How to move in bad weather

How toJanuary 10, 2022

Moving your home to a brand new town, country, or even country is quite a hassle. And what you don’t want is to have to postpone it, or even worse, completely cancel it. The weather can in some instances get so bad that cancellation is needed. But most often, if you communicate with your movers, you guys can come up with a good solution together. All you need is a good strategy and trustworthy movers to help you out every step of the way. Here at Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV, we’d like to go over a few tips and tricks on how to move in bad weather. Let’s get right into it!

A mover holding a chair and a plant
Good, reliable movers will always be there for you and answer all of your questions. Additionally, they will make it their goal to go out of their way and accommodate you during your moving process. Remember, never settle for less!

Discuss things with your chosen moving company

Your local movers Northern Virginia are most likely to already have a plan to utilize if the weather gets bad. You should ask them for their bad weather policy and see what their usual strategy is. Since your movers are professionals who have been doing their job for a long time, you can rest assured that their plan is foolproof. But, on the other hand, if you’re feeling unsure and want to change up a few of the steps, you should always feel comfortable voicing your opinion. Your movers will have no issue changing, or adding something to the plan.

Prepare yourself for the move

Since we’re still in the winter months, your move in bad weather is most likely in the cold, snow, or rain. But, to be thorough, we will talk about moving during the immense heat as well. The first thing about moving in the cold is to keep warm at all times. Dress in layers, so that whenever you need to be outside you’re warm, but inside your car, you can remove however many layers you need and be just warm enough. You don’t want to get sick while moving, it’s the last thing you need in such a complicated process. If it’s raining, you should really consider wearing rain boots and a raincoat. If you get wet during your moving process, you should maybe also consider carrying a change of clothes with you during your drive.

On the other hand, if you’re moving during extreme heat you need to take precautions. You mustn’t overheat and get dehydrated. Carrying enough water with you is essential. Even some food, if you start feeling dizzy, a bit of water and some food is bound to get you back on track. Moving during a heatwave is not recommended to people who don’t have an AC unit in their cars. Luckily, these days everyone has AC. But, if by chance you don’t, or yours is broken, you really should reconsider moving. You might actually get really sick if you drive in the heat without any cooling.

A grandma and a girl taking a selfie in winter clothes
Dress to keep warm at all times!

Wait for a break in the weather

Your residential movers in Northern VA will most likely recommend waiting it out a bit. The weather is very unpredictable, but with modern technology, our weather predictions are better than ever. You can almost completely trust your phone’s weather app. So, consult that, listen to the weather broadcast and you could find a few hours during the day when you can move with relative ease. You’re not waiting because your movers are lazy and don’t want to move during a storm. You’re waiting so that everyone involved in your moving process stays safe! And so that your items stay safe as well. So, really consider waiting it out a bit.

Hire professional packers

Our next tip on what to do when you move in bad weather is to consider hiring professional packers. When the weather is bad, there is a much higher chance of something damaging your goods. Professional packers are trained and skilled people who will pack your things so that no damage comes to them. They know exactly how each item is packed and they know how to waterproof or heatproof your items. Their specialized moving boxes Northern Virginia are designed to keep your belongings safe.

Not only that but hiring professional packers will take a load off your shoulders. You will need to spend a lot of time packing and that time can be used to spend time with your friends and family. Professional packers will need only a day or two to pack up your entire home. So, if you have the resources, hiring professionals to pack up your home instead of you is the perfect thing to do.

A man packing a box
Professional packers will make your life ten times easier.

Arm yourself with patience

Since you’re moving in unusual circumstances, you need to be prepared for detours, delays, and even route changes. Moving in the snow is especially difficult in this manner. You never know if the roads you need to cross are snowed in or cleared. Usually, there are people whose job is to clear the roads. But, during immense snowfall, even they can’t get to everything and clear it out. So just prepare yourself for an adventurous moving process where some things are bound to go wrong. But, as you already may know, in every moving process there are things you can’t predict and changes in plan.

Now that you know how to move in bad weather, it’s time to actually execute the move. It will be a long process and you might even get discouraged at times, but once you reach your lovely new home, everything will be worth it. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

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