How to spend a weekend in Sterling

So, you’ve found the best moving and storage Northern Virginia can offer, and you’ve successfully relocated here. Now, all that’s left is to enjoy your new home and its surroundings. But the question is; how do you spend a weekend in Sterling and have some fun to wind down? Fortunately, this is a great little town – and we’ve got some awesome suggestions on how you can spend your time here! 

How can you spend a weekend in Sterling?

As you might have realized already after hiring the best movers Sterling VA can offer, this is an extremely interesting place; with plenty of activities for visitors of all interests and ages. From various opportunities for recreation in the outdoors of the Claude Moore Park, to the water-based fun times at the Volcano Island Waterpark; there are more than enough things here for pretty much everyone to find something they like. If you’re a fan of picnics, hiking, fishing, or even biking – you will have more activities at your disposal than you could possibly imagine. Plus, if you’re interested in the history of the area, you’ll find that it’s quite amazing as well! 

Visit the Volcano Island Waterpark

If you’re looking for a three-word phrase that simply screams “fun”, you won’t find a better way to spend a weekend in Sterling than going to the Volcano Island Waterpark! As you might have guessed, this is an incredible water park with an island theme. And it’s got all the fun you need for the entire family! There’s a huge 230-foot water slide with a tropical paradise theme, as well as a smaller (but still huge) 170-foot slide. And the main swimming pool is simply huge – with the Paradise Cafe right next to it!

A lake in Northern Virginia
Apart from the waterpark, the vicinity of Sterling offers lovely ponds and small lakes as well!

Plus, the centerpiece of the park is an expansive play area for kids, with hundreds of square feet of tube slides, fountains, platforms, and water dumping buckets. If you’ve got smaller kids as well, you’ll have no trouble finding something for them to do in the smaller shallow pool area. Adults can relax in the nearby cafe as their children have all the time in the world on safe, yet fun water-themed play structures! 

Relax in the Claude Moore Park

When you’re looking for stuff to do in Sterling, a lot of it is action-packed and fun. But after a while, most of us just want to relax; especially after a hard week at work. So, if you want to spend a weekend in Sterling in the most serene place possible; we recommend visiting Claude Moore Park. While Sterling has plenty of great neighborhoods to live in and commercial areas; this is the one unique place of beautiful greenery where you’ll be able to achieve complete tranquility. Indeed, any visitor of this park will be able to enjoy the refreshing view of sparkling ponds, the shade of wooded lanes, and the serene sight of green meadows. In fact, you may even spot some of the local wildlife that is native to the park.

A small deer in a grassy field.
The local park is home to many wildlife species you can spot!

The areas of this park are completely dedicated to a true nature experience; there are plenty of opportunities for hikes, picnics, bird watching, and some truly stunning photography. Apart from the prebuilt picnic pavilions that you can rent, there are also a couple of fishing ponds, more than ten miles of hiking trails, and a sports center with all kinds of fields you can use. 

Sportrock Climbing

Of course, not everyone is looking for a picnic near a gorgeous meadow. Sure, that might be relaxing – but that sort of stuff is also boring for some people. Do not despair, though. Once you’ve laid down the moving boxes Northern Virginia offers, you can have another adventure right here; in the amazing Sportrock Climbing Center! There aren’t many destinations more adventurous around here than that. At this center, both locals and outside visitors flock to try out their climbing skills on a series of well-constructed vertical rock walls.

It’s extremely walk-up friendly; you don’t need to have much previous knowledge or experience to get you started on this rock climbing adventure! And seeing as the staff is incredibly friendly and ready to teach you everything; you’re guaranteed to have a fun and safe experience no matter what level of rock-climbing skills you have.  If you find it particularly fun, you can even become a regular member. As such, you gain access to special hours that are open on Sundays; though generally, the center works seven days a week.

A historic road covered in leaves and mud.
You can go on wondrous historical walks right here in Sterling as well!

Vestal’s Gap Road

As we’ve mentioned before, if you want to spend a weekend in Sterling on the most historical walks; this area has a lot to offer you! For instance, there’s the enchanting Vestal’s Gap Road; deeply imbued with the rich history of the area. Just like a majority of other roads, this one was likely just one of the many local animal trails originally; running parallel to today’s Potomac River and a natural ridge. After a while, the Native Americans used the trail, and the subsequent explorers and settlers picked up on their useful local knowledge and habits; in this particular case, including George Washington himself! At one point, this road went from Alexandria through today’s Leesburg and all the way to Winchester; its name is derived from a man called John Vestal, the operator of the most frequented ferry in the area.

Enjoy yourself!

As you can see, there are plenty of great things to do once you decide to spend a weekend in Sterling; whatever you choose to visit, you’re sure to have a lot of fun! 

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