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Moving Services In DC, Maryland And Virginia

Reliable moving services Northern VA are a staple of a safe move. For the best services money can buy, get in touch with Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV!


Everyone is aware of the concept of moving and everything that it entails. On the other hand, not everyone knows that you can get reliable moving assistance without having to break the bank. We here at Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV were very careful while crafting our moving services Northern VA residents recommend. Our goal was to provide premier services that would be able to cover every aspect of your relocation. Judging by the great reputation we have and a plethora of positive moving reviews, we have achieved just that. Give us a call and let our expert movers and packers provide you with a seamless transition to your new home.

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Rely on our professional Northern VA moving services

We were very careful when employing our movers. We looked for professionalism, sufficient training, and some mandatory skills. That helped us become one of Northern Virginia’s most reputable moving companies. However, our range of moving services also played a significant role in getting us to where we are today. Once you get in touch with us, you will realize that you have every assistance option you could need right at your disposal. Here are just some of the many moving services our company offers:

As you can see, we at Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV do our best to come up with the best possible moving services there are. Not only that, but we went a step forward and came up with some specific moving services our special residents could opt for. For instance, our senior citizens can rest assured we got all their belongings covered. Moreover, we handle our relocations with utmost care; thus, you won’t have to worry about your move. On the other hand, we also came up with our military moving services for the brave heroes of our country. We know how much you put in to make us feel safe, which is why we return the favor by turning your relocation into a stress-free experience.

couple moving with zippy shell
Let our moving services turn your relocation into an enjoyable experience.

Local Movers

Local moving is usually not given the credit it deserves. Even though you might be moving just down the block, you still have to pack up your items and transport them in a way that they stay safe. And that’s much more difficult than it looks.  That’s why you need reliable local movers in Northern Virginia to help you relocate safely.

Northern Virginia is an area in which we excel. Our knowledge of the routes and streets will help us choose the best path for transporting your belongings. All of that so that you can have what every person wants – a quick relocation without any delays.

Movers posing for the camera
Our hardworking team of professionals is waiting for you.

Long-distance Movers

Long-distance moving comes hand in hand with a lot of challenges and emotional difficulties. While we can’t help you solve your emotional problems, we can definitely help you solve moving ones. As one of the best local and long-distance moving companies Northern VA has, we are known for our ability to help our clients relocate their belongings to distant locations. We guarantee the complete safety of both you and your items, and we offer a motivated team of movers, packers, and drivers that will ensure you have a smooth relocation.

Interstate Movers

Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV is a company that goes the distance for its clients, and that’s more than obvious when you look at the range of Northern Virginia moving services that we offer. Our interstate moving team is fully aware of all the obstacles that await a person going through an interstate move. That’s why we would like to help.

With our interstate movers in Northern Virginia at your disposal, you won’t have a single worry. We will deal with planning, organization, and execution. With a tailored moving plan at hand, our team won’t have a problem relocating your residential or commercial property to another US state.

Residential Movers

If you want a team that will take good care of your property and all of your belongings, you don’t need to look any further. Our residential movers in Northern VA are reporting for duty. We have seasoned professionals who have relocated every household item imaginable. From fragile items to valuable ones, we have vast experience in moving all types of items. After all, some of our best moving reviews were geared toward our residential movers which serves as a testament to their expertise.

Commercial Movers

You can expect to have a lot of headaches once you decide to relocate your business. Or you can get in touch with our commercial movers in Northern VA and have all of your office moving problems solved. From moving office furniture to relocating documents of importance, we have mastered the art of business relocation.

Our team will provide you with minimal downtime and allow your business to quickly get back on track. As a business, we value your time, which is why one of our primary goals will be to provide you with an efficient and quick relocation.

Military Movers

We here at Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV appreciate everything our soldiers are doing for our country. That’s why we offer special benefits for military families. Our military movers can compose a moving plan in the shortest amount of time and can execute it to perfection. Feel free to dedicate your time to friends and family – we will gladly deal with the tasks your relocation entails. Since we appreciate everything you do for your country, the least we can do is offer you a stress-free relocation.

Senior Movers

Our company has a special team that is dedicated to moving our precious seniors. Seniors are oftentimes restricted due to their age. With that thought in mind, we have created a special team of senior movers. Give us a call and we will make sure you don’t have to lift a finger. From packing to loading and unloading, our team can take care of every important task. What’s most important during this process is the safety of our seniors, and we will work on preserving your moving day safety by doing all the heavy lifting.

