will label and tape to the biggest piece.

The same rule applies to all the big pieces of furniture you have stored. Tables, dressers, shelves, all can come apart if you aren’t already using them for organizing your storage.

2. Use uniform-sized boxes

This is one of the great ways to maximize space in your storage unit although it might not seem like it at first. But look at it this way – it is much easier to stack and organize your boxes if they are all in the same size. Just like Legos. Instead of trying to line up sizes and having some topple over because the stack of boxes isn’t balanced well enough, you will get to arrange them as you please. It is one of the best ways to utilize the most of your space and keep everything looking neat and tidy.

3. Add shelves to your storage unit

The best way to get the most out of your storage space is to look at it from three dimensions. The floor is one way to start, but you should not forget about the potential of the walls. Installing shelves in your storage unit will not only keep the whole place a lot more tidy and neat, but it will also allow you to utilize the space to its maximum potential. If you are already storing some shelves, that’s only better. Use what you have and keep some of your smaller belongings there. If you are storing a table that you cannot disassemble, use its surface as a resting place for your lightboxes. Just make sure to cover the surface, so as to avoid damaging it. Don’t forget about the space beneath the table, as it too can be used as storage space.

Shelves in a storage unit

4. Get the most out of your walls by installing pegboards

While most people go down the route of stacking a few boxes along the wall and filling up the floor space of a unit, you will be smarter than that. Do not ignore the wall space, even when you install all the shelving you have. Place pegboards on the walls, and use them to hang items such as tools, bags, and art. While you still have the option of pushing boxes and furniture up against the walls, it is the pegboards that provide that extra space above those items. Anything that allows you to utilize wall space is a good idea. You can install some hooks or anything else of the sort that will allow you to use what you have to the maximum.

5. Consider hanging items from the ceiling

As we mentioned, you should start looking at your storage unit in 3 dimensions if you want to make the most out of the space you have. This means that, apart from the floor and the walls, you also have the height of your space to consider. You can use S-hooks and bungee cords for unusually shaped items, bikes, and outdoor equipment. Still, do not go overboard with this option, as you still want to be able to go through the unit itself. You don’t want to cluster it up, but make it a space you can easily navigate through and get the items you need without much trouble.


6. Ever heard of babushka dolls?

Do you know those Russian wooden dolls that are placed one inside of another? That is exactly where you should look for inspiration when setting out to maximize space in your storage unit. Use the most out of it by storing items inside one another. Place your clothing pieces inside a suitcase, socks inside shoes, and gloves, hats, etc. inside jacket sleeves. If you are storing household items, you can put your coffee filters inside the glass pot of your coffee maker, for example. Once you start looking at your belongings from this perspective, you will start seeing storage options everywhere.


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