How to Protect Items in Storage Units

Storage preparationNovember 13, 2021

Storage facilities can be the perfect place for you to keep belongings that you no longer have room for but still want to keep. You might be planning on storing items for the long term or only for a few weeks while you get settled and moved into your new home. Whatever the case, you want to know they are safe. Same as they would be in your home. Storage units provide a simple and convenient solution for your needs. All you have to do is choose a fitting storage facility and store your things in it. However, you need to prepare and pack them with utmost care to ensure they remain in excellent condition. Our experts at Zippy Shell Northern Virginia have created a short guide on how to protect items in storage units.

Choose a secure storage facility

Theft might be one of your biggest concerns when placing items in storage. To reduce the chance of having something stolen, look for a storage facility with more than one layer of security in place. Security features can include:

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Alarms
  • Fire safety technology

Be vigilant and ask questions when deciding which facility to use. Ask about previous break-ins, what kind of clearance is needed to gain access to the storage units, what kind of locks are used. This will help you to determine if the storage facility is secure enough for you to store your possessions. Finding the right company is important. If you are in the military, search for reliable military storage in Northern Virginia.

Security cameras
Many storage facilities now have 24/7 security protection and surveillance to protect against theft.

How to protect items in storage units from high or low temperatures

The proper temperature inside the storage unit is also a significant concern for people looking to store their items in storage units. Temperatures that are too high can destroy certain objects, just as temperatures that are too cold can also cause their portion of the damage. If you have items that can be easily damaged by extreme temperatures, your best be is to look for a storage facility with climate-controlled storage units. You might decide to use a portable self-storage unit because you need smaller storage. In that case, the storage company can put your unit in a climate-controlled facility. For example, portable storage units Alexandria VA can be put in a facility with climate control.

There is another important thing to remember when it comes to temperature and ventilation inside the storage unit. Do not pack your unit too tightly. Packing too many things into your storage unit will remove the air pockets that enable air to circulate. Without these air pockets, the moisture will begin to build up inside the unit, causing damage.

Pack smart to protect items in storage units

First off, use proper packing supplies. Resist the temptation to use any old boxes you can find laying around. That is not the best approach. When packing things that have monetary or sentimental value, invest in higher-quality supplies. Start with strong cardboard boxes that you can stack on top of each other. For really sensitive items, you can use plastic containers. Make sure you have plenty of padding materials to surround fragile items with. Bubble wrap and packing paper are the obvious choices, but bedding and clothes can also work well.

Prepare furniture and appliances properly

Cover and wrap upholstered and wood furniture to avoid damage. Line mirrors and picture frames with plenty of cardboard and stack them together. This will prevent them from breaking. Clean and dry all surfaces of appliances before putting them in storage. Leave refrigerator doors slightly open to stop mold growth.

Chair covered in bubble wrap
Cover and wrap furniture before placing it in a storage unit.

Pack documents into folders and boxes

First, sort your documents into categories. After that, pack them into folders and containers. You have to protect these items from the environment, pests, and accidents. Therefore, it’s best to first place documents in airtight packaging. You want to prevent mold, mildew, or water damage. Then, put documents into folders and label the folders. Finally, place the folders into boxes. Your documents are now ready to be stored in the best commercial storage in Northern Virginia

How to protect items in storage units after you pack them

There are a few important things to keep in mind when organizing a storage unit. Properly packing a storage unit ensures the maximum safety of your belongings.

Clean the storage unit

Before you pack your storage unit, wipe down all surfaces with a basic cleanser. Of course, a good storage company will rent you a clean unit. Nevertheless, dust and dirt can accumulate fast in these spaces. Hence, it doesn’t hurt to go over it again. This lessens the chances of mold and mildew causing damage to items after you store them.

Put Down Pallets

If there your area floods often, put pallets down to stack your boxes on top of. This can be useful even if you don’t expect floods. Otherwise, one pipe issue can ruin the complete bottom layer of stuff in your storage unit.

Pack Boxes in Order

As you start placing things in your storage unit, make sure you have a method of organizing the unit. If you’re on a tight schedule, it can be tempting to simply put boxes wherever they fit. Make sure you place boxes in rows that you can walk between, so you can access your items and check for damage from time to time. Stack heavy boxes on the bottom, and light or fragile ones on top. However, don’t go too high. Otherwise, the whole pile could fall.

A young man carrying boxes
Don’t go too high while stacking the boxes in order to protect items in storage units.

Don’t forget about insurance

One of the best ways to protect items in storage units is getting insurance. When moving your belongings to storage, make sure you discuss what is covered with your insurance company. If your belongings are damaged, lost, or stolen, insurance will help you recover. It’s better to pay a certain amount of money upfront than sustain the bigger loss of having precious items damaged or stolen.

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