How to use space in your portable storage unit

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So, having a portable storage unit is a great thing. But, if you don’t know how to use space in your portable storage unit it can be a problem. In this article, we are going to give you a comprehensive guide on how you can maximize the available space. Of course, that is if you already have a portable storage unit. If not, then you should definitely check out portable storage Northern Virginia to get one for yourself. By doing so, you will alleviate much of the stress that comes from moving and having to search for a storage solution if you need to downsize or for whatever other reason.

The things we are going to go over include:

  • Box uniformity
  • Stacking
  • Using furniture 
  • Using packing straps
  • Order of loading

So, let’s get started right away.

The way in which you pack is crucial when you want to use space in your portable storage unit

What do we mean by the way in which you pack is that you have to follow certain rules when it comes to stacking boxes, using different sizes of boxes, and using different belongings that are already in the storage units as some kind of shelves. Thereby, you will maximize the available space that you can use.

What’s even more important is the order in which you put all of your belongings that need to be stored. You need to have a system in order for your stuff to be accessible. Of course, if you need a bigger storage unit you can always count on storage units Ashburn VA to help you out. Their reputation simply speaks for itself and you can count on excellent service that won’t break your bank.

Uniformity and stacking matters

Remember that we mentioned different sizes of boxes? Well, this is very important if you’re looking to maximize the use of space. The reason why is simple. When all of your boxes are the same size it makes for a significantly easier job to fit them all together. So, trying to find the perfect box size that can neatly fit most of your belongings. And the way in which you want to pack your belongings is connected to the way in which you would normally pack your items if you were packing for a move. So, the heavier items should go on the bottom while the lights are items should gravitate toward the top. Also, remember that the tools that make moving easier can be used for treating boxes for storing.
Stacked boxes
If you want to use space in your portable storage unit to the fullest extent, think of the items that have to be stored as books. Stack all of the same-sized ones together.

Once all of the boxes are failed, you’ll have to start filling up space in your storage unit. The best way to do this is the stack the boxes on top of one another. The process of taking will take a while. So, the way you should start stacking is similar to the way in which you already packed the boxes. Heavier boxes should be at the bottom of the stack, while the lighter boxes should go towards the top of the stack. This is why uniformity matters.

If you want to use space in your portable storage unit, consider using your furniture

So, portable storage units can hold a lot of things. Certainly, one of those things is furniture. If you have a lot of it stored, that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. In fact, you can use furniture to your advantage very easily. The way you ought to do this is by deciding where the different pieces of furniture should be.

A sofa isn’t just good for sitting, it can serve other purposes too.

Once you load all of them into the storage unit and set them in their designated places you can start using the extra space you’ve managed to get. Couches, chairs, beds, sofas, etc. can all be used to give you an extra layer or two to stack boxes and to better utilize the whole space that you are working with.

Packing straps are your friends here

Have you noticed that the inside of your portable storage unit has metal strips around the walls? Well, these metal strips can be used as a guide for packing section by section and for securing that everything stays in place. With that in mind, you should use this for the intended purpose. 

Moving companies Northern VA, as well as yourself, will thank you you for packing your portable storage units in the way it is intended to be packed. Moreover,  you have the added benefit of your stuff being fixed and not moving around during transportation. Consequently, the chances of it arriving in one piece to the desired destination become much greater.

When aiming to use space in your portable storage unit to the fullest extent, keep in mind the order of loading everything in

Just as in any other situation when it comes to moving, you should think about loading your belongings into the storage container so that the items that you know you’re going to need are in the front. So, when starting out with the loading process you should set those items that you want to access first aside, and make sure that they’re loaded the last. That way you will ensure that you’re able to use them as soon as you arrive. Those items include cooking utensils, some clothes, toiletries, and other items that are going to be used once you arrive at your desired destination.

Photos with letters
It’s very important to know which items you are going to need upon arrival.

The best way to accomplish this is by creating a list of all the items that need to be unpacked first in each room. This will inevitably help you get through the unpacking process quicker and easier. Additionally, it will help you confirm that everything you’ve packed has been received for each room.

To conclude

As we said at the beginning of this article, portable storage units are everything to have. Furthermore, there are many alternative uses for moving containers that will help you save a few extra bucks. For example, it could be a mobile field office in which you can keep tabs on the progress. The moving container company can simply deliver the storage container to the exact location where you need it in no time. And voila you’ve got yourself a mobile field office.

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