How to organize a garage sale before moving to Sterling

How toMay 6, 2022

There are always a few steps you can take before the relocation begins. You can check different companies and compare them, or you can try to find cheap packing supplies. However, one of the best things to do is to get rid of the stuff you don’t need. It will both save you money and get you some extra cash. So, you can donate your stuff if you feel like it, or you can put it in storage. Those who opt for a garage sale, like you opted to organize a garage sale before moving to Sterling, are in the best position to earn some nice buck. Let’s see what you should do to make it all go well. Here are a few tips on garage sales.

Get rid of everything you don’t need but can’t sell

You can’t begin the relocation with moving companies Sterling VA if you didn’t spend at least some time decluttering. Search the whole house and find all the things you don’t need but can’t sell. Basically, you should be looking for rubbish. Once it’s all on a big pile, you can just throw it out or recycle it, since it’s not something you can or should try to sell. It’s just old paper, old boxes, some plastics you have no idea why you have them, etc. This is a really important step because once you do it, you’ll know that most of the stuff left in the house is either something you need or something you can sell. You will have a better perspective of the situation, which is really important in any relocation.

A lot of furniture is on a front lawn.
Try to choose a sunny and warm day to organize a garage sale before moving to Sterling.

Organize all of the items

You can do it in various ways. You can organize them by color, material, or just the room they are supposed to be in. Some people even like to organize stuff by price. You don’t want to put school items in the same group as technology or art because everything has its place. Take all the stuff you won’t be selling and put them in a separate room or just rent good onsite storage units. Everything else is for sale. People will be able to see the system you created and easily check out whatever they deem interesting. Let them inspect the stuff and make sure it’s all back at its place once they finish looking at it.

Start to organize a garage sale before moving to Sterling on time

You need to do your organizing well. A lot of people make the mistake of starting to organize the sale too late. Do it on time. Find a good way to advertise online. Call your friends and neighbors and let them know you’ll be having a garage sale and they can come if they are interested. You can create Instagram and Facebook stories, as well as ask your friends to share them. Once the advertising part is over, you need to take care of the logistics. Will you have your garage sale inside your home or on the front lawn? Both are okay but it’s something you should really pay attention to so that you will be able to properly inform people before they come.

A Facebook app icon is on the screen.
Using Facebook and Instagram to inform more people about your garage sale is always a good idea.

Organize the garage to organize a garage sale before moving to Sterling

If you opt to have the sale in your garage, make sure you declutter it first. Garages always have too much stuff in them. Take everything you won’t be selling out of there. If you have no room in the house, you can always hire some storage services Sterling has to offer and put the rest of the stuff there. If you have no place where you can put your car, ask a neighbor to keep your car at his place for a few hours.

Think about where you’ll display your best stuff

You might have some great stuff you’d like to sell, but if you don’t present it properly, it might be overlooked. The stuff you’d like to sell the most and all the stuff that could be sold at a good price should be somewhere in the center. That way you create kind of a visual priority and people will look at those items first, which improves your chances to sell that stuff significantly. It might seem like a small tip or trick, but it can make a big change in the outcome of your garage sale. A lot of people have some great stuff to sell, but they need to wait for weeks to actually sell it. If you organize a garage sale before moving to Sterling on time and pay attention to details, you won’t be having those problems.

Label items with price tags

Using price tags has a few benefits. First of all, people won’t come to you and ask “How much?” every time they find a certain item attractive, so it will save you a lot of time. Also, you will create an atmosphere of a store, which is what you need. You want people to feel like they came to spend money and don’t want to leave unless they actually spend a certain amount at your garage sale. Labeling all the items might take a little more time, but it will be worth it once people start purchasing without asking too many questions.

A price tag is on a black surface.
Using price tags will create a much better atmosphere for your garage sale.

Why organize a garage sale before moving to Sterling?

Well, no matter how much money you have, a little extra will always come in handy. Not to mention you won’t have to handle too much stuff by yourself once the relocation begins. Also, Stirling is a really expensive city. The living standard is way above average and that’s why selling extra stuff and getting some cash will definitely be a good decision. Sterling has a lot of perks, as well as opportunities, but that doesn’t come without a price. And in this case, the price is quite big. According to some sources, Sterling is two times more expensive than the national average. So, try to save on your relocation as much as possible and hire affordable movers like Zippy Shell Moving and Storage. Organize a garage sale before moving to Sterling and make your move a lot less expensive.

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