How to Store Your Camping Gear Properly

Storage preparationNovember 21, 2021

After a long camping trip is over, nobody wants to deal with cleaning and storing their equipment. You may be tempted to throw all the equipment into the storage space without much thought. You will for sure regret this when your next adventure arrives. Imagine finding your gear smelly or damp or – even worse! – damaged. The horror! That’s why you should know how to store camping gear properly. Companies such as Zippy Shell Northern Virginia are offering a variety of services regarding packing and storing, be sure to check it out!

Clean everything before storing your camping gear properly

Firstly you should make sure your equipment’s clean. Otherwise, you may risk some nasty surprises when you pull everything out for your next trip.

Before beginning, check the manufacturers’ labels for guidance on how to wash and dry the gear. On the contrary, you could end up damaging or even ruining your gear. It would be great if you can find climate controlled storage in your area.

Washing your sleeping bag and tent is fairly easy, and you can do it by hand. However, most sleeping bags can also be thrown into a washing machine. When finished, you’ll need to make sure that they are dry. I mean, really dry.  This may take a bit of time, but it’s really important before you store your camping gear properly. If the tent’ is fairly clean, you may only vacuum it.

A faceless man frying eggs with camping gear in nature.
Clean your cooking gear and prepare for your next adventure.

Next up is your cooking gear. Since clean water is a valuable resource when you camping, you didn’t waste it for cleaning pots and pans. And we know the longer they’re left, the harder they are to clean. If there is a stream or running water nearby during your camping site, take care of them at the spot. Then you only need to give them a quick clean before you store them properly.

Find a reliable storage unit before you store your camping gear properly

Look into storage units Alexandria VA to find the right storage unit before you store your camping gear properly. This will help you keep everything organized, which might not feel like a priority right now. However, you’ll appreciate it when you’re preparing for your next camping adventure.

Arrange one box can for cooking equipment, and another might be for smaller accessories. Don’t forget to remove any flammable items and store these separately. For items like pillows and sleeping bags, a storage bag is better. It will allow everything to breathe, keeping your camping gear fresh.

  • With this in mind, make sure that your storage unit is:
  • Cool and dry, without the possibility of flooding.
  • Have direct sunlight if possible.
  • Has ventilation installed
  • Has insurance

Military storage in northern Virginia can be particularly handy here, as you can easily group things there.

Pack your storage unit by priority

Before storing your camping gear properly, you should think about which items you’re most likely to need soon. Prioritize and keep these items somewhere where you can easily access them. You want to avoid rummaging through your storage to find what you need.

Unrecognizable woman packing climbing gear into a purple bag.
Make sure you have your necessary items easily accessible before you store your camping gear properly.

Creating an inventory list and storage map is also a good idea. This way you will know exactly where everything is.

In conclusion, how you store your camping gear properly is really important if you want your equipment to last. You can also check out these tips for maintaining your camping equipment.

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