Moving to Maryland in 2021: Where to Settle

Are you thinking about moving to Maryland in 2021? Whenever this historically vital state gets brought up, there’s one thing that’s sure to be mentioned; crab cakes! That’s what it’s known for these days, anyway. But you should know that Maryland, in fact, offers quite a bit more than a delicious crabby patty. Indeed, the fact that we’re talking about one of the original American colonies means that it’s got a diverse culture and an interesting, rich history. And apart from that, you can also hope for a huge range of work opportunities and geographical diversity; from the bustling towns in its core, over the western mountains, and to its eastern sandy beaches! The “Free State” is still as dedicated to its history of freedom as it ever was – and we’ll give you all the info you need if you’re relocating here! 

Enjoy the great outdoors after moving to Maryland

Before you start looking for the best storage Gaithersburg offers; we want you to learn everything you can about life after moving to Maryland. And apart from a gorgeous number of small towns, its number one characteristic is its great outdoors! Indeed, nature is a great Maryland treasure; did you know that 40% of the entirety of Maryland is covered with trees? If the state lacks anything in large urban areas, it definitely makes up for it with stunning natural vistas. 

A view of a gazebo in Maryland during the fall.
There aren’t many places in the United State that boast a more diverse natural backdrop!

In fact, many people have called Maryland “tiny America” because it showcases smaller versions of the many breathtaking natural features of the entire United States. And that’s clearly visible from the presence of the Chesapeake Bay, dominant in the Eastern part of this state; it contains freshwater creeks, coves, marshes, and plenty of sandy beaches. Also, Maryland contains two significant mountain ranges going through it – the Appalachian and the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Thurmont is a gorgeous small town for moving to Maryland in 2021

There are a couple of cities in Maryland that offer urban amenities; apart from Baltimore as the obvious choice, you might consider looking for storage Frederick MD offers as well. That being said, however; there are a couple of great smaller towns that really allow you to experience the full natural beauty of Maryland. And Thurmont is a great example of that; even though it’s home to no more than six thousand people, its residents have an incredible level of access to all the untamed natural vistas of the state. 

This is due to Thurmont being situated right between two incredible state parks – the Catoctin Mountain Park and the Cunningham Falls State Park. Between the two of these, you’ve got access to the dazzling Blue Ridge Mountains and the biggest waterfalls in all of Maryland! Also, if you’re looking for interesting natural sights, you could do a lot worse than visiting Assateague – a local island straight out of a fairytale. Indeed, this island is home to a bunch of wild ponies that freely run around, drinking water from the streams and calmly munching on grass. 

Civil War-era cannons present in Maryland, on a grass lawn.
Maryland is famous for its rich historical flavor!

Tyson’s Corner is a great choice as well

Of course, Thurmon is a great place to visit; but if you’re serious about moving to Maryland, you want to go to a place that’s truly cutting edge. Indeed, seeing historical sights is all well and good; but for living, you need a place that looks towards the future. And that’s why you should think about looking for storage Tyson’s corner offers; this is one of the most rapidly growing towns in all of the Eastern United States!

The past couple of years has seen a number of technology companies coming into Northern Virginia. And while Tyson’s Corner isn’t actually in Maryland, it’s close enough for you to consider it as an option. Its landscape is filled with plenty of brand new hotels and office buildings; a clear indicator of the area’s booming economy. The town has experienced an interesting period of growth, one carefully examined by a variety of studies. Many have concluded that the promotion from local CEOs has contributed to its growth. And these days, the town is basically the “downtown” area of Fairfax County, with a lot of retail and office space. 

And while the situation in Tyson’s Corner is great now, it’s set to become even better – the county board of supervisors has voted on a plan to rapidly urbanize Tyson’s Corner over the next four decades. With the Silver Line of the Washington Metro reaching the area since 2014, this is a very realistic goal. As a result, local officials have been seeking funds for infrastructure improvements, looking to transform the area into an urban center. 

Going to Baltimore

Of course, there’s no reason to specifically look towards Virginia if you intend on moving to Maryland. In that case, there’s one place that’s bound to draw your eye – Baltimore. As the only truly urban city in the region, it’s famous for a variety of different industries. After moving here, you can easily find a job in transportation, auto manufacturing, steel processing, and shipping. But while this has been true throughout its history, there’s another factor in Baltimore’s favor that’s more recent. And that’s its newfound role as one of the biggest tech start-up cities in the entire country. 

A view of John Hopkins University.
Baltimore is known for its tradition of outstanding higher education!

It’s no wonder, really; with the city’s long tradition in higher education, healthcare, and the various biosciences, it definitely has the well-educated workforce that such companies are after. And this is precisely the reason why it might be the perfect place to relocate to if you’re set on moving to Maryland in 2021. It’s near all of the picturesque small towns and natural vistas you’d want – but it can also provide you with ample work opportunities! 


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