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Storage preparationJanuary 16, 2022

A lot of households have limited space to store bedsheets and linens. Sometimes, the whole household is using one or two closets for this purpose. And very often, the household members are squeezing the other things besides the linen. Unfortunately, pushed like that into closets, it is soon becoming hard to find things. And very often, when you try to pull out one thing, the rest of them are ending on the floor. Or you are living a real mess inside the closet. If you have such a problem, it would be good to employ the storage principles of Zippy Shell Northern Virginia. That will help you to use the space in a rational way. Even the better. You will get some additional space.

Store bedsheets and linens in a closet, divided on the shelves.
Stored bedsheets and linens in closet.

Make a rule about what can be placed in the bedsheets and linen closets

Like others, you probably like the linen to be tidy. And you like to know where to find them at any time. So, one of the first things is to limit the number of bedsheets and linen you keep in the house. There are some recommendations that we should keep three sets of bedsheets. Also, we should use three bath towels, and three hand towels per person. With regular washing, this quantity is enough.

Store bedsheets and linens that you don’t use

What to do with bedsheets and linen that you don’t use. The best is to store them. Only after the thighs in use are torn or spoiled, it is time to take new ones from the storage. Or to buy the new ones if you don’t have them stored. If you don’t have enough storage space at home, you can always count on Sterling storage units.

But keep in mind that linen has to be properly packed for storage. They have to be cleaned, dried, and then folded and neatly stacked. The most dangerous is to pack the linen as it is still wet. That will cause the development of the molds. In such a case, even the best-storing conditions will not help.

Don’t store bedsheets and linens if they are old

Maybe you were recently buying some new linen. In case the existing one is already old, change it. And don’t keep the old linen for “maybe.” Just throw it away. Or give it to those who are fixing the cars and motorbikes. They can use them to clean motor oil.

Instead, of keeping all linen in one or two closets, divide it

If you wish to free some space in the linen closet, you can make some changes. Ask all family members to keep their bedsheets in their room closets. With good organization, they can always free some space for their linen. The bottom line, it is not taking that much space. A corner of one shelf will be enough. And you will get a lot of space in the closet for common things like napkins, tablecloths, bedsheets for the guest room, etc.

Rolled towels and a round box.
When storing your towels, roll them up.

When storing your towels in the closet or a drawer, roll them up

Your first thought is that you are not getting any additional space by doing that. Well, what you get is the following:

  • When you try, you will realize that you can put more rolled towels in the closet
  • Your towels will be neatly stacked
  • When you are taking them, you will not produce the messy hip from the rest of the towels
  • Your closet will look tidier

How to organize various items inside your closet?

When you are organizing the linen closet, consider what things are more in use. So, the items you are using occasionally, put to the back. You can also put them on the bottom shelves. The things you and your family are using often, you should put at the front and on the upper shelves. That way, it will be much easier for everyone to access them.

Where can you keep your linens and bedsheets?

 With a bit of creativity, you can make some additional space for your linen. So, instead of keeping everything in a linen closet, you can also use:

  • Bins,
  • Baskets,
  • Boxes
  • Begs
  • Drawers

If you have a dry and safe attic or basement, you can pack them and keep them in there. In case your home is small, you can always rent the storage unit. Properly packed and protected boxes you can transport with help of moving companies in Sterling VA. However, before you close the boxes, remember that your linen should be dry. And it should remain fresh. Put inside a canvas bag with lavender or some other aromatic herb. That way, when you take them out, they will not have a stagnant smell.

Linen pink pillows lined on the shelf.
Keep your things tidy.

Opportunities to put unused linen and sheets are various

We already pointed that you could put your extra sheets and linen in storage. You can also use a bit of creativity and find places for them inside your home. When doing so, make sure that sets are staying together. For example, you can neatly fold the linen and put them into the belonging pillowcase. Or you can apply some other method. The point is to keep a set together. You can, for example, keep the alike items in one basket. The other basket you can use for other similar items. And you can always use some bags with vanilla, lavender, or pine aroma. They will keep the fresh smell of your linen.

If you are a student going on summer vacation, what to do with your bedsheets and linen?

Such things you can’t leave in the dormitory. And it is not practical to carry them home. So, apply the same preparations as we already discussed. Wish and dry them properly. Once they are properly packed, you can keep them in student storage in Northern Virginia during the summer. And once you come back, they will be ready for use in your new dorm.

One more piece of advice regarding your stored linens

In case you are keeping in the store bedsheets and linens for a longer period, you should take them to the air from time to time. They have to breathe. It would be good to take them outside and keep them in the sunlight for a few hours. This way, you will prevent musty smelling.

Here, we have presented to you some of the linen storage tips. For sure, with these initial ideas, you will be able to find many more. And the most important is that your things are stored well. And that you got them tidy and preserve them in a proper way.

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