How to store your winter gear

Storage preparationDecember 10, 2020

Are you looking for ways to store your winter gear and clothes? Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV is here to help you store your winter clothes and sports gear in the best possible way. Should you store them in the attic? Simply leave them be in the cardboard boxes? Should you consider renting a storage unit? Storing your items might seem like a simple task, but sometimes we make mistakes and our items end up destroyed. That’s the outcome that we’re here to avoid, and you’re already taking the first step towards doing it – educating yourself on the matter. While storing your winter clothes has its challenges, every seasonal storage switch has its unique bumps on the road too. It’s something that everyone can do, you just have to know why. To find out how to properly store your winter gear and get your space ready for the next season, keep on reading! 

Declutter before you store your winter gear

Do you know how to properly declutter your home? The first step to storing your winter gear is to be honest with yourself. What if those items you won’t be wearing the next season? If you don’t declutter, you will just pack that item and forget about its shortcomings. When you unpack the clothes for the next winter, you’ll be disappointed to find that you don’t actually have the ski jacket you thought you did!

declutter before you store your winter gear
Before you start packing your clothes, declutter and get rid of the clothes and gear that doesn’t serve you anymore.

Decluttering tips before you store your winter gear: 

  • Avoid storing the items that simply no longer serve you and that you dislike. 
  • Take a good look at your winter closet and take out the items that you didn’t wear at all. You can donate those to the shelters or sell them online if you want. 
  • The next step is to separate the items that are damaged or that you’ve outgrown. The same goes for the shoes – if you’re sure you can’t fix them, or if they’ve just sat in the shoebox for the whole season, it’s time to say goodbye. 

Wash your clothes before storing it

Washing your clothes is necessary before you store them. It will help you preserve your clothes in storage. They will probably lose the nice scent during the summer season, but storing your items in the best possible condition is a necessary starting point. Even if your clothes look perfect, you should wash them. There will be some items that need dry cleaning or that you need to take to the cleaner to get them in order. Make sure you do this before you fold and store them. If you don’t, you might find your clothes in awful condition when you unpack them for a few months. If you store your clothes before washing them first, they may start deteriorating. Is that really the chance that you want to take, especially with the winter clothes and gear? 

washing machines
To preserve your clothes the best you can wash them before storing them.

Watch out how you fold your clothes

Whether we should fold our clothes or hang them is a question that most of us had asked ourselves before storing the clothes. While some items may benefit from being stored hanging, most of them will do just fine if you fold them. There are a few things that you should remember before you start folding your clothes: 

  • You should zip all your jackets and clothes pieces with zippers. 
  • The same goes for the buttons. Wherever you can button up your clothes. 
  • Not all items should go into plastic bags. Some things like your undergarments should be stored in a cotton bag. 
  • Shoes shouldn’t be stored in plastic bags but in plastic bins. 
  • When you’re packing shoes, sneakers, or boots, make sure that you stuff them with the paper or cardboard pieces so that they don’t lose their shape while they sit for months. They might look okay during the whole summer even if you wore them a few times, but stuff them anyway. 

 Store your winter gear in the plastic boxes

Plastic bags or plastic boxes are a much better choice for your clothes storage than simple cardboard boxes. The cardboard boxes are much easily affected by the water and moisture. They can develop mold and your clothes may be damaged if it doesn’t have additional protection. To keep your clothes safe, store them in plastic boxes. Plastic boxes handle mechanical stress easier. They have handles which makes them easier to carry and move around. Moreover, plastic boxes are perfect for storing your winter gear because they don’t let moisture or dust inside. 

Get the appropriate suitcases for the winter gear sports gear

You might be looking for ways to store your winter gear because you’re preparing for a move to a warmer place. Whether you’re looking for military movers or Commercial Movers – it’s important to remember that the type of the move doesn’t change the way you should store your items. You should invest the time and energy and do it right. Storing your sports gear like skis or boots needs to be approached like a serious task. If you don’t store your winter sports gear properly, it can become useless until you get to the next season. To make sure your sports gear is stored properly, contact the store where you bought it, or do thorough online research. Don’t improvise, store it in the proper suitcase if it exists. Store your winter gear in a cold and dry place. 

winter clothes
Pay attention to the way you fold certain materials. Not all of them react well to folding.

Store your winter gear in the appropriate storage space

If you’re looking for ways to store your winter gear, maybe you’re just avoiding to admit that you don’t have enough space to store it properly. To make sure your items don’t get damaged because of the poor storage conditions, consider taking them to quality storage such as storage Washington DC. Give us a call and see for yourself why you should place your items into the storage. There are numerous pros and very few cons to doing it. Store your winter gear properly and ensure the safety of your belongings!

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