How Using Zippy Shell Storage Units Helps you Cope with the 4Ds of Life

Storage preparationSeptember 20, 2022

In life, there are ups and downs. Many things can happen and leave us in a situation we’ve never faced before. That’s why it’s important to be aware that you shouldn’t take anything for granted, as things can change overnight. Of course, nothing can prepare you for many of life’s troubles and scenarios. But, by knowing certain things can happen, you can respond to them more adequately when they occur. In this article, we’ll go through what the 4 Ds of life are and how using storage units helps you cope with the 4Ds. We at Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV have plenty of hands-on experience regarding the 4Ds of life: death, divorce, downsizing, and displacement.

The 4Ds of Life

There are no guarantees about tomorrow. Just about anything can happen, and not just bad things. Many good things can happen to you out of the blue, which will require you to pack your bags and move urgently. What if you land your dream job in a different city or country, and they want you to come over as soon as possible? If an opportunity like that comes knocking on your door, you don’t want to miss it. That’s why if you suddenly have to hire long distance movers, you want to make sure the stuff you don’t bring with you is safely stored away. Those boxes and items should be the least of your worries, and that’s only possible if you hire a storage company with a good track record and a high level of security. Check their online reviews, and don’t settle for the cheapest option.

Man packing boxes to store them away in a storage unit
Even when you’re in a time-sensitive situation like one of the 4Ds of life, make sure to properly pack your belongings.

Another positive scenario where it’s beneficial to have a reliable storage unit is welcoming a child into your family! For example, if you have a big enough house, or apartment but don’t have an available room for a nursery. You can choose a room that’s not too important, where you perhaps store away your things because you don’t have anywhere else to put them. Clear out that room by packing everything and storing belongings in a good, reliable unit. When that is over, you can remodel that space into a nursery room where your baby will live. That’s a great problem to have, as nothing can compare with the feeling of taking your baby home. Of course, you should only hire reliable residential movers Northern VA with positive online reviews if you plan on moving and storing your belongings.

How to cope with the 4Ds of life using reliable self-storage units?

There are many scenarios where you’ll need a good residential storage unit to help you go through something. Below we will get into each one and elaborate further. Let’s jump in and explain how using onsite storage units helps you cope with the 4Ds of life.

Death of a loved one

Losing a loved one is a pain nothing can soothe. We often feel helpless in those times, and it requires a lot of strength to push on. Nothing we do can bring them back, and that’s a painful realization. When you allow yourself to mourn a loss, it gets easier, especially doing things that inevitably have to. Whether you’d lived with them or not, the question of what to do with their belongings often comes up. That’s where storage units come into play. You want to use only the best storage unit you can find. After all, that’s where many items of those that passed will be for a certain time. Many of those things hold sentimental value to us, so it’s important to leave them in a safe place. You don’t want to have the stress of someone breaking in and stealing something!

Cardboard box
It’s never easy packing and storing away the possessions of a loved one we lost.

On the other hand, it’s also vital to have reliable self-storage due to many other factors. For example, a trait of a well-organized storage company is that no one can get inside. In the case when someone passes away, they will immediately ask you who can enter and use the units you leased. When you provide the list of names, those will be the only people with access inside. No one else is allowed, and that’s exactly how it should be. Also, make sure your lease is up to date to avoid any complications on that end. It’s even more important to do so when valuable items are involved. Hire only the best local movers North Virginia to help you in those hard times. 


Divorce can be a painful process, even if the split was a peaceful one. You suddenly find yourself in a position where you have to start your life all over again, in some ways. It doesn’t matter which side is leaving the house, it’s a feeling it takes some time to get used to. Many things can feel off and different, but thankfully time heals all wounds. Once you’re ready and you processed the whole thing, you can start thinking about your future again. Now, how using storage units helps you cope with the 4Ds of life like a divorce? If you are in a hurry to change places and move out, that’s when storage comes into play.

If you are going through a divorce and one party has to leave the house, getting a reliable storage unit is key. No one can move everything they own right off the bat, except if they have only a few personal belongings. If they don’t and you’ve lived for a longer time, chances are there many things to move and store. If you have enough time to find a new place, you can use our portable storage North Virginia service. These storage units are delivered directly to your home, where we pack and load your items and boxes. Once we’re done, we will safely transport and store them away either in a new storage unit or leave them in the portable one until you say otherwise. All in all, getting through a divorce can be a bit easier if you have adequate storage space.

Storage unit worker signing a document
Make sure to get help from the most reliable storage unit companies when going through a divorce or any other 4Ds of life to help you cope with the situation.


