Must-have self storage supplies

Storage preparationApril 11, 2021

Have you recently moved, and you’re ready to start packing some of the items that don’t fit your new apartment? Maybe you’ve gathered too many items over the years, and it’s time to find another place for some of those items. Whatever your case, Zippy Shell Northern Virginia will help you with the storage supplies! Quality storage and packing materials will help you keep your items in perfect condition over a long period of time. To find out more about what are your must-have self storage supplies, keep on reading! 

Moving boxes are number 1 must-have self storage supplies

The top must-have self storage supplies are definitely the boxes. There are a few things that you should know about them: 

  • Plastic ones cost more, but they’re important when it comes to keeping moisture away from your items. If you plan on placing your items in storage Silver Spring MD, invest in plastic boxes.
  • You can carry the plastic boxes more easily
Must-have self storage supplies
Packing boxes are must-have self storage supplies!
  • Both cardboard and plastic boxes are stackable 
  • Cardboard boxes react worse to moisture, but they’re more affordable. Use them to store items that aren’t easily affected by moisture or outside forces. 
  • You can rent boxes from the moving company 

Invest in a tape gun

Tape gun will be your best friend during the packing and storage endeavors. You can’t do anything without it! Whether you want to place a protective layer of sponge, foam, or bubble wrap – you’ll need tape. Simply cutting the tape each time you need it is time-consuming, and you should definitely invest in a tape gun if you don’t already have it. It will same you not only time but also the tape and scissors. When you cut it with scissors in a hurry, you often accidentally glue one part of the tape to another, and your scissors get all sticky from the adhesive. The truth is that sometimes, no matter how well you can pack your items, they simply require temperature-controlled units to stay in the same condition. That’s why you should take a look at storage units Ashburn VA, for example. 

Labeling necessities

The next part of must-have self storage supplies is labeling necessities. Properly labeling your boxes will make your life easier when you decide to find some of the items that you’ve stored in this process. You’ll need a marker, scissors, a self-adhesive plastic sheet, or simply transparent sticky tape. When you write on the box with your marker, place the transparent tape over it so the label doesn’t get affected. You can print out the content of the box on a sticky label as well – do whatever is more convenient for you. 

man packing
Invest in a tape gun to make your packing process quicker!

Must-have self storage supplies for item safety

In the end, the last part of must-have self storage supplies is bubble wrap. Use it when you’re packing fragile items, and wrap each item twice in it. It will give your items protection in case of mechanical impact, while keeping it away from touching other items. If you need help with packing your items for storage, you should think about hiring professionals to pack your items according to their features. We’re at your disposal – you’re one call away from perfectly packed belongings! 

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