Moving to Washington DC as a senior: facts to be aware of

Moving day tipsJanuary 25, 2021

You are planning on moving to Washington DC as a senior. Even if you already have the knowledge about it, some things become more difficult with age. To relocate safely and successfully, one must organize, pack and find reliable Northern Virginia movers. And if you are moving alone, it can be stressful and ten times harder. Therefore, let us help you create your moving plan and prepare you for the upcoming relocation.

Moving to Washington DC as a senior and a moving plan behind it

The very first step is to inspect everything and create a moving checklist. This list will guide you through the process and help you remember every step. More importantly, to complete it all in due time. Now, start by inspecting your belongings and your home. If you do it right, you will know how complex your move is and how many packing supplies you need. Maybe it would be best to utilize the free onsite estimates your movers provide. They will evaluate the whole deal much easier and quicker. Once they do, you will be able to calculate moving costs and prepare your budget adequately.

Therefore, inspect your home, note down the items you are moving, and then contact your moving company. After evaluating your situation, you have enough information to provide and your movers can help you and create a moving plan with you.

Calculate your budget carefully

Ok, this topic is something we can’t avoid. And it is the overall moving cost and a moving budget. Probably the most important aspect of the whole moving endeavor. The goal here is to avoid fraudulent movers, moving scams, and overpriced services. And to do it right, you must inspect your movers thoroughly. Firstly, find them online as it is the easiest thing to do. Then, compare prices, services, and read reviews. Also, pay close attention to senior moving services and special offers movers have. Once you find something interesting, you must figure out if the company is legit.

Two elderly women smiling
Browse online and find a moving team most suitable for you.

To do it right, you should check their website inside out. They should possess a company logo, contact info, and physical address displayed. You should be able to contact them easily via email, phone, or pay them a visit. Whichever way you prefer, just make sure to ask a few important questions. You want to know if they are licensed if they have permits, tools, experienced laborers, and appropriate moving vehicles. Also, you should ask if they follow the safety standards, procedures, and protocols. Once you confirm the legitimacy of the company you deal with, then you can move onto the next step, which is the moving service and a moving contract.

Someone should help you declutter and downsize

Now when you have your moving company scheduled and you know how much it will cost, you can start packing. But before you do, you should declutter and downsize if possible. You are moving to Washington DC as a senior and you surely have a ton of stuff with you. All the furniture, memorabilia, family heirlooms, artwork, antiques, etc. And you must sit down and decide if everything should go with you or some things are ready to be thrown away. Yes, it would be amazing if you can bring it all. But if you are moving into a smaller apartment, then you should definitely downsize a bit. Check out a few solutions that can help you out:

  • Sell excess items – You can sell your items online or organize a yard sale. Whatever is easier for you.
  • Donate – Give your items to a good cause. Donate to a local charity organization or a homeless shelter.
  • Recycle – Take the whole batch to the nearest recycling center. Or you can schedule a home pickup.
  • Storage – If you wish to keep it all, you can rent a storage unit. Check out the moving and storage Washington DC for the best storage units in the area.
Junk and clutter inside a room
Ask your family and friends to help you declutter. Get rid of the old junk.

Packing and moving to Washington DC as a senior

The packing process is probably the most time-consuming and physically exhausting of all the moving stages. You should keep this in mind before attempting any sort of physical labor yourself. You are moving to Washington DC as a senior and you deserved to lay back and supervise instead of hurling boxes around. And you can even enlist your movers to pack you completely. A full-coverage moving service without you having to lift a finger at any point. Although, it is understandable if you do not want anyone touching your stuff as well. So, if you decide on packing yourself, you should obtain the essential packing supplies first. You’ll need cardboard moving boxes of all shapes and sizes. Depending on the size of your project, you’ll probably need around 30 of those. Then, you must purchase packing tape, blister packs, and labels.

Use proper packing supplies when moving to Washington DC as a senior
Label your boxes with the content inside. It will keep them safe.

Note that you can use any form of cushion instead of blister packs. Those can be a bit expensive if you need a lot. Therefore, use blankets, old shirts, sheets, sweaters, etc. Make a nice foundation inside your box, place items inside, and tuck everything safely. Wrap your box in packing tape and put a label on it. Labels are nice because you’ll know what is in each box. But more importantly, your movers will know if they are handling the fragile content. Repeat this process for each box and you’ll be packed and ready to go in a matter of days.

A few more tips before we move

All you need now is to focus on your essential bag. It is a box or a bag containing all your documents, IDs, medication, valuables, and everyday necessities. Pack inside all those things you can’t function without. You never know what you might need along the way or on the very first day inside your new home. Keep your essentials bag with you and do not let anyone else handle it. This one is too precious to get lost or something worse. Also, pack a separate bag with toiletries and a change of clothes so you won’t have to unpack the very first night.

It is time to settle in!

Hopefully, you’ll have a bit of help from your family members along the way. At least with packing, unpacking, and settling in. If possible, you should together inspect the new environment to ensure it is safe to be in. For elders with disabilities or hindered movement, this is important. Therefore, take a few days and unpack at the pace most suitable to you. Get to know the environment and start shaping it to your needs. Soon enough, it will become a warm and cozy home. Especially when you bring your furniture and unpack familiar pieces and miscellaneous.

Moving to Washington DC as a senior can be easy if you have a proper plan behind it. Ensure you have one, and enjoy your stress-free relocation. Contact your movers on time and utilize the amazing service they provide. They will help you relocate safely and affordably. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

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