Move out cleaning checklist you need this summer

Moving day tipsJuly 25, 2020

When moving out of your old home, it is preferable to clean it. This is something that your landlord requires from you but even if they do not, it would be nice of you to do it. In order to give you a helping hand, here is a move out cleaning checklist for you.

Your kitchen will be quite demanding to clean

The room in your home for which you will probably need a lot of time is your kitchen. If it happens that you have not cleaned it recently, you should do a thorough cleaning. You should clean not only your cabinets but also the drawers, appliances (both inside and outside), windows, and floor. Since this will be time-consuming, it is preferable to get some help for the other tasks. Feel free to rely on Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV.

Put the bathroom to your move out cleaning checklist

Your bathroom is another area of your home that should be cleaned before moving out. It will be easier to pack everything first and then clean it. Should you need some help regarding the packing part, let local movers Northern Virginia help you.

Cleaning supplies
Put your packing supplies in one place and you will have nothing to worry about

However, what you should pay attention to is not to pack your cleaning supplies. Feel free to get one box and put inside all of them. In this way, you will always know where they are and you will be able to move it around the way it suits you best.

Make sure you clean all of the bedrooms

Since these are the rooms you have spent a lot of time, you should clean them properly. Pack all of your belongings and start with wiping the dust. After that, move to the windows, closets, nightstands, and beds. In the end, scrub the floor and you have done your part here. If it happens that you have children, or if your friends offer to help you, give them some tasks and you will finish this process in no time.

Check the condition of the areas you do not go too often

Feel free to start from your garage. Once you have packed it, go through all of the cabinets and shelves to see what their condition is.

Your garage should also be on your move out cleaning checklist

If no repairs should be done, you can start cleaning. When you finish with it, move on to the basement and the attic. The procedure is basically the same- make sure that you have packed everything first and then proceed to cleaning.

The best way in which you can make sure you have cleaned everything is to make a move out cleaning checklist. Add these tasks and all the others you think of. Let your landlord know that everything is in its place and that nothing is damaged.

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