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If you are considering moving to Virginia in 2022, you may have various reasons for that. The usual reasons are jobs, and a good head start for your children. In such a case, you should consider moving to Northern Virginia. It has an excellent educational system. However, before you decide which town is the best for you and engage the Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV, you should learn a bit about Virginia. Economic conditions are not the same in the whole country. The most developed part is Northern Virginia. Living there means living in the vicinity of Washington DC. And also, it brings possibilities to get high-paid jobs in government institutions and the military. On the other side, real estate is very high. And so are the costs of living.

Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, where you can find jobs when moving to Virginia in 2022.
Living in the Washington DC vicinity, you can get well-paid jobs.

When moving to Virginia in 2022, you should know that it consists of several regions

We can divide Virginia into several regions. They differ in size, population, and economic development. Virginia is stretching from the mountains and valleys in the west, to the Tidewater and the Chesapeake Bay in the east.

moving to Virginia in 2022 you can choose among several regions

As we can see, Northern Virginia is the most populous area in the state.

The economically developed part of Virginia

The parts of Virginia, adjacent to the Washington Metro Area, are the most populated. They are also the most economically developed. There are located most of the federal facilities. Also, many corporate headquarters are there. Besides, there are located several military bases. Also, in the area is the Naval Station Norfolk for building, remodeling, and repairing the Navy’s ships. The people in the military service are getting deployment orders very often. That is one of the factors influencing the inbound and outbound disparity of Virginia moving.

In general, the belt: Northern Virginia, Central Virginia, and Hampton Roads is the most attractive for newcomers. Those states are attracting a young and educated workforce. So, if considering moving to Virginia in 2022, those might be good places for you too.

The agricultural parts of Virginia

The big part of the country is mostly rural. Virginia has been considered one of the most diverse agricultural producers in the USA. Also, their products are of high quality. Besides selling in the USA market, they are also exporting to several other countries. The main products are leaf tobacco, apples, grapes, peanuts, tomatoes, and livestock. 

VA agriculture production

However, the agricultural jobs are not so attractive. There are over 43,000 farms in Virginia. Still, not so many people are moving to those parts of the country. The income there is rather low. On average, the farmer is getting less than 15 cents of every consumer’s dollar spent on his products. Before, people were moving from one part of Virginia. That trend has changed in the meanwhile.

Virginia’s hidden exodus

When we look at statistics, it appears that the difference in Virginia inbound and outbound moving is not so high. It looks almost balanced. According to statistics, 53% of people leaving, and 47% of people moving into the state.

VA 2022 population movement

However, when we make a deeper analysis of statistical data, we can see a bit different picture under the surface. Much more people are actually moving out of Virginia. The thing is that Virginia has a much higher natality than mortality. And this is making the difference. So, in reality, the net loss of people moving out is higher than 53%.

Moving to Virginia in 2022 - Software data engineer standing beside server racks.
Ashburn is considered the Data Center Capital of the World. Center.

Northern parts of Virginia are losing population because they are doing too well

At first glance, this sounds controversial. But the reason for this migration is mostly related to economic development. The consequence of this development is a rise in real estate prices. And, since 2010, we can see the considerable growth in housing prices in Northern Virginia. And in the whole Washington DC area, as well. Besides, the living costs are increasing too. So, the categories like young families and retirees, who are often looking for lower-cost areas, are leaving.

In the previous periods, residents of Northern parts of Virginia were moving to other parts of the country. Nowadays, they are mostly asking for long-distance moves. At first, it is not so easy to understand this new moving trend.

Outbound moving from VA

But, seeing that the main reason for outbound moving is job-related, we can see the wider picture. Also, there are a lot of military families in Northern Virginia. They are usually getting redeployed to the other parts of the country. Some of them are even being sent abroad.

People from some other parts of Virginia are also leaving

We already saw that the other parts of Virginia are mostly agricultural. And there are not so many job opportunities in there. Also, their incomes are very modest. So, the people from those regions are also moving away. People from the agricultural parts are mostly leaving to other countries. The north is too expensive for them. And they don’t have the skills for the job which are in demand in the north. So, they are looking for better job opportunities and better living standards somewhere else.

Moving trends to Virginia in 2022

The truth is that people are living. But we have to keep in mind the trend of 47% of people moving to Virginia. And the biggest part of them is moving to the Northern parts. Among them are especially those looking at Virginia’s solid economy, excellent colleges, and universities. So, although a rather pricey part of the USA, Northern Virginia is still very attractive for some people to move to.

