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Storage preparationMarch 14, 2020

If you need space for your belongings, you should consider renting a storage unit. Even if you want to store some valuable, fragile, and even perishable goods, you can always count on a climate-controlled storage unit. Either if you need a permanent or a temporary solution, this would be the best choice. However, once you start putting your items inside, you should be very careful with its organization. As a matter of fact, here you can find some tips on how to organize your storage unit.

Make an inventory list

When putting a large number of items in a storage unit, it is hard to remember all of them. You will probably remember some large items, such as sofas and beds while you will forget about smaller items like artwork and clothes. Because of this, it often happens that items people forget about remain in a storage unit longer.

Make an inventory list of everything you have in a storage unit and you will not forget about a single item

So, in order to prevent this from happening, you should make an inventory list. By doing this, you will have a chance each time to check the list and see whether you need something or not. In addition to this, it is preferable to take photos of all of the items you plan on storing. This will help you easily remember what you have in your storage unit.

Store items in clear bins instead of boxes

Even though cardboard boxes are cheaper in comparison to clear bins, you should think about it. The main reason for this is that you will get a better insight into what is in what place. For example, if you come to your storage unit and you need one of your books, you will not know where to find it. On the other hand, if you use only cardboard boxes, you will have to open many of them until you find what you are looking for. Of course, you can also use cardboard boxes, but it is preferable to do so when one type of items is in question. Feel free to use them for your winter clothes, for example. Make sure you properly label the cardboard boxes and everything will be much easier.

If you are storing your furniture, disassemble it first

Something that will be of great help when you organize your storage unit is disassembling your furniture. You should take apart bed frames, headboards, and even table legs. Even though some of the items do not seem like they take a lot of space, they actually do. This you will realize once you start organizing your unit. What you should do is to store individual items in a vertical position towards the back of the storage unit.


Disassembling furniture
Disassembling furniture will help you organize your storage unit much easier and better

In this way, you will get more floor space for other items. Also, they are easy to reassemble, so, whenever you need them, you will not spend too much time doing this. However, if your dining table does not come apart, you have nothing to worry about. You can use it as an extra shelf inside the storage unit for stacked boxes.

When you organize your storage unit, put large items on the bottom

Before you start putting items inside your storage unit, you should think about how to organize it. One of the most important things to remember is to put the large and heavy items on the bottom towards the back. For example, these can be heavy boxes and some pieces of furniture. The reason for doing this is simple- you will create a stable base for lighter items. After that, feel free to put lighter items on top of them. Should you do this the other way around, the lighter items will crush and you will have to throw them away. Of course, you should not forget that there are some items that you are not allowed to store. Make sure you know this in advance.

The items you need more frequently should be near the entrance

Even though you are renting a storage unit, you are going to need some of these items sooner or later. So, it is advisable to store near the entrance the items you are going to use more frequently. Once you need them, there will be no need for you to go through the whole unit to find them. Naturally, you should do the opposite with the items you do not plan on using often.

Winter clothes
Labeling your seasonal clothes properly will help you find it easier when you need it

For example, if there is an extra bed you no longer have room for, you should store it first. Feel free to put seasonal items somewhere in the middle. Once you pack them, it is of paramount importance to label the boxes well. This is the only way in which you can find them in no time later. They will not be on your way but, at the same time, they will be easy to reach.

Renting a storage unit is not all that it takes. Before you start putting your belongings inside, you should first think about how to organize your storage unit. As you have had a chance to see, the steps for doing this are not complicated at all. You should just be practical and think in advance. Once you start doing this, you will realize that it is quite helpful and you may even think of some new ways on your own. Later on, when there is a need for a certain item from your storage, you will thank yourself for good organization.

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