Moving out of a Sterling storage unit

Moving day tipsJune 3, 2021

You have found a new home and the time has come for moving out of a Sterling storage unit. Or maybe you have stored some of your old furniture or other belongings because you simply ran out of space. Perhaps you have been remodeling and just needed to put your stuff until it is done. Regardless of your situation, we have got you covered with some move-out tips.

Let the storage facility know in advance and plan for your move

Many companies that provide storage services require that you call the facility to let them know of your departure. This is usually an easy process as most companies that rent storage units Arlington VA on a month-to-month basis. On the other side, some storage facilities will not compensate you for the days that you have not used. Therefore, if you cancel your reservation a few days after the last month’s payment, you may need to pay for the rest of the month.

Another good idea would be to visit your storage unit and take a few pictures of the stuff that you have stored there. This will help you to make a better move-out plan once you get back home.

A girl on the phone organizing the Moving out of a Sterling storage unit
Let the storage facility know that you are moving on time

Bring a truck when moving out of a Sterling storage unit, and clean after you leave

Given that you have taken pictures of your belongings, work on getting a sufficiently large truck next. Either rent one out or consider hiring movers Sterling VA to come with a truck and load up your items. This crucial when you have heavy items stored that you would not be able to move by yourself. Besides that, they would be able to unload them at your location, or even arrange them for you.

Most companies that provide moving and storage Washington DC require that you clean out the storage before leaving. Make sure to remove all the items, boxes, and other stuff from the property. It would also be considerate to sweep and lightly clean the space from dirt and debris.

Make sure to remove your lock when moving out of a Sterling storage unit

Make sure to remove the lock that you have put on the storage unit’s door. Not removing it might make the staff unable to access the storage unit after you leave. If that happens, they will surely call you to remove it, which would be a waste of time. In addition, notify the office or property manager that you are leaving after you have finished emptying the storage unit. Many storage facilities required for this to be done due to security reasons.

A storage facility
When moving out of a Sterling storage unit, make sure that you remove the lock

Choose someone that provides both moving and storage services

When you are searching for a storage unit, it is the best practice to get the best of both worlds. Finding a company that both provides secure self-storage units and moving services like Zippy Shell DMV is the way to go. Doing so would mean that the entire operation of moving out of a Sterling storage unit would be orchestrated from a single place. Therefore, making the entire process a lot easier, more efficient, and a lot less time-consuming.

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