How to transfer utilities after moving

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The moving process is going to require you to take care of many different aspects of the move. Some of them are going to be easy to handle. Others will require time and knowledge to complete. A portion of them could be taken care of by one of the favorite moving and storage Sterling VA companies, but some of them will need to be taken care of by you. One such thing is dealing with utilities and utility companies. Obviously, you are going to have to transfer utilities after moving. The faster you do this, the quicker will you be able to relax and start enjoying your new life. Today, we are going to take a look at what you need to do and how to transfer your utilities in the easiest way possible. Therefore, make sure to bear with us till the end for it will do you good.

gas canisters
Your gas provider should know in advance that you will be moving

What you need to do to transfer utilities after moving

One of the things that all of us need to do when the time for relocation comes is to transfer utilities. Obviously, you do not want to keep on paying for utilities in a place where you do not live anymore nor should you wait with transferring the new ones to you. So, you should find the right moment to deal with this issue. Only once you have taken care of the essentials of the move, and utility transfer is one of them, will you feel free to take your belongings out of storage Alexandria VA, bring them with you, relax and settle into your new home.

These are some of the things that you need to know in regards to transferring utilities after moving:

  • Inform utility companies of your move before the relocation takes place
  • Arrange final meter readings
  • Water and sewer is the city’s responsibility
  • Find out if your new community has HOA
  • Update your address
  • Pay overdue bills

Now, let’s take a closer look at these tasks.

Inform utility companies of your move before the moving day

We have already said it and we will say it again: you do not want to keep on paying for utilities that you are not using. Therefore, you should not wait until after your long distance move to cancel any kind of your subscriptions. Instead, you should get in touch with your provider companies and let them know that you will be moving.

You should make sure to provide this information to them in writing. Include the information on the date that you are leaving your home. This way, they should know when they should stop charging you for their services.

Arrange final meter readings

Once you have let them know that you will be moving away, make sure to arrange the final meter reading. This is just one more step in the process of making sure that you pay only for what you have consumed.

Perfectly, the last meter readings would be done on the morning of your move. In the case that you have hired moving professionals to take care of your residential move, then you could stay behind and wait for the reading to be done later that day. Anyway, make sure that readings happen as late as possible, for they will most likely include cancelation of services unless your previous home has got a new owner already.

image of a gauge
Make sure to arrange final meter readings

Water and sewer is the city’s responsibility

While most of the utility companies have their offices, water and sewer are two utilities that the city usually provides. So, we would like to point this out in order to prevent you from going out looking for the company to talk to when the city office is the place where you should go.

Find out if your new community has HOA

Okay, by now you should have taken care of the utilities in your old home. Now, you should make sure to transfer utilities after moving and subscribe to new ones for your new house or apartment. To do this, you may need to go through the homeowner’s association.

In the case that you might have lived in a place without one, going through them might seem intimidating. However, you should not feel scared of it. Instead, taking this route is going to make transferring far quicker and easier. So, ask around!

Update your address when you transfer utilities after moving

It is very important to have valid information on your IDs and other documents.

transfer utilities after moving to make sure that utility companies have your new address
Change your address to make sure that all bills arrive to your new home

Therefore, as soon as you move you should make sure to update your address on your IDs, but with your utility companies as well. Otherwise, you will be under the risk of not receiving bills. This, as you know, can easily lead to a lawsuit and other different repercussions. Therefore, go ahead and inform your Post Office of the change. Do whatever you can to make sure that everyone knows your new address. This is the only way to be certain that everything is in order.

Pay overdue bills

Lastly, after you have moved, make sure to pay any overdue bills you might have forgotten about.

Having overdue bills is something that can happen to anyone who is moving. Simply, the process can be pretty demanding and draining. So, making mistakes and forgetting stuff can happen to anyone.

After you have completed your move, you should make sure to double-check whether you might have forgotten to pay any bills. If you find out that you have, deal with them as soon as possible. You will want to make sure that there are no leftover after moving.

Transfer utilities after moving is easy as long as you have the right information

As you have seen, it is not difficult to transfer utilities after moving. You just need to make sure to find out who to get in touch with. Then go along and get it over with.

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