How to prepare your motorcycle for storage

Storage preparationDecember 27, 2020

Riding the bike alone or in a group during hot summer days or in late fall when the temperatures are not as inviting is one of the favorite activities for all of those who have crossed the invisible barrier between learning to ride a bike and really learning how to make the most of this activity. However, once winter comes the vast majority of bikers are going to be looking for the perfect way to preserve their two-wheeled toys. Regardless of whether you are a novice rider or you have been doing this for years, you need to do as much as you can to find out how to prepare your motorcycle for storage. Otherwise, god knows what can happen to your steel friends before spring comes. Renting a storage unit from a moving and storage Washington DC company is only one step on the way. Let’s find out more.

a man riding a bike
Get your bike ready for storing in a way that will let your ride the moment the weather allows you to

Should you ride during winter and not have to prepare your motorcycle for storage at all?

The first question that we would like to answer is the question that many tough riders will be asking: what do you mean not riding in winter?

Obviously, there is gear that can allow you to ride almost year-round. All that you need to do is to invest in winter clothing and you should be all set, right? Well, this mainly is true. In fact, depending on what part of the country you may be living in, you may as well be able to ride your bike all the time without having to invest in additional gear. In the case that you have just moved farther away from DC to where the sun shines throughout the year, this is not an issue that you will be faced with. However, this article is not addressed to those of you too much in love with your beasts to let them sit idly while you wait for the roads to dry.

So, the answer to the question in this subtitle is yes, you can ride the bike during winter as well. However, the conditions in which you will be riding are going to differ depending on your geographical location.

How to prepare your motorcycle for storage

Now, for all of you who are not lucky enough to be living in a place that is constantly sunny, here’s what you can do to prepare your motorcycle for storage:

  • Find the perfect storage place for your bike
  • Clean the bike
  • Gas it up
  • Take the battery out
  • Place a piece of wood or styrofoam underneath your front tire

Now, let’s find out more about each of these steps.

cars in a public garage
Public garages sometimes have space in corners that you can use to park your bike

Find the perfect storage place for your bike

Obviously, the most important thing that you can do is to find a place where you are going to store your bike. After all, the course of action in regards to preparations that are going to follow is going o be directly influenced by the nature of your bike’s shelter.

Most of us who ride bikes are going to try and find a garage to park it in. Some of you who live in houses and have your own garages need not worry. The rest of our readers should keep their eyes and their minds open for there are options.

First of all, you could rent a garage. Secondly, you could store it in your friend’s garage perhaps? Public garages are also great places for your bikes. In this case, you should make sure to tie it with the chain as well. You do not want to come one day and find out that your bike is no longer where you left it.

Lastly, you could invest in Sterling storage containers. While not the most elegant of choices, these containers can provide your bike with quality shelter from rain, snow, and ice. So, make your choice and keep your eyes open for ideas.

Clean the bike before storing it

Now that you know where your bike is going to be sleeping during winter, you should make sure to clean it. 

By cleaning it, we mean refreshing the bodywork of the bike, but also brushing the chain and lubricating it as well. You do not want to put an old bike into the garage and forget about it especially if you are planning on embarking on a residential move. You do want the bike as ready as possible for the coming season.

To prepare your motorcycle for storage means that you should clean it
Prepare your motorcycle for storage by cleaning it

Gas it up

Many people will fail to think about details such as this one. Still, you should not. Instead, you should make sure to gas your bike up before storing it away. Vapor can condensate in low temperatures in your gas tank. And you know that metal and vapor do not mix very well. Vapor can lead to rusting and a rusty gas tank can damage your engine. So, top-up and worry not.

Take the battery out when you want to prepare your motorcycle for storage

If you are not living in the Sunshine State and your bike is going to storage during winter, make sure to take the battery out. Cold weather can drain the battery and this is not what you want. So, take it out and take it home. Keep it in the warm and charge it from time to time to make sure that it remains alive.

Place a piece of wood or styrofoam underneath your front tire

When you park your bike, you are most probably going to put it on the center stand. If you have one, you should. When you do this, your rear tire is going to come up and your front tire is going to lay on the ground. Leaving it like this for too long can cause small changes in the tire’s geometry. So, you should make sure to put something softer than concrete underneath. This way, you will prepare your motorcycle for storage in the best way possible. 

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