A handshake after choosing moving services Northern VA.
Seal the deal with our team and forget about senior moving problems.

Packing Services

Every person that has ever moved will agree that packing is the most tedious part of every relocation. Since our moving services in Northern VA aim to eliminate all unpleasantries associated with moving, we have created a team that will take complete care of packing. With the right packing techniques, plenty of experience, and the best packing materials, we will ensure all of your items survive the transport in one piece. Whether you are moving near or far, with a family or by yourself, you can rest assured that you will need premier packing services in Northern VA. And that’s exactly what we offer.

Moving Supplies

Without high-quality moving boxes in Northern VA, you can’t have a safe relocation. Those two simply go hand in hand. Since we are all about providing you with a safe move, all you have to do is give us a call and place your order. We will get your moving supplies ready, and you won’t even have to bother yourself with shopping.

Why opt for just any service when you can opt for the best moving services Northern VA offers?

We always knew how important it was to listen to our clients. Moreover, we always did our best to deliver exquisite service to our customers so that they wouldn’t have to deal with the stress that relocation bears along. Anyway, besides our moving services, we also provide our storage services specially customed for every single one of our clients. Hence, if you feel like you need specially designed climate-controlled storage for your delicate belongings, you can count on us! Even better, we offer a wide range of storage solutions that will help you solve any trouble you face when moving your stuff. Here are specially fit storage solutions made for our customers:

A living room.
Your items matter to you, which is why they matter to us.

As you can see here, we thought of those who are the future of our country – our hardworking students deserve only the best quality! That is why we offer them and everyone else the best moving services in Northern VA! Make sure you contact us to get yours now!

What do our Northern VA moving services have that others don’t?

We were never fans of bragging about our daily work. We are a type of company that lets its experience take the course. Whatever the problem you’re facing throughout your move, our movers will gladly step in and solve the problem for you. Moreover, we offer a completely free moving estimate for your relocation. That means that you will get an insight into how much your move will cost you without obliging you to choose any of our moving services.

What’s also important is that we are absolutely willing to help you handle your move from the first phone call. Our diligent team of experts will take control of every part of the heavy work there is. You, on the other hand, only need to relax and worry about what to wear on the first night out with your family in your new city. We would like to tell you what the process of relocation will look like. It’s easily explained in four simple steps:

  1. You give us a call and we put your through with our movers
  2. Our movers arrive and load your things into a moving truck
  3. Movers safely handle all your belongings and relocate them to your new place
  4. You settle in in your new house scot-free

When no one is here to help you, moving services Northern VA trusts step in and save the day

After a long process of planning, preparing, and conducting a move, you should be able to relax and not lose all your nerves over relocation. Therefore, it would be good to have someone reliable to help you handle the moving process with ease. Our moving company is willing to help you handle any kind of trouble you may face during your relocation, whether it’s day or night! Moreover, you should know that you will never face some awkward or unwanted scenarios, such as hidden fees or additional costs. With us, you know where you stand from the beginning. Therefore, let us help you move with ease. We will make it worthwhile!

We know how hard it is to find reliable movers these days. No one knows how much it costs not only the money but the nerves as well to find someone who won’t scam or fraud you. That’s why we at the Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV worked hard for years to gain the reputation we have today. That said, we would like you to know we will be there for you from the moment you contact us. Our moving services in Northern VA are custom-made just for you.

Moving services Northern VA are made for our clients!
Don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more about some of the finest moving services Northern VA offers. We are waiting for you!

One phone call separates you from premier moving services in Northern Virginia

Although finding a reliable moving company is hard, at least you know you can stop looking. Your only job is to give us a call and choose your range of moving services Northern VA residents recommend the most. Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV will take care of the rest. Our seasoned movers and packers will be efficient, respectful of your wishes, and professional – just like you deserve. A move with us is a move you will remember in the years to come! Make sure you contact us to get a moving service you deserve more than anyone!

During a home renovation, I needed to get a pod onsite within 24 hours. After calling several places, zippy shell was the only company able to accommodate me. The customer service is fantastic. The office is responsive and helpful. The guys who delivered the pod and then delivered and picked up a second pod were so nice, very professional. Highly recommend!

- Joanne Lauder

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