Items you should always pack last

Moving day tipsDecember 30, 2021

Packing is definitely the essential part of every relocation. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you aren’t prepared for packing. The process is hard and a bit boring too, but it’s very important to do it right. In the rush, it’s easy to forget that there are certain items you should always pack last as there’s a big chance you will need them. Read below how to organize smooth packing without problems.

a cup of coffee and a small planner
Get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and write down your packing plan. Being organized will save you time and nerves.

A good plan is half of the work

  • Declutter before moving. Donate or throw away what you don’t need anymore, you will pack easier and with fewer supplies
  • Write to-do lists and follow them strictly
  • Do a rough estimate on how many boxes you need and add some extra just in case
  • Get moving supplies Northern VA in advance so you don’t end up having to pack in something that’s not suitable for traveling
  • Get yourself a moving company to help with the process
  • Don’t forget about items you should always pack last

Before thinking about items you should always pack last

Declutter and organize 

You would be surprised how much unnecessary stuff you have lying around your place. Check carefully your storage and your garage, as there’s a big chance you’ll find something you don’t need in there. Also, do this with your wardrobe. Donate your clothes to a local charity or sell them online for a couple of extra bucks. Organize packing one room at a time. Don’t wait for the last minute to start. Packing is very time-consuming! 

Prepare enough packing supplies

When you declutter, you will see what’s going in boxes. Try to assume how many boxes you will need. The best thing to do is get smaller boxes. This way you will distribute the weight and won’t overload the boxes. That helps a lot when it’s time to carry and load the boxes. Prepare those in advance to avoid having to pack in thrash bags or similar, as they aren’t firm enough to protect your stuff.

Book a moving company

Movings can get pretty hard and exhausting. To avoid feeling drained, ask your friends to help with smaller things such as packing. If you can’t manage to do so, the best option is to ask for packing service when you are booking Northern Virginia movers. Having professionals’ help is way different than asking your friends. These people are trained and experienced to deal with everything, so relax and find a reliable moving company. Make sure you schedule everything, especially if you are moving in the summer. That’s the busiest moving season so you might have to schedule months in advance.

Items you should always pack last

When you enter the packing frenzy, make sure you don’t pack literally everything. There are things you will need for the last day at your old place so you can properly get through the day.

Some of the items you should always pack last are definitely toiletry necessities as ones in the photo
Some of the items you should always pack last are definitely essential bath products.

Bathroom stuff

For obvious reasons, pack in advance just the stuff you know you won’t need from the bathroom. Leave out the essentials: toothbrush and paste, a soap bar, shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner. Have some toilet paper, wet wipes, and paper towels on hand too. Check your cabinet for medication, and if you have prescriptions, don’t forget to leave them out. Have some fresh towels ready, add a few more if it’s gonna rain during your move. This way you and the local movers Northern Virginia will have clean towels to dry yourselves. Don’t pack all bathroom cleaning supplies. Leave the basic ones just in case you need to clean your new bathroom when you get there. 


Do pack your clothes in advance, just leave one outfit for the move, and one or two spare ones. You will want to change after a long day of moving boxes. Also if you have to go to work early on the day after, the second outfit can save you some time. You’ll be ready for work without digging through boxes with clothes. If it’s cold, prepare soft, warm clothes for the road, a pair of gloves and a hat. You also have to have a good night’s sleep before the move. The best thing to do is invest in an inflatable mattress. This is a lifesaver! You can dismantle and pack your bed and have it ready if you are moving it. Also, you won’t have to worry if you don’t have a bed in your new place. The mattress will be handy until you get your bed. Leave your sheets on and pack a clean set for the first night at your new home in a spare box. 

person packing clothes in a suitcase
Having a couple of outfits prepared and not packed can help a lot. You’ll have one to change after the moving’s done, and one or two on hand if you have to go to work the next morning.

 The kitchen

The kitchen can be a nightmare to pack with all those dishes, glass, and appliances. Make sure you leave out something you can eat and drink out of. Get some paper plates and glasses so you don’t have to wash anything on the day of the move. Just toss them in the recycling container on your way out. Packing food is not a good idea, especially if you are moving with long distance moving companies Northern VA. Order some food or prepare something that can’t get easily spoiled. Get some snacks for the road and pack them in a separate bag to carry with you. Make sure you get dry goods that have longer expiration dates just in case. Leave some water for you and the crew, especially if it’s hot outside. Stay hydrated! As per your kitchen appliances, you can pack everything, just leave a coffee machine so you can have a nice cup of coffee to get through the day. Make sure all appliances are properly packed and safe. Have a set of cutlery, a couple of plates, a glass, and a mug for your first day at the new place. 

Bonus tip 

The items you should always pack last will be of much help when the relocation ends. Get all those things you left out and pack them in bags to carry with you. These can be your first day/night kit. Say your new place is not so clean, you’ll have those supplies on hand, and not in God knows which box. The same goes for sheets, clothes, and toiletry. Two birds, one stone.


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