The retirees moving to Virginia are will look for a cheaper country place. There, the costs of living are not so high. So, they can easily afford to live there. And they can enjoy the beautiful nature and slow lifestyle. Besides those reasons, retirees, as Virginia citizens, will enjoy one of the most excellent USA healthcare systems.

The most common reasons for moving to Virginia in 2022

Various people have various reasons for moving to Virginia in 2022. People who love technology, history, nature, education, entertainment, and culture will find it all in Virginia. The state has an excellent:

  • Education system
  • Job opportunities
  • Excellent health care
  • The low crime rate

However, the most common reasons for moving to Virginia in 2022 are job-related reasons, family reasons, retiring, health, and lifestyle.

Reasons for moving to Virginia in 2022

If you are among those moving in, the presented reasons can help you to choose the region that will suit your needs the best. So, we are here also giving an overview of a few Virginia towns. You may find some of them attractive. Whatever place you decide to move to, don’t forget to check with your mover about the storage solutions. They will recommend you the best climate-controlled storage solutions for your belongings. You can use them for a longer period. Or you can use them as a short-term solution while moving. As Virginia is experiencing all four seasons, it is good to take care of your temperature-sensitive belongings.

Golden hour of outdoor patio.
You will be able to afford your own home.

Moving to Tysons Corner

Tyson Corner is located about 13 miles from Washington DC. This tiny city could be easily overlooked as a suburb. However, it is located between the capital and the countryside. So, it attracts a lot of attention. This rapidly growing place is considered Fairfax County’s commercial center. In the mid-1950s, you could see only farmland in there. Today, it is a city with 24,261 residents. And, it is conveniently located in the vicinity of DC. Also, it is surrounded by two major airports and highways. Thanks to that, Tyson is the ideal place for economic development. In case you decide to move to Tyson, you will easily find a job. Also, you can easily find solutions for your surplus items. They will be perfectly safe in the storage Tysons Corner. The facility is well guarded and maintained.

This nice Virginia city has two famous shopping malls:

  • Tysons Corner Center
  • Tysons Galleria

They are attracting many visitors. But, they are also having a lot of job openings.

Additional employment opportunities in Tyson Corner

Living in Tyson Corner, you can choose between working at the airport, or in many of the Washington DC institutions. Also, there are many corporate headquarters in Tyson. So, you can also look for employment in Hilton Worldwide, Freddie Mac, Intelsat, Gannett, Capital One, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

Employment in Tyson can be a reason for moving to Virginia in 2022

The median home price in Tyson VA is $517K, and the median household income is $123,474. So, soon after moving in, you can easily afford to purchase your own home.

What to expect when moving to Ashburn VA?

It is located in Virginia’s Loudoun County. And it is only 34 miles away from Washington DC. Ashburn is an interesting place.  It is known as the Data Center Capital of the World. That is because of the massive amounts of data, which is stored in this place. It is also known as “The Center of the Internet” and “Data Center Alley.” So, if you are in the IT sector, this could be a good city for you. And, when moving in, you might find the storage units Ashburn VA very convenient.

The Ashburn VA showed as an ideal location for data centers and storage. Let us illustrate how this city, with just 46,349 residents is important.  We can actually explain it in a single sentence. It is enough to know that 70% of the planet’s Internet traffic flows through it daily.

Factors that made Ashburn VA the ideal place for the Internet

There are several factors that helped Ashburn to become an important Internet “hot spot”. Here are some of the factors ensuring data storage dominance of Ashburn:

  • Cost of land – the area was rural at the time of building the data center, and the land was inexpensive
  • Electricity costs – 20% lower energy costs throughout North Virginia than the national average
  • Vicinity of the USA capital
  • Local government support

The Ashburn Data Center is one of the main employers in the area. Also, due to the Center, the whole of Loudoun County has the highest median household income in the USA. Besides various IT posts, you will also be able to find jobs in construction companies. In Ashburn, there has not been a single day without construction works. They are constantly building new data facilities. The median home price in Ashburn is $747K, and the median household income is $132,331.

Ashburn transportation

When you move to Ashburn, make sure to get a car. Commuting in your own car is very popular in the city. However, if you prefer, you can opt for other ways of commuting.

