How to move on short notice

Moving day tipsSeptember 26, 2021

No relocation expert will recommend you to move in a rush. When you move on short notice, usually many obstacles get in the way, and it is difficult to prepare properly. On the other hand, there are situations when circumstances leave you no choice but to move quickly. Whatever the reason, don’t prepare for a quick move alone. It is best to hire a moving company with experience who knows how to help you in this situation. It just takes a pair of helping hands and an excellent organization. Zippy Shell Northern Virginia team is at your disposal even during urgent, last-minute moves!

a hand and a watch
You will have limited time to prepare everything for the move.

Organize your last-minute move quickly and efficiently

There are many factors that contribute to unexpected relocations. Job change, deployment, and other unforeseen circumstances require a change of location. There are many relocation services available, including military movers, who are experienced in last-minute relocations.

If you are moving in a very short period, it is necessary to prepare for the process in the best way possible. That means that you must be well organized and make a good relocation plan. Since you won’t have time for big and too detailed plans, a checklist for moving will help you stick to a schedule.

Do not think too much when you have to pack for the move on short notice

When we pack for the move, it usually takes a much longer process than we imagine. First of all, during the packing process, we come across things that we haven’t used and seen for a long time. On the other hand, you don’t have time to sort things into piles from which you can easily pack them in appropriate boxes. Therefore, you should take packing very seriously. Also, try to simplify your moving day as much as possible. A last-minute move is an opportunity to get rid of all those things that make a mess in your closet. Accept this as a new beginning in life and treat things that way. Simply throw away or donate what you feel you will no longer use. These are the things you haven’t used in the previous period of at least a year. 

a man sealing a box
Packing for a move on short notice must be quick.

When we pack for relocation we usually think too much about the things and memories behind them. In that case, we make big mistakes, because we carry with us what serves no purpose. Try not to stress much over things. Simply make two or three piles: for sellingfor donationfor garbage. Usually, the advice is to sort things first and then pack them in the moving boxes. However, there is no time for that when you pack for a move on short notice. It’s best to throw everything in the boxes as quickly as possible. Also, consider onsite storage containers for your possessions. Keep in mind that you will need more time to unpack later.

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