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Moving day tipsMarch 17, 2022

You have decided on moving from Arlington to Alexandria. Those are wonderful news indeed. Alexandria is a promising place and one of the best cities in Virginia. But before you can start settling in, you must organize, prepare the right moving budget, find reliable movers, rent storage Alexandria VA if necessary, and pack like a pro. After you cover the relocation process and transport your belongings and your family safe, you can start enjoying your new neighborhood in the lovely City of Alexandria. Therefore, let’s cover the entire process together and make sure nothing goes wrong along the way.

Moving from Arlington to Alexandria and the logistics behind the project

Your journey begins with a thorough home inspection. You must create a moving checklist along with the inventory list. Both are equally important if you want your movers to create a safe and affordable moving plan. So, start by checking the furniture and other household items you possess. Pay close attention to the robust pieces you have and note them all down onto the inventory list. This way you will know if any of your furniture will create problems during transport. Or if you must take precautionary measures with said items. Moreover, you will know how many packing materials you must purchase to pack the entire lot.

woman creating a list
Create your personalized moving plan to stay on track. This way you will never forget a single moving task.

In case you have any of the furniture that needs refurbishing or it is simply out of shape, you can get rid of it or rent one of storage units Arlington VA and deal with it later. Just make sure to disassemble it if it is possible and pack properly. As for the environment, you must inspect it as well. Check all the hallways, narrow corridors, staircases, and doors. Ensure your movers can work in a safe environment. Lastly, list all moving-related responsibilities on your checklist and use it as a guide along the way. If you keep yourself in check and follow the list, you will never forget a thing.

Find movers to make it all ten times easier and safer

For an easier and safer moving from Arlington to Alexandria, you must find a reliable moving company. One that can meet all your requirements and relocate you without any troubles. Also, a moving company with all the tools, licenses, safety standards, and appropriately sized moving vehicles. To find something like that, you should begin your search on the internet. Try to compare movers across the field and focus on the price, moving services, and read moving reviews. After applying your personal demands and criteria, you will narrow it down to only a couple of choices. Once you have a few companies on the list, start calling them one by one.

find movers to moving from Arlington to Alexandria
Search online until you find a reliable moving company.

Ask them if they have all the requirements we mentioned above. If they fail to confirm the basics, you should avoid them. You shouldn’t risk dealing with fraudulent or inexperienced movers. Finally, after you decide on a Zippy Shell Northern Virginia moving company, provide them with your checklist and the info you have so you can together create a safer and better moving plan.

Set the moving date because Alexandria awaits!

After you create a moving plan and find movers, you must obtain a moving quote and agree on a moving date. So, decide whether you’ll obtain your moving quote online, via the phone, or onsite. Once your movers evaluate the situation, they will provide you with the moving price. From there on, you can set a date and start preparing the moving budget. Spread your funds adequately so you can cover all errands, chores, moving-related responsibilities, services, and leave a bit on the side just in case. Once you cover all those steps, you can start researching and exploring more about the lovely City of Alexandria. It would be a smart thing to do because soon you’ll become a new resident and you must know at least the basics so you can adapt easier. At least to have a productive small talk with locals.

Firstly, you must know that Alexandria is highly influenced by government agencies, armed forces, and private organizations. And how would it not when it is sitting right next to the Washington D.C. Neighborhoods are safe, family-friendly, and diverse. The job market is strong and competitive but for those with a college degree, anything is possible. Schools are ranked among the best in the entire US so you won’t have to worry about the future of your children. Lastly, we can’t say we like it, but housing is expensive. Sadly, Alexandria is probably the most expensive place in Virginia to buy a property. Luckily, this is the only downside to this place.

Packing for moving from Arlington to Alexandria

Now when you have all the info required and the moving team aligned, all that is left is to obtain packing materials and start packing. Packing for moving from Arlington to Alexandria can be easy if you have a fairly small apartment. But if you are living in a huge family home, then it can be a struggle. But do not worry, as long as you start packing on time, there shouldn’t be any issues. So, the first step is to obtain the packing materials. After you evaluated all items you are moving and obtain the onsite estimates, you know exactly how many materials you must purchase. Hence, run to the nearest hardware store and buy a whole lot. Or order everything online. Maybe you can even purchase everything from your moving company. Most people choose the last option because it is more convenient that way.

cardboard boxes for moving
You can’t pack safely without the proper set of cardboard boxes. Ensure you have enough.

Ask your movers if they provide this service. If they have packing services, they will be able to sell packing materials as well. While you are at it, check other services as well because movers have a lot in store that customers do not even know about. For example, you can rent portable storage Northern Virginia and have it delivered to your home. Or, movers can bring all the materials, pack, relocate, and unpack you within a day. Check what they offer and you’ll be amazed. Now, back to packing. Once you have your materials with you, you will choose the order of rooms and pack gradually. You can pack within a couple of days or spread the packing process over a couple of weeks. Your choice entirely. Just make sure you are packed before your movers arrive.

Legalities and moving insurance

At some point, you must sort out all your legalities and moving-related documents. Firstly, focus on your personal documents such as personal ID, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, etc. Then, cover your moving contract and moving insurance. Make sure you have both and you understand what they contain. Lastly, if you intend on transferring Wi-Fi, PO box, or magazine subs, you should do it at least two weeks in advance. The same goes for all your documents. More so for hard copies. They usually take a longer time to transfer. Just make sure you begin the transfer process on time to avoid unpleasant situations later.

And now you are ready for moving from Arlington to Alexandria. As long as you start preparing on time and find a reliable moving crew, there is nothing to be worried about. Now, all you must do is prepare yourself for Alexandria! The beauty of the Potomac River is waiting for you!

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