Military relocation mistakes you should avoid

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Moving is quite a turbulent period. Most people believe that relocation is one of those important life events that can have a profound impact on our lives. Some even compare it with the arrival of children or marriage. This is mostly because moving is a demanding task that can be very tricky to organize. Furthermore, relocation can be traumatic for some, especially if they are moving to another city or state. This is a massive change, and children are particularly affected.  Fortunately, you can count on Nova moving companies to help you get through this challenging period. But what if you are a member of the military. Service often includes frequent PCS (Permanent Change of Post), so you must be prepared at any moment. Here are some military relocation mistakes you should avoid so that you improve your moving experience.

Hiring amateur movers is one of the most common military relocation mistakes

People are often not that familiar with how moving works. This is normal as moving is not something that we do every day. With that being said, you should know that one of the most important relocation rules is that you hire professional and reliable moving partners. Unfortunately, not all moving companies that operate on the market represent a good choice. There are scammers and amateur companies, and you must know how to spot movers like these to protect yourself and your belongings.

  • Amateur movers offer only basic moving services. On the other hand, professional moving companies offer a plethora of moving services like packing services or storage services. This an indicator of the moving company’s expertise.
  • Scamming companies don’t have licenses. Every reputable moving company has a license to conduct business activities. Some of these licenses include a USDOT number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
  • Check out their website. Reputable movers have a dedicated website where you can find all the relevant information about that particular moving company. This includes additional info like user reviews, photo galleries, and so forth.

    Picture of five star rating. One of the biggest military relocation mistakes is hiring amateur movers
    Make sure that your moving partner is reliable and experienced

One of the biggest military moving mistakes is believing that you can do everything on your own

There is a lot that you can do on your own when moving. You can save some money this way, plus you will get that feeling of fulfillment when you accomplish something. You can, for example, pack your books, dishes, or clothes. These are all easy jobs that require time and good packing tools. On the other hand, packing large and bulky items like refrigerators require specific skills. This is also true for items like pianos or expensive artwork. We believe that this is a job for professionals. Don’t forget that professional movers do this every day, so they know how to handle, pack, and transport every type of object. Why would you risk the safety of your belongings when you can simply call military movers to do the job for you. Furthermore, you will be free to concentrate on other important duties.

Picture of a man taping a box
You can’t do everything on your own, This is one of the most common military relocation mistakes

Try not to procrastinate

When you are preparing for the move, know that procrastination is your biggest enemy. Imagine the scenario where the moving truck has arrived and you don’t know where your important documents are, or you haven’t packed your kitchen dishes yet. This is a recipe for a disaster. Therefore, you should start preparing for the move on time. Before you start packing for the move, you should create a moving plan. A good moving plan should include all phases of the move, and should look something like this:

  • Search for a moving agency
  • Determine your moving budget
  • Prepare your moving documents
  • Declutter your home
  • Make a plan of packing
  • Get packing supplies
  • Make an inventory of your belongings
  • Formulate a labeling system
  • Pack your belongings
  • Clean your home
  • Learn more about your new neighborhood

Note that this is just a general outlay of how a moving plan should look like, you should add or remove items according to your needs. Once you create a moving plan, stick to it, and cross things off once completed.

Picture of a woman looking at phone
Resist your urge to procrastinate and start preparing for the move as soon as possible

Packing mistakes is one of the more costly military relocation mistakes

Most moving day complications come as a result of improper packing. Therefore, we have singled out some of the most common packing mistakes that you should avoid:

  • Not having a packing inventory. Packing inventory serves to help you keep track of what’s packed, loaded into the truck, and finally unloaded in front of your new home.
  • You don’t secure your belongings properly. Don’t just throw stuff into the boxes, use packing supplies to gently pack your belongings if you want them to arrive safely to their destination.
  • Don’t overstuff your boxes. Items like books and dishes accumulate wight quickly, so be careful when packing these.
  • Label the boxes. The unpacking process will be a mess if you don’t label your boxes. It is especially important to label the boxes with fragile items.

You have not determined your budget

Another thing you shouldn’t forget is to calculate your moving budget. The average cost of a regular household move starts at around $1,200, while long-distance moves can cost anywhere between $4,000 and $10,000. The final price of your move will mostly depend on two main factors: The distance of the move, and the total weight of the shipment. Add to that the price of any additional moving services, and you can roughly determine how much you will pay for the move. But the best way to determine your moving budget precisely is to get a moving estimate. Only then you can be 100% sure of how much your move will cost. Equally important, don’t forget to include other moving-related expenses in your equation. By this we mean, the traveling expenses, gasoline expenses, hotel fees, and so forth.

These were some of the most common military relocation mistakes that you should try to avoid. Follow the advice we have provided in this text and you should relocate with ease. Good luck.

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