Organize an eco-friendly move to Alexandria

If you are about to move there are some ways to move in eco-friendly ways to move to Alexandria. Moving is a lot of fun, but on the other hand, it is also a lot of stress. Moving can be exhausting and it can also be quite environmentally harmful due to transport journeys, items ending up in the garbage. By doing some steps you can take off some burden on the environment during your move. Luckily, Zippy Shell Northern Virginia knows plenty of ways to do this.

How do you make an eco-friendly move to Alexandria?

For electrical appliances, use the original packaging if possible. Do not move appliances that you cannot use at your destination because of different power or voltage. Get a picture of your new home and then consider what items you need to take with you. If possible, choose sea freight rather than air freight for the transport, but make sure that your removal goods are shipped directly and do not travel halfway around the world first.

Eco-friendly move to Alexandria
To have an eco-friendly move to Alexandria you should donate, sell or give them away before your move.

Use the move to clear out superfluous items

A move is an ideal chance to limit your possessions to important things. On the one hand, because then you do not have to transport so many things. And for another, because a minimalist lifestyle is simply more environmentally friendly. After all, everyone knows the packed basement or those drawers in which all those items that you bought or got as a gift at some point end up. Instead, you can rent a storage Alexandria VA and store items that you do not use on a regular basis.

Rent an electronic moving truck to have an eco-friendly move to Alexandria

If there is no way around a moving truck, it should at least be eco-friendly. Many moving companies already use electric vehicles. If your new home is not too far away, you might also consider an environmentally friendly move by cargo bike. You might have to drive a few times more, but you will be more sustainable. CO2 emissions in particular play an important role in sustainability. If possible, try to complete the entire relocation “in one go” so that you have an eco-friendly move to Alexandria.

Use moving boxes instead of plastic bags

Moving boxes are more eco-friendly than plastic bags and they can be reused many times. For an environmentally friendly move, you can also borrow or rent boxes that are made from recyclable plastic. These are simply sturdy and foldable, but useful transport boxes. If you want to have an eco-friendly move to Alexandria, you should also avoid wasting unnecessary materials and be careful with adhesive tape.

Woman carrying moving box
Classic moving boxes are built in such a way that they can be closed without adhesive tape, but try to use as less as possible.

Moving can not always be perfect. The point is to try your best to have an eco-friendly move to Alexandria and not create a shred of trash. You can do many things to be a little more sustainable. Therefore, contact residential movers in Northern VA. After all, it’s not about one person doing everything perfectly, but we should all try our best.

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