Displacement can sometimes be a stressful situation. The customer, in this case, doesn’t choose voluntarily to move to a different home, in many scenarios a smaller one. Many things can trigger things, like a loss of a job, natural catastrophes, political situations and problems in a certain area, etc. When people find themselves in these situations, they often have to prioritize the things they will bring with them and decide what to leave behind. To move elsewhere with a bit more peace of mind, they should use adequate and reliable residential storage for storing their belongings. With their things stored away safely, they can focus on more important tasks at hand. A good storage company will be empathetic towards their customers going through these things and make their lives as easy as possible.

Another type of displacement we often witness in the United States is military displacement. Many soldiers and officers get drafted and sent to serve overseas. Whether they live alone or not, they leave for longer periods, and the excess of stuff left behind can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why many people rent military storage units before they go abroad. It makes their lives so much easier, especially as they often travel outside the US. Their frequent relocations can make life a bit tricky, so having a good storage unit is crucial in keeping lives organized. 


That is the least stressful reason for moving to another place, and it is often voluntary. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its problems, especially if the reason for this type of move isn’t voluntary. Whenever people are in a position they have to move to a smaller home, they have to sit and think about what will they bring and what put in a storage unit. It can be particularly stressful if it’s a time-sensitive move. Thinking about what items should go into storage can double the stress people feel. To minimize the time needed to complete this task, we recommend you first sit down and make an essential list. Try to be very pragmatic when you think about what you need from the first day in your new home. 

Three workers in a warehouse- using storage units helps you cope with the 4Ds of life
Zippy Shell Storage Units Helps you Cope with the 4Ds of Life.

A lot of times, college students go through a downsizing process. When they’re getting ready to replace their home with a college dorm or an apartment, they know from the start that they will have less space than what they are used to. They can’t bring all their clothes and items with them, so they have to make compromises. That’s especially true if their home is far away from their new place. A good way to solve this problem is to rent reliable student storage in Northern Virginia for storing their items. If you’re a student, first pack clothes for the current season. If you’re in a state that has more warm weather than cold, store away your winter clothes in a storage unit and take them out only when you have to. 

Types of storage units and why is that important to know

Not every storage unit type is the same. You should know the differences before you commit to leasing one. Each storage unit type has its perks, and not every type is suitable for all items. Now we’ll break them down and go into detail. Let’s jump in and explain how using different types of storage units helps you cope with the 4Ds of life.

Indoor storage unit

An indoor storage unit is inside a secure storing facility. No one can just come and go as they please. A reliable storage unit company is aware of how important security is to its customers. They make sure that the customers feel safe leaving their belongings in their care. Inside the storage units can vary in size. It depends on how much stuff you wish to store away, so don’t just take the largest one for the sake of it. You’ll end up paying a higher lease when you could have chosen a smaller one that would suit you perfectly.

Indoor storage unit hallway
Indoor storage units are one of the most used storage unit types.

Outdoor Zippy Shell Storage Units

Zippy Shell Storage units help you cope with the 4Ds of life by helping you sort out all your belongings in peace. These storage facilities are usually accessible by vehicle and are a great option if you wish to store away some large things. By this, we mean things like:

  • Cars
  • Boats
  • RVs
  • Bikes, etc.

There are also great commercial storage options. Many businesses choose these facilities as they can store their inventory securely and practically. Even though they are outdoor, they are also very secure. When choosing outdoor storage, make sure to see how secure it is.

Climate-controlled storage units

Climate-controlled storage units are a great option if you wish to store away certain things that are sensitive by nature- art pieces, furniture, any type of valuable collection, important documents, etc. Based on the type of item and its requirements, you can ask for a certain temperature to be held at all times. That will prevent anything from rotting, catching mildew and mold, losing its value, etc. That is a particularly good option when coping with some of the 4Ds of life. If you have personal possessions of a loved one you wish to cherish and keep for a long time, using this storage unit would keep those items intact. Before you store those types of things inside, make sure to first properly pack sensitive items like art pieces, as that is an equally important factor. 

Outdoor commercial storage units helps you cope with the 4Ds of Life
4D are divorce, death, downsizing, and displacement.

Zippy Shell Storage Units Helps you Cope with the 4Ds of Life

All in all, using storage units helps you cope with the 4Ds of life; death, divorce, downsizing, and displacement. Renting storage gives you time to process your new life situation. If you find yourself in a similar situation as we’ve mentioned here, give us a call! A reliable moving company is always there to help its clients and make their lives easier!

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