Moving and storing baby items

Moving day tipsJune 26, 2022

How do you store your baby items when you move? Well both moving and storing baby items can be hard, but both are beneficial. So even before you decide on the moving date, while you are looking for good moving companies make sure they also have storage services.

Why should we store baby items?

Having kids is expensive. So when moving the moving part is not the only thing you should think about. Moving and storing baby items is important as well as storing some of yours as well. But baby items are a little different. Kids grow fast. So fast that it seems like they grow overnight. That by itself means you will have a lot of clothes and baby items that will no longer fit. Throwing baby items is a huge no. Especially if you may have a second child in your future plans. So storage Alexandria VA is a good thing to have in mind.

child picking toys before moving and storing baby items
Before moving and storing baby items make sure you let your kid pick some toys out if they are attached to them.

What is the condition of the items?

Before moving and storing baby items you need to make sure of the condition of the items in question. Make sure you inspect the clothes toys and other items and make sure they are in a good condition. Kids can dirt, tear or destroy a lot of things while they are young. And what is the use of keeping something damaged in storage units Arlington VA?

Cleaning is important

When moving and storing baby items one thing that is important is that everything is clean. You need to wash clothes, dry and iron them. Make sure they are completely dry before putting them in portable storage northern Virginia. Wet clothes can become moldy. Also, don’t forget to was all the other items as well. The ones made out of wood or metal wipe down with disinfectant.

Kids in rabbite oneses
Many parents spoil their kids by buying them clothes and toys they don’t need or will never wear

Size and category

In order to pack nicely when moving and storing baby items pay attention to item sizes. Start by packing clothing and toys by size or age range. This way you won’t have to look through everything when you are looking for specific items. Also categorize them by age, gender, and use. Place them into vacuum-sealed bags in order to minimalist the space they will take.

Do the same with toys. Separate toys based on their purpose and size. Put for example legos in one box and the plushies in the other. Don’t forget that washing them as well is weary important. If you have multiple same toys donating them to kids in need is something you should do.

Label everything

Some people forget the importance of labels when moving and storing baby items. This is the best way to stop things from getting messy later on when you need something. As well as making it easier to pack and put in storage, as you will know what boxes should be in what area. So get labels or just write on boxes themselves.

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