How to pack kitchen appliances

Packing guideSeptember 7, 2020

Before the moving day arrives, the kitchen is usually the most often used room in our homes. In order to pack it for the move, it’s necessary to sort out all the appliances and declutter the entire kitchen. In case you don’t want to relocate all of your belongings, you can always rely on some storage units Arlington VA has to provide. In the meanwhile, let’s see how you can prepare your kitchen for the move. Take a look at the following guide and find out how to pack kitchen appliances efficiently.

Organizing your kitchen before the move

Before you pack kitchen appliances, you should sort out all items and decide which ones to move. If you have some old items toasters, blenders, or any broken appliances, you shouldn’t bother moving them. Once you decide which items you want to pack, you can start making a list of packing supplies. Make sure to order moving boxes and some cushioning materials for packing. Wrapping paper, Styrofoam peanuts, and corners should protect your inventory during transportation.

modern kitchen
Once you decide which items you want to pack, you can start making a list of packing supplies.

Once you get all packing supplies and decide which items you want to move, you should decide what to do with the rest of them. You can always sell online (or donate) these items. On the other hand, it’s also a good idea to organize a garage sale when moving from a house. This event can help you downsize your inventory and earn some extra money. Once you organize and get packing supplies, it is time to pack your kitchen appliances like a pro. 

How to pack kitchen appliances efficiently?

Devices we use in our kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. It’s impossible to pack all of them the same way. Here are some examples of how to pack kitchen appliances depending on their size and type. 

    • Blenders, pots, and small kitchen gadgets. These are some of the items you can wrap individually and pack inside the same moving box. Try to find the original packaging and pack them into those boxes first.
    • The coffee machine, a toaster, and a stand mixer are medium-size appliances, and you might have to disassemble some of them before packing. Make sure to secure smaller parts with packing paper before putting them into a moving box.

Remember that the microwave and bigger kitchen appliances should be disassembled and you should pack every part individually and properly.

Some of the things you will pack when you pack kitchen appliances.
Make sure you take care of everything accordingly.

In case you don’t have room for all your kitchen appliances in your new home, you can always find some storage units Alexandria VA has to provide. During the move, your kitchen appliances will be safe in a reliable storage facility.

Organize your household relocation

After you pack kitchen appliances, you should organize your household move. If you need to move the last minute, or you have a large inventory to move, these could be the best reasons to hire professional movers. A moving company can help you, but also help you secure the rest of your belongings and transport them safely to a new home.

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