How to prepare your new VA home before the movers arrive

How toMay 15, 2022

After you’ve packed all of your stuff, you’re finally ready to say goodbye to your old house. You just have to keep a couple of things on your mind. Don’t forget to feed your pets and if you can leave them with your sisters or brothers. If you don’t have any you can ask your friends to help you with the kids; not like you won’t need them to help you with taking out the furniture. But what more must you do? Don’t worry we at Zippy Shell DMV would like to help you how to prepare your new VA home before the movers arrive. So let’s begin our journey!

Empty house tour before the movers arrive

While the house is empty you can have your first walkthrough, call exterminators, and make an unpacking plan.

First, have a walkthrough around your new VA home before the movers arrive

If the apartment was already furnished when you first saw it, you can imagine how your possessions would fit in if you had an empty view. Bring a tape measure to plan even more precisely where goods like furniture will go; knowing where things belong now will save you time later while unloading the moving vehicle. Check for any agreed-upon repairs or appliances that were intended to be left. Also don’t forget to check the condition of outlets, switches, and fixtures, among other things. You should do all of this before residential movers in northern VA come. If there’s a problem, the sooner you bring it up with the relevant people, the better.

Black fire place in an empty room;
Having an empty house is one the best things that can happen to you since you can measure where to fit all of the things inside.

Pest-proof and pet-proof your new house in VA

You could hire an exterminator to spray the area before you move all of your stuff in. This is the perfect time to organize and place traps for those pesky insects. When you bring in all the furniture it’ll be really hard to reach those places where bugs may lay there eggs. Furthermore you and your family as well as your pets won’t be exposed to any harmful substances. Keep a watch out for temporary moving-specific risks in addition to the usual suspects like outlets, sharp edges, open doors, and windows. Make sure scissors and box cutters are out of reach. Remember that boxes containing hazardous materials (cleaning products, glass, etc.) are stored in a separate area.

Create an unpacking plan before your movers come

It’s tempting to dig straight in; but if you tackle the boxes at random, you’ll wind up with dishes but no cutlery, etc. Labeling your boxes ahead of time is important. Professionals that offer moving services northern VA can help you with this. So, plan ahead of time what you’ll need and then unpack in that order.

Prepare your home before your movers arrive at your new VA home

The second step is setting up utilities, installing a security system, and finally TV and the Internet.

It’s quite important to set up utilities before your movers come

Set up your house connections, such as water, gas, and electricity. Depending on where your new house is located, you may need help from the company you work with. Although utility companies are usually quick to respond, it’s better if you let them know your move-in date. This is especially true if they work with a lot of customers during the moving season. But also long distance moving companies northern VA can help you with this.

Four sockets on the while wall;
The best way to prepare your new VA home before the movers arrive is to check all electrical installations and utilities, including sockets.

Install a home security system in your new house

One of the finest times to install a home security system is while you’re moving. You should contact your provider or change your information online if you already have a system or are tied into a contract. For renters and homeowners who want more freedom, smart or DIY security systems are a wonderful alternative, so shop around before purchasing your first home security system.

Setting up TV and Internet in your new home before the movers arrive

No one likes to enter a dead zone. Before moving in, set up the services that work for you to make sure you’re ready to go. Do your research to know where you stand so you can compare prices and figure out which service provider can best meet your needs. Schedule the installation at least 2-3 weeks in advance to ensure your services are activated on time and you get the most convenient date. Compare cable and internet providers in your new neighborhood, place an order and schedule an installation appointment.

Storage solutions for your new VA home

If your current space isn’t enough, you can always create unique storage solutions for your home to simplify your favorite routines. Wire shelving in your closet doesn’t make the most of the space you’ve and can make it difficult to fit all of your things. Make your surroundings work for you by remodeling them. Turn your unfinished garage into a gym or office, renovate your kitchen pantry, or build a custom closet. All of these are important to developing healthy daily habits. Also, you better be careful when choosing which storage unit you’ll use. Many things can go wrong if you don’t go for climate controlled storage, so think about it in advance.

A lot opened storage containers;
Think about using storage containers as they’re very useful and popular nowadays. You can store things in them that you don’t want to throw away, and save space in the process.

Last step in preparing your new home

You should also think what you’ll need first when you move to your new house. For example, you’ll probably need toilet paper, towels, plates, cups, glasses, some hygiene products, etc. these everyday things. Since you’ll start exploring the neighborhood you can stop by a local convenience store to buy some groceries. There is an old belief that bringing fresh bread and salt, this is nowadays more like a lucky charm. So, this is how to prepare your new VA home before the movers prepare your new VA home before the movers arrive arrive. Have a nice move!

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