Moving Guide: When You Get There Before Your Belongings

How toMay 28, 2022

Most moving guides focus on what to do with your belongings. There is always good advice on how to pick the right movers. Also, there are many guides on how to declutter your home or rent good storage. However, there aren’t many guides to help out in a bad scenario. This guide will give you some advice on what to do if you get there before your belongings. In a perfect relocation, there are no problems. Your stuff comes on time and you are ready to start unpacking. However, that’s not always the case. That’s why this guide exists.

What to do if you get there before your belongings

If you hire good residential movers in Northern VA they will probably give you a good and precise time when the stuff will arrive. So, you should arrive around the same time. Some people tend to come later than the movers because they hate waiting. That can be really irresponsible and making your movers wait for four you can cost you a lot of money, depending on the company policy. So, the best thing to do is to come sometime earlier, and often people come a day or two earlier. That way you prevent any kind of mistake from occurring. You can rent a room in a hotel nearby or rent Airbnb so you can be close to the destination. You will be ready to come to the new place at all times.

A person is opening the hotel room door.
If you get there before your belongings and want some rest, you can always rent a hotel room.

Contact the moving company

Make sure you talk to the movers just in case. You can call them the day before the move to make sure everything stays on track and call them on the day of the move. They will tell you what to expect, but you can also request them to update you when they get close to the destination. So, if you get to your new home before your belongings do, send a text to the movers that you’ll be waiting for them at the destination.

Clean the place

If you get there before your belongings, you have a lot of opportunities to use an empty house. You can start by cleaning it. Prepare everything you’ll need, from the broom and the vacuum cleaner all the way to liquid for window cleaning. Once you have everything you need, you can begin cleaning the new place. Swipe all the dust and make sure the place is clean. By doing this, you will save yourself a lot of time. Once your belongings show up, you will just have to put everything in its place, without having to dust and sweep the floors before doing so. In case you don’t have all the necessary equipment, ask your neighbor to land you some. This opportunity to prepare the place for the relocation with long distance moving companies Northern VA is something you should use.

An old room is being renovated.
If you have enough energy, you can clean and freshen up the place. That’s the best way to prepare it before your belongings arrive.

Buy the essentials

If you’ve already chosen to stay in the house, you can start preparing. First of all, if you don’t have the necessary equipment to clean the place before your Northern VA movers arrive, buy it. Also, check around the house and see what is missing. If the house needs some items you don’t already have, buy them. You should act based on some important information:

  • How much time did you come before the movers?
  • Do you plan on sleeping in the house or in a hotel?
  • Will you be eating in the house?
  • What to buy besides the belongings that are on the way?

So, if you’ll be staying in the house, you should make sure you get everything you need.

What will you need when you get there before your belongings?

Here is some of the basic stuff you’ll need. First of all, fill up your pantry. Soon, you will start living in the new house, and you should make sure the house is ready for that. Buy the food and you will make another step in turning a house into a home. The best way to avoid the stress during the unpacking is to stock up your pantry beforehand. If the fridge is already in the house, you can also buy some perishable foods. Buy some nice treats and beverages that will make the unpacking process easier. You can also get some for the movers because they will probably appreciate it.

Try to get some hand soap, as well as laundry and dish detergent. Getting these essentials to start a new life will make the whole process much easier. Also, a lot of your clothes will get dirtier because of the relocation so, there are quite a few reasons to buy some of that as well. Maybe you can also add some air fresheners. Do the same with cleaners. Buy them in advance so you can cross that one off the list before you start unpacking.

A family is shopping for groceries.
If you get there before your belongings and have enough time, you can buy all the stuff you’ll need for the new place.

What to do if your belongings don’t show up

You might get there before your belongings but sometimes the belongings don’t show up. If they are delayed for a few hours, that’s ok. But if they aren’t showing up for a whole day, it might be problematic. You should contact the moving services Northern VA and check what’s going on. The last thing you need is to have to hunt down your own possessions. So, call them and if your movers aren’t answering, call the police. There are many reasons your stuff isn’t showing up, but you will not make a mistake if you call the police.

Bear in mind that if your stuff isn’t showing up for too long, you might be dealing with scammers. Those kinds of movers love to kidnap your belongings and wait for you to fulfill all their requests. It’s definitely wrong and that kind of behavior should be condoned but there are many scammers who do relocations to rip off honest people. So, do your research well, ask your friends for recommendations and take your time when choosing a good moving company. If you choose well, you will have the opportunity to get there before your belongings and not have to worry about whether you’ve made the right choice.

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