Townhomes in Alexandria, Virginia.
Alexandria VA is a nice place for living.

Moving to Falls Church VA

Falls Church’s nickname is “the Little City.”  It is located about 7 miles from Washington DC. Falls Church is the ideal place for those who love living peacefully. But, who still love being in the vicinity of the national capital. If you are considering living in this picturesque place, you will easily find a place for yourself. You can choose among single-family homes, condos, townhomes, and apartments. In February 2022, Falls Church home prices were selling for a median price of $835K. So, in the case of renting some smaller and cheaper place, you can consider the storage units Falls Church VA. That is the ideal solution for keeping your surplus things until you buy your own property.

If you are of those working in Washington DC but loving nature and a relaxing environment, you will love Falls Church. Also, it has excellent connections with the capital. So, for commuting, you can use Route 66 or the Beltway. Those who better like to skip parking problems are using metro lines.

Alexandria VA could be a good place for you

This beautiful city on the banks of the Potomac River is just south of Washington, DC. It is well known for the Old Town and its brick sidewalks. Both buildings and the streets, built in the 18th century, are well preserved. So, it is no wonder that Alexandria VA attracts so many tourists. Also, walking, you will enjoy many boutiques and shops lined up alongside King Street. When you leave the peace of the Old Town, you will face the fast-paced business environment. There are numerous privately-owned companies, international firms, USA Patent and Trademark Office. Very soon, you will realize that Alexandria, just minutes away from the capital, is the cutting edge of talents and technology.

There is also located the Virginia Tech’s Innovation Campus. That is one of the most exciting projects in Alexandria VA. So, the city is full of excellent business opportunities. If you happen to get a job fast, you will have to organize your relocation quickly. In that case, renting a temporary apartment is the easiest solution. And also, all the rest of your belongings you can temporarily keep in the safe storage units Alexandria VA.  As recently the real estate prices raised, the median home price in Aleksandra is now about $710,000. But also, the median incomes are much higher than the national average.

Alexandria VA real estate.

Living in Arlington VA

Arlington is a VA urban community, divided from Washington DC only by the Potomac River. So, it is not a wonder that many people from Arlington are working in DC. About 200,000 citizens are employed in Federal Government institutions. Besides, there are many IT start-ups that are attractive to many millennials. Also, there are many headquarters and branch offices of Fortune 500 companies. So, moving to Arlington, you will leave in peaceful surroundings. And you will have an ever-growing, attractive job market. Arlington has 233,464 residents, most of which are holding higher degrees. The median home price is $806,131. The median household income is $120,071.

Traffic on the bridge over the Potomac River.
To reach Washington DC from Arlington, you just have to cross the bridge.

Arlington is a pet-friendly city. If you are a sports type, you will enjoy many sporting activities. Also, the town has famous red bike stations. There, you can rent a bike and enjoy driving it in and around the city. So, in case this is looking good to you, Arlington could be the right place to move to. Also, it could be useful to know that there is storage Arlington VA, that you can use during the move. Or later on, when decluttering, or needing more space in your home.

Arlington VA education

Moving to Sterling, Virginia

Sterling VA is located in Loudoun County. It is one of the best small places to live in Virginia. It has 30,271 residents, mostly employed in the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Utility services
  • Scientific, and technical services
  • Public administration

The median household income is $92,062, while the median home price is $572,051. Sterling is known for its relaxed lifestyle, low crime rates, nice weather, and great housing. It also offers a suburban feel. Thus, you can enjoy in beautiful landscapes surrounding the city. And you will find a lot of interesting restaurants, coffee shops, and parks there. 

You would probably like to know that most of its residents own their homes. However, they are also using excellent service of Sterling storage units, when renovating. Or when they need to store some surplus items from their homes. So, living and working in Sterling, you will be able to soon purchase your own home.  

Sterling education

Living in Virginia

As we could see, Virginia is consisting of various regions. It also has an interesting regional structure. And, there are many studies related to that issue. When you are looking for a place to move to VA, you will see that each region has something interesting to offer. However, a lot of people moving to Virginia in 2022 are in search of jobs. In such cases, Northern Virginia has the most to offer. It has a rich and developing economy. Some people want to move to more peaceful parts of the country. For them, the other regions can offer many interesting things. If you are among them, you will enjoy the rural rhythm of nature, stunning landscapes, and peace.


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