How to settle as a student in Sterling after moving

How toApril 14, 2022

The life of a student is hard and stressful as it is. Add on top of that a new city and new people and it gets many times harder. Here we will try and give you some pointers on how to settle as a student in Sterling after moving with a helping hand from Zippy Shell Northern Virginia. So don’t worry you will have time to study and relax in your new surroundings.

Make a plan

In order to keep track of everything during the move and settling process, we need to make a plan. Take precautions that the move is going smoothly. Take note of the city and activities you want to do. And don’t be scared to meet new people. Here are some things we recommend.

  • Prepare for a smooth move and unpack
  • Explore the city and meet new people
  • Old routine and new hobbies
  • Visit your school
  • Give yourself time to settle as a student in Sterling after moving
A girl with headphones exploring the internet on the laptop
A student looking up Sterling on the internet

Prepare for a smooth move and unpack

In order for everything to work as planned, we need to ensure that the move is smooth and in order. Choose one of the good moving companies in Sterling VA and plan out the whole move. Make sure all the boxes are labeled and that all the important living and school items are packed. Electronics should be packed separately. Depending on if you are moving into a dorm or in an apartment the number of items you need increases or declines. Gather all the academic items you will need in one box. It saves a lot of time later as you will already have everything you need. And later you will have more free time for other activities. Make a list of everything you are bringing and make sure all of it arrived in good shape and for easier unpacking. The faster you unpack the more time you have for other activities.

Explore the city and meet new people

Before the move or during it while the professionals are doing their job, take some time and look into Sterling online. The easiest way to settle as a student in Sterling is to know your surroundings. Take note of local events and attractions. Go for walks and explore the city. Try local food and drinks, and meet new people. Being social and outgoing goes a long way. Being in new surroundings and alone is not good for our mental health. So opening up to new people and experiences makes it good for our well-being.

An open map hat tablet and a camera ready for exploring
A map and camera ready to explore Sterling

Even a small thing like riding a bike can be a big help when exploring the city. If you don’t have room for it in your apartment or dorm there is a solution. There is student storage in northern Virginia that can keep all of your things. Don’t be shy to approach first. As long as you are polite and nice we guarantee making friends won’t be hard. So go out smile, and explore and meet people to your heart’s content.

Old routine and new hobbies

When talking about the fastest way to settle as a student in Sterling after a move old routines are a big help. When doing something for a long time there is a sense of comfort in it. So don’t shy away from your old habits and routines. Waking up the same time as before, morning runs, reading time all of it is welcomed. And even new routines or hobbies can be of help. Visit a book club or some of the local events and places. With new hobbies, you will also gain new friends. It’s an easy way to blend into with the locals and discover new fun things. A little step can go a long way and help you to settle as a student easier.

Visit your school

When you first come to Sterling you should make sure to make time and visit your new school. Make sure you learn the landscape and hallway placements, location of restrooms, cafeteria, and all the other faculties you will need. Also if you need to get in contact and check in it’s a perfect time for it. There are also Sterling storage units where you can leave some of the things in order to get them faster or more efficiently. Take a picture of the class schedule or write it down. Try and check if there is any professor or class information that you will need or didn’t know before. There is a lot of information you will need here so pay lots of attention and don’t shy away from asking for help.

Lougage beeing packed
An open bag ready for unpacking , and settling yourself and your items in Sterling

Give yourself time to settle as a student at Sterling

We understand that most of you want to settle fast and continue with your everyday activities and life as before. But you should understand as well that some things truly need time. And this is one of them.  You need to relax and take your time. Like we said there are ways to make it easier, with friends and things to do everything can seem less hard. Shopping trips for school items or clothes, going out to a bar or restaurant, and many other things will bring you close to the city. At the same time, they will let you meet people. All of that formed a loop of meeting people and going out. It won’t help you settle timidity but with some time it will surely happen. So don’t stress over it and relax. Go with the flow and enjoy your student life.

We hope that this article helped you even a little. We know that student life is hard, and it’s even harder when you are alone in a new unfamiliar environment. But there is no reason to worry or stress. With the start of classes even if you don’t have time to go out prior, you will meet new friends and join clubs. So we know you will at some point settle as a student in Sterling.

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