Interstate moving mistakes

Moving day tipsFebruary 11, 2022

If you are planning to move long distances, you need to be sure that everything about that relocation is well planned and prepared in the best way. You need to be aware of the obstacles and disruptions and that you will most likely need to improvise sometimes. Do not let this stop you from doing and giving your best in every aspect of the move. Even though you will have some unplanned situations, you will need a plan. This plan will contain the most important stuff that needs to be done. And if you follow it correctly, you will be avoiding every interstate moving mistakes people are making nowadays. Plus, you will have professionals by your side, one of the best NoVa moving companies.

The most common interstate moving mistakes

When you ask people who have some experience in long-distance moving, they all have something they would have done differently. We have tried to combine all the answers together and make a list of the most common interstate moving mistakes people make.

man making a list to avoid interstate moving mistakes
Having a plan is one way of avoiding the common moving mistakes

One of the common moving mistakes is that people underestimate the relocation

It is important that you realize that moving interstate is not like regular moving. This type of moving requires a lot of preparation. You are not going to be able to come back and forth if you have forgotten something. This is why you should always have a plan which everyone who is included in this relocation will respect and have a clear picture of. And once everybody has a knowledge of the things that need to be done, you must leave enough time for each and every task. When you have a clear picture of what is left to be done, you can feel free to call some of the best long distance moving companies Northern VA has and hire them on time.

People being too confident is one of interstate moving mistakes

This is happening because people really easily overestimate their abilities. What you need to do is to be objective. Before you set yourself a timeline, ask around people who had the same or similar experience. Add to the time for packing and preparing the time that will take your job or any other chores you have every day.

You cannot stop living your regular life just because you are moving. Of course, you can get some time off from work, or you can use your free days. But preparing for an interstate move is a long period and it will be hard. You would need a break of two hours. Someone needs a break for a day or two. And it is completely normal. That is why you must not be too confident about your preparations for the move and the moving day.

Plus, think like this. Maybe during this day or two, you will remember something and add it to your list.

Wrong packing materials

Being too confident can lead you to pack in the wrong way. You might have thought that there is no wrong way in packing. But when you are moving long-distance, it is really important how will you pack your items. The other thing that is important is what kind of packing material will you use.

One of the best pieces of advice you can get is to hire packing services and relax. Professionals will give their best to pack and secure your items during the interstate move. But if you are not willing to spend more money on moving and get this kind of service, you can pack by yourself.

You need to use high-quality packing materials and boxes. Use the plastic ones instead of the ones made out of the carton. They will prevent items from getting damaged.

Another very common interstate moving mistake that comes by is not labeling those boxes right. You must be very careful with these tasks if you do not want to use any packing services the moving company can provide you with. Do not forget to label the boxes that contain something fragile and breakable.  It will also be easier for the movers when they know something si breakable. They have a method of placing those boxes in the moving truck to prevent them from damage.

woman holding scissors
Wrong packing is one of the common interstate moving mistakes

You need to evaluate your belongings

The longer the relocation is the chances to get something damaged are bigger. This is why we suggest you evaluate your belongings before the trip. Of course, it depends on the type of items you are transporting. If it is just some regular items, not so valuable ones, standard valuation is just enough. But if you have rare antiques or something that you know has a great value, additional valuation is required. This way, you are protecting yourself and the items.

Forgetting to hire a mover in advance

Believe it or not, people tend to forget to hire movers. And once they do, it is too late. There is either no time or they become more expensive. That is why once you know the moving date and you have prepared a plan of the relocation, you can call and hire a professional moving company and you are ready to move on with the preparation of the relocation.

person holding valuable item
Make sure you have secured and evaluated your valuables.

If you want to relocate smoothly and without any additional stress, try avoiding these interstate moving mistakes. As we said before, moving long-distance requires a lot of energy and chores. That is why being organized is crucial. Make sure you stick to the plan you have created with your family members. So trust your instincts, put a smile on your face and get ready for some experience of a lifetime.

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