How to Pack China for Moving

How toNovember 19, 2021

Packing china can be one of those stressful things you don’t think about until you actually do it. If you have delicate family heirloom dishes, it can be even more stressful. That’s not to say other dishes don’t deserve proper packing. Fragile items should always be dealt with delicately, as they are notoriously very fragile. Because of that, you need excellent packing methods to ensure these delicate items do not chip or break during transport. And that requires a bit of research beforehand. Even if you think you have a good grasp on how to pack china for moving, don’t take chances. Our moving experts here at Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV have created a useful guide on how to pack china for moving. Follow these packing tips to save your china to use in your new home, or even for future generations.

Table setting with fine china
Fine china is often a family heirloom, do everything in your power to save it during moving.

Purchase Packing Supplies

The crucial part of packing your breakable porcelain items is having quality packing materials. When you pack your items well, you increase the chances of them surviving the transport to your new place. Here is what you will need to pack fine china for moving.

  1. Bubble wrap. When it comes to using bubble wrap to protect china, more is more. Be generous with it.
  2. Packing paper, tissue paper, or newspapers. Keep in mind that newspapers could leave black marks on your dishes. It can usually be cleaned easily, but maybe don’t use it for old, family heirloom china.
  3. Padding material, like towels, clothes, bedding.
  4. Foam inserts or cardboard dividers for crystal glassware.
  5. Packing tape and markers.
  6. Boxes.

If you decide to use the packing services of the best moving companies Northern VA has, they will provide the right packing supplies. That way, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Professionals will do their thing and your china will arrive safely at your new home.

Before You Pack China for Moving

Besides gathering packing supplies, there are a few other important things you need to take care of before packing. First, make note of all inventory. An inventory list of your precious glassware and dinnerware will prove useful more than once. Start with writing down what you have and taking photographs. Make note of any imperfections your china might have. That way you’ll know that it didn’t get damaged during transport. You will also be able to tell if anything is missing. In addition to that, the list will be helpful if you need to file an insurance claim, in case items get damaged or lost.

After that, look into insurance options. If you hired professional movers to help you move, look into your homeowner’s insurance policy to see what exactly it covers. If your items aren’t covered while inside the moving truck, purchase an additional moving insurance policy.

Person taking photographs of china for moving
Take pictures of your china so you can later be able to tell if something was damaged.

How to Pack Your China for Moving

Follow these steps to protect your china during the move in the best way possible. If you expect the relocation process to take a while and plan to rent storage for some of the items, consider using the best portable storage Northern Virginia has to offer for your china.

Step 1
Lay a sheet of packing paper or tissue paper flat on the table. Use a sheet large enough to fully cover the item. Then put the plates facing down and wrap them thoroughly. When packing bowls and cups, wrinkle packing paper or tissue paper and place it inside the item. Then, wrap them all around by folding the corners inward. Secure them with tape.

Step 2
Place a big piece of bubble wrap flat on the table. Put plates facing down in the middle of the bubble wrap and cover them with two layers of bubble wrap. Secure with tape again. Wrap cups and mugs completely with bubble wrap as well.

Step 3
Place the plates in a sturdy box only slightly bigger than them. The items could slide around a bigger box and break. Set each plate facing up at the bottom of the box. Repeat with each plate. Don’t put bowls and cups inside each other. Instead, place them carefully at the bottom of the box in a single layer. Cover them with padding material. If there is room, lay another story of bowls or cups on top. Secure the box with plenty of packing tape to reduce the risk of damages.

Packing crystal glassware

Protect each glass with plenty of packing paper. Pay special attention to stems, as they are extremely brittle. Cover them in bubble wrap. Carefully place glasses in foam inserts or cardboard dividers you have placed in the box. Ensure there is no room for shifting inside. After you have successfully moved your crystal glassware, continue to care for it adequately. Don’t make all this effort be in vain.

Glasses filled with water
Carefully wrap the stems of the glasses, as they are especially brittle.

After You Pack Your China for Moving

First, label all the boxes as fragile. Add an indication of which side should be facing up. Also, it would be helpful for unpacking if you added information about the content. Don’t forget to put the inventory list inside the boxes. After that, you can proceed to ensure all boxes are tightly secured. Grab the box and softly shake it around. If something is moving, you’ll have to stuff the box with more padding. Everything needs to stay in place while your precious china is in transit.

Enjoy Using Your Precious China in Your New Home

Now that you have seen how to properly pack your china before moving, chances are it will arrive at your new place unscathed. If, however, there’s a delay with moving into the new place, consider storing your china in storage units Ashburn VA. You don’t want to risk anything happening to it while you sort things out.

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