Packing musical instruments: how to do it right

Packing guideNovember 30, 2020

Musical instruments are very sensitive, and you must carefully prepare them for transport and storage. Packing musical instruments must be done correctly. Still in the box – it doesn’t work here! Proper packaging is necessary to avoid damage. Regardless of the means of transport, you should always transport the instrument in a firm and well-lined cassette with a hard shell. The same goes when storing. Contact Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV as they can help you avoid unnecessary damage when packing musical instruments.

Never pack them without filling material 

The transport can be bumpy. In order not to damage the sensitive instrument it is therefore important that the instrument has no room to move and is not under tension. In addition, the instrument must be able to react flexibly to shocks in all directions – the filling material ensures this. Therefore only with sufficient filling material can an instrument be packed safely. Use plastic wrap. Crepe tape, tape, or string are not suitable for sealing such a package. Also, a crumpled newspaper is not suitable as padding material – but you can use it to fill cavities. If you use an old cardboard box for storing in storage units Falls Church VA, make sure that all old labels and barcodes have been removed or made unrecognizable! 

Woman sitting on the floor and cut plastic wrap
Plastic wrap and packaging chips are best for packing musical instruments.

Woodwind instruments

Packing musical instruments such as a harmonica, flute, clarinet, or oboe is not difficult, but you must prepare such musical instruments properly. Make sure that the item is immovable by inserting a lot of packing material and sealing the box tightly. You need: 

  • A stable and sufficiently large carton 
  • Plastic wrap for packing musical instrument
  • Packing tape and cutter knife 
  • Padding material like crumpled paper or air cushions 

Securing musical instruments 

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments. Therefore, it is obvious that the instrument is especially often packed, transported, and stored. The most sensitive part of the guitar is the neck. Always wrap the guitar with slightly loose strings. Musical instruments are expensive and fragile and usually have a sentimental value. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention when packing musical instruments for storing them in storage units Rockville MD.

Zippy Shell’s advice for packing a musical instrument like a piano

A piano can weigh up to 660 pounds, a concert grand piano even up to 1500 pounds. No question about it! The piano is heavy and you cannot easily move or even transport it. Inside there are 88 strings and delicate construction of the piano hammer. In addition, the piano has a higher value than a recorder and does not fit into any package. It is bulky goods. When transporting pianos, one should therefore fall back on moving companies that specialize in piano transportation. Also, they have the experience, the know-how, and last but not least you do not have to worry about transport. 

Packing musical instruments - Brown grand piano with chair
As for the piano, it is best to leave the whole job to professional movers.

Proper packaging of musical instruments, if done correctly, will preserve your favorite musical instruments. So call Zippy Shell and ask how they can help you.

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