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Storage preparationNovember 1, 2021

Are you from northern Virginia and want to move but you don’t know how to store old furniture? You wouldn’t believe how many people face this question. It’s very common and easily solvable. You might think it’s an easy process but trust us, if you don’t follow the steps and things we are going to share, it could turn out to be time-consuming and exhausting. With the tips and tricks we are going to share, you will be able to store them without any problems. Not only that, but you will prevent it from anything unwanted such as damaging parts or materials of the furniture. Especially if it’s close to your heart or has a sentimental value to you or your family.

Let’s talk about storage units

If you are trying to store old furniture for the first time, you might ask yourself how are you going to do it as well as where to put it. The first thing we need to talk about is storage units and what are they used for. Whether you just want to free up some space from your attic or you are moving and don’t know what to do with the furniture, choosing a certain type of storage unit is a great option. Also, don’t forget about the transportation of your items. We highly suggest hiring NoVa moving companies in order to for you to have peace of mind as well as the safe transport of your belongings.

storage units
There are many different types of storage units out there!

List of types of storage units:

Here, we are going to mention some of the most popular choices and we will talk about them later on.

  • Climate-controlled units
  • Indoor storage option
  • Portable storage containers
  • Warehouse
  • Commercial storage

Cleaning furniture before the move

The first thing we need to cover when it comes to the process of storing old furniture has to be the cleaning. Make sure to do this in order to prevent furniture from deterioration. This is crucial if you are planning to store it for a couple of months. It is important to deep clean it prior to the move. Dirt, dust, or grime can cause stains on your belongings especially if it’s made from sensitive materials. Yet, if you forget to do this, it will be almost impossible to clean it later on. The method of cleaning may vary, based on the materials it’s made from. If it’s made from wood, pick a gentle cleaner so you don’t warp or stain the wood. On the other hand, if it’s made from fabric, make sure to use color-safe cleaner on the fabric and vacuum it.

After all this, you have to find appropriate storage units. We recommend choosing storage units Northern Virginia since they offer great units as well as a variety of other services.

furniture in the room
Cleaning furniture prior to the move is really important!

Break down large items to save space

When you are moving, you want to do it as effortlessly as possible. Don’t forget to keep everything together when it comes to the parts of the larger furniture. For example, let’s say you want to move the pool table. You have to disassemble it. Put all the parts in different boxes, and don’t forget to label them. Not only this saves space, but if your item is bulky and heavy, it can also save its seams and joints from cracking of all the weight over time. Residential onsite storage containers are an amazing option for example we talked about. They can be just around your house and easily accessible at all times when you need your possessions.

Store old furniture in climate-controlled storage units

Climate-controlled storage units are almost always going to be your best bet when choosing which one to rent. humidity and heat combined can create mold that will slowly deteriorate your items. There are some storage units where they are controlled with “open-air” and that is a pretty bad concept. Your unit has to have air conditioning as well as options to change the temperature if needed. Newer ones even have humidity control systems which can come in handy. In addition, look for air ventilation within the storage unit itself. You can’t decide what to rent? Climate controlled storage northern Virginia has to be our pick since storage units are amazing!

A room with the pool table
Wrapping your furniture can keep it in mint condition

Choosing proper coverings

Once you’re done cleaning and breaking down your items, it’s time to cover them properly so you don’t damage surfaces. This is a crucial part if you’re planning to store it for a long time. This will prevent dust and everything else to cause stains on the materials. We have to mention all the fragile items as well, such as lamps for example. Using bubble wrap can help a lot since it will have a bit of cushioning around it. This can be useful for certain types of furniture since plastic can hold moisture leading to mold or even cracks. Wooden items are delicate and require a few extra steps when you want to store them. Commercial storage in northern Virginia offers many spacious storage units. Keep in mind they are highly rated and have a lot of positive feedback from people.

How much does it cost to store old furniture in storage units?

The price of the storage units depends on many factors. Some of the most important factors are the size of the item you are storing, length of stay, and insurance you will require. Keep in mind the fact that if your storage unit is near the downtown area, it could get exponentially higher. The best strategy is to do research, note the best options out there. Start calling their customer support and you’ll get up-to-date information. With all the information we hope that we’ve made it a bit easier on how to store old furniture and make the right decision when moving your belongings without damaging anything. Good luck and happy moving!

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