Moving with pets: tips and tricks

How toAugust 14, 2020

Moving is one of the most stressful events a person can go through. And the same can be said for our four-legged friends. Only they usually feel more anxious then we do. All of a sudden their home is full of strange people doing peculiar things. And after that, they find themselves in a completely new environment. Now, if you hire a professional moving company like Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV then you can rest assured that your relocation will be successful. But those movers can only do so much for your pets while they are handling your household. So it is you who has to make sure that your pets are feeling okay and that they are taken care of. And there’s not something I can tell you that will 100% work on your pets. Just like humans, every pet is different. So, all I can do is give you some tips and tricks for moving with pets and hope that they work.

a dog in its crib
Your pet will feel much better sleeping in their own bed on the first night in your new home

The first stop when you’re moving with pets – your vet

The first thing you need to do when you’re moving with pets is talking to your vet. They are the best source of information when it comes to pets’ behavior. Especially a vet that already knows and has treated your pets before. And the more information you have the easier it will be to predict your pets’ behavior and prevent problems. So, take time to pay your vet a visit and consult with them about moving with pets.

question marks
So, make sure that you ask all that you’re unsure about

While you’re at your vet’s don’t forget to take your pet’s records or prescription medications. Of course, if you’re moving locally you don’t have to do this. But if you’re moving to another city you will have to take those records with you and give them to your new vet. As for the prescription medications, make sure that they give you a prescription for enough medications to cover your relocation and at least a few days more.

Have you ever heard of pet delivery?

If you were counting on your movers to transport your pets then you’ve got another thing coming. Moving companies are not allowed to transport pets. But since most people have pets and moving without them is not an option, there are pet transportation companies that can do that for you. And before you start searching for one, you should contact your movers and ask them about it. Because most of the good moving companies work with or can recommend a company that transports pets. These companies organize the transportation of your pet either by an airline or a vehicle. And you won’t have to worry about a kennel or anything else. Because they will come to your home to pick up your pets and then deliver them to your new home. 

Moving with pets and paperwork

Believe it or not, moving your pet also means a lot of paperwork. Different countries can often have different pet import rules. Some countries don’t allow in certain types or breeds of animals. Some require that your pet was given certain vaccines. Whereas, some won’t allow your pets in if they are not microchipped. And, of course, your pet won’t be able to enter the said country if you don’t have proof that you’re not breaking these rules. So, if you’re moving internationally, the first thing to do is to learn those rules. And the easiest way to get the newest and most accurate information is to just contact the consulate of the country you’ll be moving to. 

But if we’re talking about interstate moving in the U.S. the rules are not so strict. One thing that you’ll most certainly need is a signed health certificate. You can get this certificate by your vet after they examine your pet and make sure that everything is alright. However, be aware that it can happen that some states also require more documents and have stricter rules. To check the rules of individual states use the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service section of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. There you’ll find links to regulations for every state in the U.S. 

Tips for packing when relocating with pets

a dog and a cat, representing moving with pets
If you need a passport to enter the country you’ll be moving to, chances are that your pet will also need one

When you’re relocating with pets you’ll also have to pack their belongings. People often make mistake by packing pet’s belongings mixed in a box with something else. The main reason why that is a mistake is that those belongings won’t be easily accessible after the relocation. And you will need them right away. 

An overnight bag for your four-legged friend is something else you will have to pack. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving long-distance or locally, some things are essential to have with you at all times. You never know how long your trip is going to last and you must have the following things with you:

  • food and water
  • bowls for food and water
  • medications if your pet takes any daily
  • litter and box for cats
  • scooper and elimination bags for dogs
  • pet’s documents
  • favorite toys or blankets

What happens after moving with pets

When moving with pets, people often focus on the period before the relocation and the moving day. Sometimes they expect their pets to just sniff around their new home and be okay. But a complete change of environment can be extremely stressful for your pets. Sometimes they develop a strange behavior – sometimes even destructive behavior. They start doing things they never did or things they stopped doing long ago. That behavior should go away once they adjust to their new home. And if you want to speed up this process there are a few things you can do. First of all, you should try to unpack as fast as you can to give them something familiar. And second of all, you should try to stick to their routine as much as possible.

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