How to organize your Alexandria home using storage units

Storage preparationApril 15, 2022

People often have to move their stuff out of their house. Sometimes, they have friends who will keep it safe for them. In some cases, people sell all their belongings because they have no one to leave them to. However, thank God now there are storage units. Not every city in the state has them, but Alexandria has some pretty good ones offered by Zippy Shell Northern Virginia. People love them and they are quite useful for any occasion. You can put all the stuff you want to keep but don’t need at the moment in one place. It’s very safe, so no robbers or mold will harm your possessions. With all this in mind, let us help you organize your Alexandria home using storage units with this useful guide.

Start by labeling your boxes

Even before you start moving stuff from your house in Alexandria to any storage units Alexandria VA has to offer, make sure they are labeled well. You don’t want anything to get mixed up. You can use markers to write on the boxes and it’s a good solution. However, some people love to buy labels and put them on the boxes so there is no confusion. A lot of people don’t care about color, but sometimes it’s a big factor. If you are smart you can use different colors for different rooms. For example, if you have more than one box for each room (and that’s a big probability) then you should buy boxes or labels in different colors. For example, everything with a pink label is from the bathroom and everything with a green label is from the kitchen.

A man is labeling a box.
Labeling will help organize your Alexandria home using storage units.

Make a list to organize your Alexandria home using storage units

After labeling everything well, you are ready to move on to the next step. Any well-organized plan starts with a big list. Organize yourself and prepare for moving your stuff to any regular or military storage in northern Virginia. If you create a big sheet in Excel and fill it with your belongings, you will have a good overview of all your stuff:

  • Create a sheet for each box you have
  • Fill the sheets with items you posses
  • You can even put more valuable items on a special list
  • Make sure you have a copy of the list on a Cloud

With a good list, you can organize your Alexandria home using storage units without fearing something will get lost, or that someone would rob you.

You can also map it out to organize your Alexandria home using storage units

You don’t need an architect to make you a 100% accurate sketch of the place, but it’s good to map it out. Take a pen and a paper and roughly create the sketch of your Alexandria home. It can be really helpful when you’re moving all your stuff back to your home and it will save you a lot of time.

Stack as much as you can

The best thing you can do in any situation where there’s a lack of space is to stack! Utilize all that height and you’ll really use storage space to its full capacity. Most commercial storage in northern Virginia is 10 feet or higher and a lot of people don’t know how to use that. Stack your boxes on top of each other as much as you can and you will create more space for the rest of your stuff. Put all the big and heavy boxes at the bottom and stack smaller ones on top of them. That way, you’ll create a stable construction without the risk of stuff falling over or falling apart.

A man is putting a duct tape over a box.
Try to get big and strong boxes so they can endure stacking on top of them.

Think about priorities

Since you will have a lot of boxes, make sure you put them where they belong. All the boxes you will need soon should be in the front, and all those less important should be in the back. Also, if you are stacking, put more important ones on top if you can, and that way you will be able to easily access them. This is a pretty useful tip to organize your Alexandria home using storage units without having to put too much effort into it. Just good planning and thinking long-term. Another good idea is to label those boxes that you will soon need with a red tape or some red marker. That way they’ll be more visible and you’ll be able to notice them more quickly.

Create a center aisle

By doing so, you will avoid some really bad situations. A lot of people keep loading their storage unit with stuff and eventually create an unnavigable maze that even they can’t move through. By making a center aisle, you are creating some order in the storage unit. After all, you are supposed to ORGANIZE your Alexandria home using storage units. You will easily reach any boxes even at the very back of the storage rental.

Let your boxes breathe

This is a really important situation. Boxes can stay stacked for a long time, but they need to breathe. If you don’t give them good conditions, mold will damage them, as well as a few other consequences of a stale environment. Do your best to organize your Alexandria home using climate controlled storage units that have air conditioning. Also, include some equipment like pallets to secure your stuff from stacking too hard on top of each other. Also, pellets keep your stuff away from being in direct contact with the floor, and the floor is the primary source of mold in any storage unit.

A man is standing under the shelves.
Shelving can really help your storage unit become much more organized, as well as protect all fragile items.

Try to add some shelving

Shelving isn’t necessary. However, it can be really helpful. Once you install the shelving, visibility inside the storage unit becomes much bigger and you can see and reach most of your boxes properly. Also, you might have some fragile stuff in your unit. You don’t want to lose it because you had to stack some other boxes on top of that. If you opt for shelving, you will organize your Alexandria home using storage units and remove any chances for your property to get damaged.

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