Moving to Northern Virginia – what’s to know?

People decide to pack their bags and change their address for numerous reasons. More often than not the main reason are better job opportunities. People also move because of studies, marriage, retirement or in search of better weather conditions. Sometimes there is no logical explanation; people decide to relocate just to change their surroundings. One of the more popular destinations in recent times is Northern Virginia or NOVA how the locals like to call it. It is part of the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area and it is home to several interesting cities like Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, and Manassas Park. NOVA certainly has a lot to offer, but before you decide to move here you should find reliable moving partners Northern Virginia. Furthermore, you should know a thing or two about the local economy, culture, and weather. That’s why we are here, so stay with us to find out more.

What can you expect on the financial side when moving to Northern Virginia

Finances are the driving force behind peoples’ decisions to relocate. Lots of Americans decide to move long-distance in search of a better financial climate. Here are few things to know about Northern Virginia:

  • Northern Virginia follows the trends set up by big East-coast cities like Washington D.C., Boston, and New York. Costs of living here are higher than the national average and this is especially true for housing prices. Of course, if you decide to live in a more rural place you might be able to save some money. Some of NOVA’s counties are amongst the richest in the country.
  • Considering the fact that this area is very populated, there is no shortage of jobs. Lots of people here work for the government and have strong opinions, so watch out when talking about politics. In fact, in this region are both the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency.
  • The median household income is far higher than the national average mainly due to the highly educated population that is living here. As we said before most people work for the government or in technology.

NOVA is very well connected with roads and public transportation

Just because you are working in Washington D.C. doesn’t mean you have to live there. Cities like Arlington, Vienna, Alexandria, and Reston are very well connected with the capital via the Metrorail system. Additionally, you also have Virginia Rail Express and Amtrak at your disposal. If you are planning to organise an interstate move, don’t worry NOVA has two major airports: Dulles International Airport and Regan National Airport. While you should bring your car with you, you must be aware that the traffic here is amongst the worst in the country, and the local government actually encourages people to use the metro and other forms of public transportation.

Picture of Dulles airport
If you plan on moving to Northern Virginia, don’t worry as you have two airports at your disposal ,

Crime rates, education, and quality of life in general

Northern Virginia has crime rates that are much lower than the national average in almost all categories. This makes NOVA a perfect place for you and your family. As for education, this region is home to some of the nation’s best colleges, and Northern Virginia’s higher education constantly ranks among the top 10 in the country. Your kids will have access to over 167 colleges and universities including the renowned University of Virginia founded by Thomas Jefferson. Other notable higher education institutions include the College of William and Marry and Virginia Tech.

NOVA also has a great healthcare system that is consisted of many award-winning hospitals. This is the reason why citizens of Northern Virginia have one of the highest life expectancies in the country. All these factors contribute to the amazing quality of life in Northern Virginia and are definitely the reason why a lot of people seek to move here on a permanent basis. If you wish to make NOVA your new home, contact some of the best local movers and ensure a stress-free relocation.

Picture of a statue in William and Marry
NOVA has over 167 colleges including a renowned University of Virginia

A word or two about local culture

Northern Virginia was the first established English colony in the New World back in 1606. Also, the state played a crucial role during the Civil War and is home to many significant locations like Potomac River, Mt. Vernon, and Manassas National Battlefields to name a few. Moreover, you have many great museums, monuments, battlefields, and historical parks to explore. It would take you several weeks just to tour all Smithsonian museums in Washington D.C. You can also visit the homes of Thomas Jefferson, Woodrow Wilson, James Madison, and George Washington to learn more about American history.

If you plan on moving to Northern Virginia, you should pack clothes for every season
Everyone living in Northern Virginia will tell you that you can expect all four seasons here

If you are moving to Northern Virginia you should prepare a lot of clothes

You heard us well, if you are moving to NOVA you will get the chance to experience all four seasons. So you better pack a lot of clothes because you will need them all. On the bright side, each season here is truly beautiful and has its own unique appeal. For example, summers here offer you the chance to experience kayaking on Potomac River. During spring you should take a trip to Washington D.C. and see our capital covered in every shade of pink during the cherry blossom season. Fall is arguably the most beautiful of all seasons and a time when leaves explode in colors ranging from bright yellow to deepest shades of red and orange. Moreover, the terrain configuration of NOVA is truly diverse and rich so you will never run out of hiking options. You can choose between mountains, forests, beaches, lakes, and even caves. NOVA has it all.

To summarize, Northern Virginia presents an exceptional place for you and your family. Low crime rates, a strong economy, good healthcare, quality schools are what attract people here. A rich history and diverse population make NOVA a truly international place where nobody feels like a stranger. The only downside are high living costs, but like we already said you can choose some of the smaller towns to settle down.

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