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If you came to the moving-in phase with your significant other, congratulations! A new chapter of your life is about to be opened, and it is exciting and unnerving at the same time. There are a lot of things to think about and plan ahead, like finding a reliable moving company in northern VA. But before you throw yourself at the list of endless tasks, wait. There are some things you should take into account when moving in with your partner in northern VA. 

The perks of this decision

Living together with a partner can be tremendously fun and a great lifestyle choice. You will be able to see your sweetheart all the time and spend a lot of quality time together. Besides gaining a company, there are quite a few benefits to pairing up:

  • Cooking. It is always easier and more joyful to cook for two people than for one. Less food waste, and more cooking ideas.
  • Budgeting. Moving in with your partner means joining the forces of your income. Splitting the bills, rent, and costs of living can be so relieving. It could also leave space in your budget to go traveling or invest money in something else
  • Splitting chores. Isn’t this a great one? You can negotiate and compromise on the chore list. You can finally delegate your most loathed chores, or at least do them half of the time.

Next, you would need to determine the type of moving service you need and if you’ll need to hire long distance moving companies in Northern VA.

Organize your belongings before moving in with your partner

This may be the hardest part of moving in with your partner. You might need to give up on some of your belonging unwillingly, but that’s how compromise works. Your partner will also have to do the same for sure. You do not want to end up with duplicates on simple stuff such as kitchen supplies. This also goes for the furniture.  You and your partner may have different tastes when it comes to household aesthetics. So the best thing may be to buy new furniture in order to avoid any fights or disagreements.

A woman sitting on a covered couch, laughing at a man sitting on a floor beside her and some packed boxes.
Organizing and cluttering your belongings is necessary when moving in together with your partner.

You can both do an inventory of your belongings. Then you can decide what are you keeping for the new apartment. The rest of the stuff can be donated and sold, and the money gained can go towards a new furniture budget. This way you will know the size of your load for the move when searching for residential movers in Northern VA.

DIY move or hire professional movers

Moving in with your partner will require a fair amount of planning, compromise, stress, and money. You can plan a strategy for a DYI move if you are on a tight budget and have enough time to pull it off. But DYI moves can become extremely stressful and problematic. That’s why we would highly recommend looking at moving services Northern VA to hire.

A man and a woman wraping a chair, preparing it for relocation.
DYI move can be a solution for you if you have enough time and try to save money.

All in all, the moving process will be behind you quickly enough. Moving in with your partner will offer you great joy. Finally, you can start your adventure together, and one of the first you can do is to decorate your new household.

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