How to store old toys

Storage preparationDecember 6, 2021

Every child likes to play with toys, that’s a fact. Not only kids, but many adults have different hobbies that include collecting different action figures, stuffed toys, and other collectibles. Also, you want to keep all the toys that bring a lot of memories, whether they are from your childhood or part of your children’s lives. Many movers Sterling VA offer different options for storing and packing, so you can definitely find a way to store old toys.

Prepare your old toys before storing them

Before even starting to store your old toys, you need to prepare them. Your toys are important to you, so you certainly want to keep them in the best possible condition. You should check if some toys are broken or ripped and fix them. The next step is to clean them. Use mild soap and water to remove all the debris and dirt. Check the labels and wash some of them in the washing machine. If you are afraid they are too old and delicate, you can just vacuum them.

Stuffed toys hanging on a clothing line
Wash and dry before storing your old toys

Pack and store your old toys with care

Once you clean, wash and dry your old toys, it is time to pack them. You don’t have to buy anything special for storing old toys. However, you may need additional information for moving and storage Northern Virginia if you are planning to move any time soon. Some things to consider for packing and storing your old toys are:

  • use plastic or cardboard boxes
  • make sure all your boxes have lids that close properly
  • wrap toys in acid-free paper to prevent moisture
  • label the boxes on all four sides as well as the top

Rent a storage unit and store all your old toys

Renting a storage unit for storing old toys can be a lifesaver. There are many storage units Sterling VA that you can use, and they can completely change your household. You will get more space and your home will be easier to clean. Before renting a storage unit, you should think about the conditions that you need. Some moving companies offer storage with controlled temperature and humidity. If you happen to have some highly valuable toys you may want to consider other factors too, such as direct sunlight or the materials of the containers.

Pink storage units
Renting a storage unit is a great way to store old toys

Rent an onsite storage container for storing old toys

If you are in the process of moving or just want to have your toys close to you, you can rent residential onsite storage containers. The great thing about them is that you can pack and store your toys whenever you have time. The storage container can be in your parking lot and you can pack for days or weeks. Once you are ready, just call the moving company, and they will move the container to the storing facilities.

These are some ways you can store old toys. If you have a lot of stuffed animals, you can check how to store stuffed animals.

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